Testimonies ~ September 2021

TESTIMONIES Received in SEPTEMBER, 2021 . . .

I am glad that our Lord has brought us this far in the ministry. I am happy to let you know that my spiritual growth has taken another dimension through  messages in many of your books and the whole of my family have fully converted to  prophetic faith; all of them speaking in tongues. We know that the future is big. We have been having a lot of wars, forcing us to have only private fellowships. I know our God is with us. ~ Pastor Patrick Egiringe (South Sudan). (Received 1st September, 2021).

Re- “Seeing Your Calling” article ~ Rodney, It was my greatest moment to teach through this message. Thank you. ~ Tabitha Chelimo (Eldama Ravine, Kenya). (Received 3rd September, 2021).

Re- The GFM Website ~ God bless you, my dear brother. What great testimonies. And what a great success in your website! God is blessing your dedication and passion for spreading the gospel around the world.  ~ Rev. Carl Conley (Oro Valley, Arizona, USA). (Received 4th September, 2021).

Re- MP3 Message: “Have Faith In God” ~ Awesome man of God! I’m the better because of you sir! I thank God for causing our paths to collide for such a time as this! Blessings and God’s favour, Your Brother, James Baker (Garner, NC, USA). (Received 6th September, 2021).!

Brother, God has done it again through the written word. Today a Muslim cleric has accepted Christ. Praise God! We gave him the “School Of The Holy Spirit” manual and that was the tool that humbled him to salvation. ~ Pastor Katana Anet (Kilifi, Kenya). (Received 7th September, 2021).

Re- the article “The Twelve Spies ~ And The Question Of Leadership” ~ I found your email very insightful. I have forward to a few people. Thank you. What you say dictates your future. ~ Martin Proffitt (Auckland, New Zealand). (Received 8th September, 2021).

Re- message “God Has Called You” (BB-04) - Dear Rodney & Jean, Thank you for this timely message. This message has come at the right time when I am going through a hard time and through a difficult season of my life. There are times when I feel like I have missed the call of God upon my life. It makes me feel unworthy at times to approach GOD in prayer. I would feel like my prayers are hitting the wall, not reaching the throne of GOD. But with this word I feel encouraged to push on again. Thanks once again for your prayers and encouragement. May GOD richly bless you. Yours in Christ, ~ Nicholas Mundia (Mongu, Zambia). (Received 10th September, 2021).

Re- “The Keys Of The Kingdom” article ~ Powerful!  It has touched my heart to continue seeking God more and more. God bless you abundantly. Thanks. ~ Moses Odindo (Nairobi, Kenya). (Received 12th September, 2021).

Re: MP3 Message: “Faith In God” ~ Dear Rodney, Today I shared this message in the church and people were greatly blessed. ~ Pastor Mwania Soniah (Kaharari, Uganda). (Received 12th September, 2021).

Re: “Why A Vision From God Is So Important” article ~ Vision from God is so important. I give thanks to God for this teaching which I will use in our fellowships this week. ~ Pastor Evans Walukana (Kamukuywa, Kenya). (Received 13th September, 2021).

Dear Rodney, God is doing great work here. I have just received the head of a High School who declared salvation through reading a gift book the "School Of The Holy Spirit". He has declared to use the book in religious teachings in school. Praise God. ~ Bishop Hildah Wandabwa (Trans Nzoia, Kenya). (Received 15th September, 2021).

Re- Barnabas Bulletin No. 249 - Thank you so much for your words today. They brought so much light, love and hope! We really appreciate you and your ministry and the prayer here in this devotional.  We may have the winds blow against our face or our back, but we anchor our souls, hearts and minds in Christ Jesus our wonderful resurrected Saviour and soon coming King! We raise a hallelujah in the middle of the shaking and know that we are of a kingdom that cannot be shaken! I pray for you as the Lord leads. I praise God for you, your life and service. May his glorious light shine ever brighter in you both as we see the day of The Lord appearing. Abundant Blessings ~ Sandee Everett (Founder of House Of Re Ministries, Auckland, New Zealand). (Received 15th September, 2021). 

Re- Barnabas Bulletin No. 249 - Thank you very much Pastor Rodney and Jean for this timely message. I have forwarded it to others so that they, too, will be blessed and encouraged! God bless and prosper you and the ministry. Blessings in Christ! ~ Jacqueline Ong (Singapore). (Received 15th September, 2021).

Re- “Ministry Of Impartation” article ~ Thanks for sharing! This is indeed a great and powerful message. May God richly bless you ~ Mr. Nicholas Mundia (Mongu, Zambia). (Received 16th September, 2021).

Greetings, dear Rodney. How are you? We are so proud to tell you that we had an opportunity to give your book “Equipping For Leadership” out to those who attended our Great Commission Conference which was held at Khanspur Ayubia Hills for three days. Thanks for your partnership. We Love you and all that you are doing ~ Pastor Ashknaz Silas (Lahore, Pakistan). (Received 16th September, 2021).

I am so happy to inform you that we have received another church into Prophetic Ministry. The pastor has declared his church to be functioning fully under prophetic giftings. This is really encouraging. ~ Bishop Tito Makhanu (Kitale, Kenya). (Received 17th September, 2021).

