Testimonies ~ October 2021


Thanks so much Gospel Faith Messenger Ministry for the Bible Correspondence Courses for free. I am so blessed to be a part of it and I truly appreciate the messages I receive every time I get my envelope. So kind and so nice of you people of God. I am encouraged every time I read what I receive. God Bless. Shalom! ~ Janette (Israel) (Received 1st October, 2021).

Dear Rodney, I am greatly blessed today when during our worshiping service, the Holy Spirit ministered to the whole congregation  and everybody who was attending spoke in tongues to the amazement of us all. It was a miracle when those who had just got saved the same day received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. ~ Pastor Stephen Maganga (Kilifi, Kenya). (Received 5th October, 2021). 

Dear Rodney, Many have come to the knowledge of truth through everyday communion in the word of God. Hearing and recognizing the voice of God is the basic of our faith. People have come to know the truth of God in a wide perspective from your teachings. Last Sunday we had a celebration having the Lord's Table where 8 believers spoke in tongues for the first time. May everything you do be blessed. ~ Pastor Leviticus Barasa (Kimaeti, Kenya). (Received 6th October, 2021). 

Dear Rodney, Our God is hearing our prayers. We shall be opening a new Prophetic Prayer Center. This will help intercessors to meet in one central place for prayers. Join us in faith prayers. ~ Wangeriema Ruhango (Southern District, Rwanda). (Received 6th October, 2021).

Dear Rodney, Our Lord God is faithful to His word. I have been blessed to have attended a General Assembly of Churches where the topic was how to function in Prophetic Ministry. God is doing great new things. ~ Apostle Kennedy Livondo (Church Glory Ministries, Kenya). (Received 7th October, 2021).

Re- MP3 Messages ~ Thank you for these recorded messages. I do find them very encouraging. Blessings ~ Denise Sanson (Hawera, New Zealand). (Received 7th October, 2021).

Re- MP3 Message: “Stand Fast!” ~ That was awesome, bless your heart.  Perfect Scriptures! Thank you so much, fine chap. Best regards, ~ Sharon Turner (Auckland, New Zealand). (Received 7th October, 2021).

Re- MP3 Message: “Stand Fast!” ~ Thank you so much Rodney for such an encouraging word at this time.  I am sending on to our son who lives in Melbourne; they are having it tough there. God bless you and Jean and your ministry.  ~ Sandra Kinney (Wellington, New Zealand). (Received 7th October, 2021).

Re- MP3 Message: “Stand Fast!” ~ Awesome word Rodney.  Just what I needed to hear ~ Janice Dalley (Marton, New Zealand). (Received 7th October, 2021).

Re- MP3 Message: “Stand Fast!” ~ Dear Pastor Rodney and Jean, Thank you so much for your encouraging and uplifting message. I have been empowered through this message to stand, in spite of these challenging times we find ourselves in as God's people. And, through the power of the Holy Spirit residing in us, we shall surely stand and not fall by His marvellous and sufficient grace which is ever-present and available in times like these! Blessings, ~ Wellington and Williette Morris (Monrovia, Liberia). (Received 8th October, 2021).

Dear Brother, Prophetic Ministry has taken strong root in our hearts and God speaking through his people, as we have learnt to hear the voice of God. This early morning during our morning season in the church our 9 new members spoke in tongues and one older one gave a word of prophecy for the first time. Great is God! ~ Rev. Austine Maina (Transzoia, Kenya). (Received 8th October, 2021).

Dear Dad Rodney, I am grateful for this special offer that has come at the time of need. I desire to have 3,000 Copies of "School Of The Holy Spirit" manual to share with so many believers here. The Lord is saving many lives here, and I desire these believers to operate in the Holy Spirit, and therefore the School of the Holy Spirit is a great book for this time. Thank you, Dad Rodney, for this kindness, and the Lord richly bless you. Your son in Kenya, ~ Pastor Moses Muguro (Nairobi, Kenya). (Received 8th October, 2021). Moses was the first contact in Kenya back in 2004. Since then The GFM Ministry has grown ~ and keeps growing ~ throughout East and Central African nations.

Rodney, I am shocked. God is using Prophetic Ministry in ways we can never explain. Imagine, my uncle who has been involved in witchcraft,  which has caused many deaths, today received salvation, not because he was preached to; NO, just because I prayed and gave him a copy of your booklet  “The ‘Dunamis’ Power Of God” which Bishop Charles (Mwanda – Mombasa, Kenya) insisted I give him. The result has shocked the whole village. How could a man, who has been hard to convert and who has been fighting Christians, simply be convicted by a book? My brother, what you have done, together with Bishop Charles, is a big blessing to us. ~ Waikiki Mbarimanana (North Congo). (Received 9th October, 2021).

Re- MP3 Message: “Stand Fast!” ~ Dear Pastor Rodney and Jean, Thank God for your message on “Stand Fast” which I need to in these challenging times and not to be distracted. I have forwarded it to my friends that will benefit them. The blessings of the LORD surrounds you, family and ministry. Shalom ~ Jacqueline Ong (Singapore). (Received 9th October, 2021).

Re- MP3 Message: “Stand Fast!” ~ Thank you. Great Message! I will share article on my Outreach Facebook Page and Website. Thanks for sharing. In His Presence, ~ Dr. Evangelist Tamike Brown (CEO & President, Outreach International Foundation Ministry, Atlanta, Georgia, USA). (Received 9th October, 2021).

Re- MP3 Message: “Stand Fast!” ~ A very appropriate word in a number of ways.   My surname is Grant and our family motto on the coat of arms is: 'Stand fast' and has the history of our being the Highland Tribe of the region of Inverness, Scotland, that kept their eyes on the lookout for invaders or trouble, and to sound the alarm and call the gatherings of the tribes, when this happened.   I find God instructing me to be doing this more and more of late and the encouragement from this word has helped to strengthen my resolve in this roll. Thank you once again for a good word in season. ~ Kerry Grant (Brazil). (Received 9th October, 2021).

Rodney, You are a big blessing; daily we pray that God gives you strength to keep sending many messages and teachings. Our growth depends on your messages. We shall keep rejoicing in your e-mail messages. ~ Ap. Dotwin Gharang (Sudan). (Received 10th October, 2021).

Re- article: “Guarding The Prophetic Word Over Your Life” ~ A very powerful explanation on Apostolic and more on the Prophetic Word. I will take enough time to make notes to start practicing and teaching on this subject. ~ Bishop Nelly Hildah Wandabwa (Trans Nzoia, Kenya). (Received 11th October, 2021).

Re- article “A Challenge To Christian Women: What Do You See And Believe About You?” ~ This lesson I have already printed in copies and given to five Women Leaders to start teaching. Very powerful and encouraging.. ~ Pastor Joseph Makhabila (Bugiri, Uganda). (Received 14th October, 2021).

Re- Barnabas Bulletin No. 250 = “Being Opened By God” ~ Hallelujah! God bless you so much. This Bulletin No. 250 is very powerful. May my heart always be ready for God. ~ Peter Ndungu (Eldoret, Kenya). (Received 15th October, 2021). 

Re- Barnabas Bulletin No. 250 = “Being Opened By God” ~ Thank you Rodney - for this word - very precious and true for me and for my family ~ Roberta Christie (Tauranga, New Zealand). (Received 15th October, 2021).

Re- article on “Why We Need The Holy Spirit” ~ Dear Rodney, Yesterday evening I taught through this message which you sent to me and it has brought immense results. ~ Bishop Hildah Wandabwa (Trans Nzoia, Kenya). (Received 16th October, 2021).

Dear Brother, Thank you so much for your Spirit-filled teachings and we are strengthening and sharing them with our congregations in India. Please share more. In JESUS’ LOVE ~ Pastor Sharat and Sara Babu and Teams (Anathavaram, Andhra Pradesh, India). (Received 16th October, 2021).

Re: MP3 Message: “Stand Fast” ~ Dear Rodney, This is the firm and very corrective spiritual lesson. I have now used it on three Sundays and people are humbled by what God speaks. ~ Pastor Dick Tonny (Mombasa, Kenya). (Received 19th October, 2021).

Dear Rodney, Great is His word! We have started another Prophetic Equipping Station yesterday. God is great! ~ Tito (Kitale, Kenya). (Received 20th October, 2021).

Re: MP3 Message: “Stand Fast” ~ Nothing can be more beautiful than when I taught this message today in our general assembly. The Holy Spirit ministered in a mighty way. ~ Pastor Emanuel Wasike Otukai (Kimilili, Kenya). (Received 23rd October, 2021).

Re- article: “Whatever Is Born Of God Overcomes The World!” ~ Dear Rodney, This is the message for spiritual war. I will be teaching it in our mid-week service. It is a big blessing.  ~ Pastor Dick Tonny (Mombasa, Kenya). (Received 25th October, 2021).

Dear Brother, Tomorrow we shall be having a major breakthrough when we open a Prophetic Equipping Station for a High School staff. May God be with us. ~ Pastor Geoffrey Okongo (Kikampala, Kenya). (Received 26th October, 2021).

Dear Rodney, I thank God that we had a wonderful mid-year Empowerment Summit in which we gave out the “School Of The Holy Spirit” manual. We thank our God for a big breakthrough that each person went to their churches with at least 5 copies of the manual. May God bless You, The GFM Ministry and all our partners. ~ Apostle Dasekelo Omwami (Tanga, Tanzania). (Received 28th October, 2021).

Dear Rodney, We had a very crucial meeting with a Christian Team from the Sudan Forces and they have requested for books to help regulate the psychological problem that is increasing in the Forces. They have Chaplains in every Force Camp and they want us to have a Seminar in every camp (which are 8).We agreed on “The Urgency Of The Hour!” book. We need at least 500 books in every camp totalling to 4,000 copies. I would like to request you, if possible, that you help us, as soon as God does the miracle. ~ Apostle Dotwin Gharang (Sudan). (Received 28th October, 2021). Please pray we will be able to supply the Sudan Forces with this book.

Pastor Rodney and Jean, I would like to give my testimony about my Bible reading life. It was not good, but now after I started reading these courses my spirit is building and developing a strong appetite of reading and studying the WORD. ~ Pastor Newton Kwalembedwa (Lilongwe, Malawi). (Received 28th October, 2021).

God is great! Today we started a new church in a village where a church has never been there. This church was planted today after we decided three months ago to give 8 people the “School Of The Holy Spirit” manuals as gifts. The result is enormous. God is a miracle working God. ~ Faith (Received 29th October, 2021). (Country not included).


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