Praise God ministers of the Gospel! Since we connected, I have experienced many changes in my life and ministry. As we continue to pray and support each other spiritually; I thank God for the books you always send me e.g. the book “Voices, Worms And The Prophetic Ministry” and the letter about my vision. I am so encouraged.  Since the class I am teaching is growing and many church leaders from different denominations have come in plenty to learn through your teachings, it's my prayer that God is going to supply me with the necessary to have a big Biblical College. I believe through your prayers and support this will come to pass. In my life I never knew that I can be connected with you and this great ministry, but now here we are. We desire the same attitude so we can make it and that we can teach many to know Christ, and also their calling.  I thank God for you all. May the Lord grant you good health and supply all your needs to be used for the glory of the kingdom of God. Amen. Hope to hear from you again. ~ Apostle Isaiah Munala (Butere, Kenya). (Received 17th September, 2021).

Re- “Pursuing The Prophetic” article ~ Dear Rodney, You have blessed me and I am quickly growing spiritually.

~ Pastor Patrick Egiringe (Ulang & Nasir District, South Sudan). (Received 18th September, 2021).

Thanks for the GFM testimonies. Very powerful. You and your ministry Teams are blessed. Your crown in heaven is going to be huge my man. We are so blessed to have you in our lives, man of God. You are doing a great job ministering for the Lord in many parts of the world. I thank the Lord for you and Jean and Team, for your faithfulness in serving Christ, over the many long years of service for our King. ~ Don Simpson (Te Aroha, New Zealand). (Received 20th September, 2021).

Bro. Rodney, just a quick note that people in this part of the country - men, women, youths, aged ones, etc. love your books so much, in many of the things you have discussed there in them. I pray God will open unexpected doors for you; doors that will bring many new blessings for you, and many souls to Him through your hands. Thanks ~ Pastor Ray Odesomo (Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria). (Received 21st September, 2021).

Dear Rodney, Thank you for your encouragement. I attended a “Gifts of the Holy Spirit” Seminar you conducted in New Plymouth Elim Church in 1993 as a brand new Christian. You prophesied to me during the time of prophetic activation that I had a gift of prophecy and that in the years to come, people would seek me out for words of prophecy. That word is finding fulfilment and I am getting this request a lot these days. I like to think I caught some of your mantle back then. I am indebted to you for that word, which encouraged me to eagerly desire to prophesy. Thanks for everything! God bless, ~ Jeremy Witherow (New Plymouth, New Zealand). (Received 22nd September, 2021).

Dear Rodney, I thank God that today we have started another Prophetic Equipping Station which is stationed in a house of a former Muslim family. This is another step and Glory to God. ~ Pastor Esther Sibalile (North Webuye, Kenya). (Received 23rd September, 2021).

Thanks Apostle, and the entire group of GFM for building me up ~ and the church I am leading ~ with the materials (logos) you are sending to me. I am really grateful; continue sending the word, knowing you're not only feeding me, but also the entire church in Malawi ~ Pastor Nixon Kajiya (Lilongwe, Malawi). (Received 23rd September, 2021).

Brother in  Christ,  Rodney and  Sister Jean, Greetings  from  Kenya  in  the  Name of  our  Lord. Thank you for the wonderful ministry in print and on You Tube. I have re-read several times these titles: “An Encounter with God”, “Some ‘God Happenings’ in My Life” and the magnificent title "God's Call Can Be Fulfilled". May our Lord continue to bless your ministry. Sincerely in Christ, ~ David Angango (Nairobi, Kenya). (Received 25th September, 2021).

Greetings in the mighty name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I  hope  you  are all  doing  fine  and  protected  by  the  precious blood  of  our  Lord  and  Saviour,  Jesus  Christ. I would  like  to  appreciate    pastor      Rodney  Francis,  together  with  the  co-workers  in the  ministry  for the good work  you  are  doing to  build  the  Kingdom   of  God  by  equipping  us  as  the  ministers of  God's  Kingdom  through  powerful  and  anointed  Prophetic  Messages from the  Almighty  God.  May  the  Almighty  God  bless  you  and continue  anointing you more and  more  so  that  you  may  keep building  His  Kingdom ~ Pastor Paul Kinyua Mwangi (Kenya). (Received 26th September, 2021).

Dear brother, Great God! We have been able start another Prophetic Equipping Station in our village. May God bless us. ~ Rosaleni Juma (Prophetic Ministry, Samburu, Kenya). (Received 26th September, 2021).

Dear Rodney, We have just received 6 new believers during our Impartation Service in one of our Prophetic Equipping Stations. God is doing miracles! ~ Bishop Kutosi Waluka (Maliki, Kenya). (Received 27th September, 2021).

A few days ago I was gone far-away from home for a Men’s and Women’s Convention in a small village and many came with your books you sent them, like “AN ENCOUNTER WITH GOD”. It was a lovely experience, as they related to me how this book has blessed their lives. Thank you very much in ALL THAT YOU HAD PUT TOGETHER IN THIS BOOK! So delighted to see real people getting their prayers answered! Keep up the good work for the Lord, and get more books coming! ~ Pastor Ray Odesomo (Benin City, ES, Nigeria). (Received 30th September, 2021).

Dear Rodney, I am happy to let you know that for the first time all the members in our congregation spoke in tongues at the same time. God manifested in a big way. Thanks ~ Kennedy Livondo (Kenya). (Received 30th September, 2021).


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