Testimonies ~ May 2021


I am blessed to inform you that we have started another Prophetic Equipping Station in my brother’s house. This is good spiritually to my brother’s family and neighbours. ~ Ap. Dotwin Gharang (Sudan). (Received 1st May, 2021). 

Re- “Healing And Holy Communion” E-booklet: Thanks a lot. These teaching materials have helped me a lot. I thank God for you, Amen ~ Ap. Isaiah Munala (Butere, Kenya). (Received 2nd May, 2021).

Dear Rodney, Re- article: “Ten Scriptural Reasons For Speaking In Tongues” – I am happy and blessed with this message which is so Scriptural and beats all logic. ~ Ap. Soaki Labueni (Keren, Eritrea). (Received 2nd May, 2021). 

Thank you so much for your continuous teachings; these have equipped me to understand the will of God in my life and in my ministry.  I have been using the same teachings to teach the class which I started, and this teaching has made my teaching easy and more understood than before. Thank you for your continuous prayer and your spiritual support towards my life and ministry.  May the Lord give you good health and more Revelation in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen. Your student ~ Ap. Isaiyah Kabwere Munala (Butere, Kenya). (Received 2nd May, 2021).

Dear Rodney, Re- “The Prophetic Double Anointing” E-Booklet: Many thanks for your very anointed teaching. Today was a day I shared this message and many were blessed. ~ Evanis (Kapenguria, Kenya). (Received 3rd May, 2021).

Dear Rodney, Re- “The ‘Dunamis’ Power Of God” MP3 message: Our God is always good. I have used this very powerful message today in our Prophetic Equipping Station meeting and the power from on high came down like fire to everybody in the meeting and we spoke in tongues for more than 40 minutes. Hallelujah! ~ Bishop Merjian Kia Kia (Debre Libanos, Ethiopia). (Received 4th May, 2021).

Dear Rodney, I am so happy to celebrate this day; the love of God has manifested in my family more than what we can imagine. My second-born son started speaking in tongues during our evening service. This is a major breakthrough for our family. ~ Pastor Gilbert Wekesa (Bungoma, Kenya). (Received 5th May, 2021).

Every step is God guided. Without the function of the Holy Spirit we are dead. Your book "The School Of The Holy Spirit" brought life in a Church which has been most critical of the Prophetic Ministry. The lay-leader spoke in tongues for the first time, which caused more than 20 members to follow in speaking in tongues. This caused confusion, because very few understood the teachings; others had never seen anybody speak in tongues. God is working! ~ Brother Jefferson Mathare (Kilifi, Kenya). (Received 6th May, 2021).

Re- The MP3 message on “The Joy Of The Lord” - Praise be to God, I'm so blessed to have received this message.  Thank you so much, and keep in God's blessings. ~ Rev. Bryant E. Nepay (Liberia). (Received 7th May, 2021).

Re- The MP3 message on “The Joy Of The Lord” - Absolutely agree – It’s one of the greatest witnesses, when we have trials, to have joy in the midst of them - counting it all joy.  I am not saying it is always easy, but we know how His joy carries us amazingly. With love to you both, ~ Eve and Anthony Trevorrow (Cirencester, England). (Received 7th May, 2021).

Re- “The ‘Dunamis’ Power Of God!” MP3 message - Hi Rodney, We have been really enjoying your mp3 recordings and shared “The ‘Dunamis’ Power Of God!" with our home group this week. It sparked great conversation and prayer, Thank you, Blessings ~ Claire Pearce (Waimauku, New Zealand). (Received 7th May, 2021).

Dear Rodney & Jean :) Years ago at a particularly hard time in my life I came across your ministry online (we live in the United States in Illinois). Just want to say how cool you are to keep going in Jesus and keep loving people, and keep sharing the truth.  I am grateful for your faith.  It encourages and inspires me and fills me with hope!  Thank you for being such beautiful believers!    See you in heaven ? ~  Victoria Visocchi (Received 7th May, 2021).

Re: MP3 Message: "The Joy Of The Lord" - Dear Rodney, Great message. Am thankful. ~ Ap. Dotwin N. Gharang (Sudan). (Received 10th May, 2021).

Re: MP3 Message: "The Joy Of The Lord" - Amen and Amen, Hallelujah. Powerful message Brother Rodney; may our Faithful God continue to use you richly for His Glory. You and the whole team, stay always blessed. Sincerely in Jesus ~ Elise Burkhardt-Lawson (Leimen, Germany). (Received 10th May, 2021).

Re: “Are You Filled With The Holy Spirit - And With Fire?” article: Dear Rodney, I am blessed very much with this message. We need to make sure many get to hear this. ~ Pastor James Wafula (Kimilili, Kenya). (Received 12th May, 2021).

Dear Beloved servant Of God, Rodney. The Books which you have been sending to some of the pastors here in Africa has generated new strength in the converts and in the entire churches Of Christ as well. Your ministry of Christian Literature and Books is one of the most wonderful ministries in the world, changing thousands of lives. It has been an instrument of transformation to the lives of many. We take this opportunity to congratulate and encourage you to continue, for your labour in the Lord will never be in vain. We thank God for your Ministry and its encouraging messages. ~ Pastor Ruth Osinya (Eldoret, Kenya). (Received 13th May, 2021).

Re: MP3 Message: "The Joy Of The Lord" - Rodney, Blessings of the Lord. This is my biggest moment of having to study about joy. Surely with this message many will see God in every situation. ~ Pr. Tabitha Chelimo (Eldama Ravine, Kenya). (Received 13th May, 2021).

Praise the lord. The Prison Ministry is doing well in Uganda. I sent “Curses”, “Counselling And Deliverance”, and “An Encounter With God” books, all for 76 prisoners graduating for the first GFM Bible Correspondence Course in Jinja Main Prison today,  Friday. ~ Peter Ndegwa (The GFM Prisons Representative of the Kenyan and Uganda Prisons Ministry, Nairobi, Kenya). (Received 14th May, 2021).  

Re- Jean’s Keyboard playing “Take My Life and Let it be” – Wow, what a blessing! That was beautiful. Thank you both. I’m a rich woman knowing you and God’s love and teaching me His grace and patience. It’s good to be 81 and still learning. Your flowers are stunning ~ Noreen How-Johns (Cromwell, New Zealand). (Received 15th May, 2021).  

It is with great honour on the behalf of 60 Pastors to write and say Thank You for the wonderful books you have been sending to them. Truly these books have lifted these men and women spiritually, We lack words on how we can express this to you. We have been blessed so much. ~ Pastor  John   K . Odongo and the 60 Pastors (Eldoret, Kenya). (Received 15th May, 2021).

Dear Rodney, Today we have been allowed to have our first meeting in a selected hall. The hall had been locked by security officers for one year because of some false allegations by religious leaders. God has made us victorious. ~ Evangelist Joram Sikolia (Kapenguria, Kenya). (Received 16th May, 2021).

Dear Rodney, Every time you send a message it is like a new chapter in my ministry life. Be blessed. Amen ~ Bishop Joel Okaka (Kwale, Kenya). (Received 17th May, 2021).

Re- Rodney’s article, “Blessed To Be A Blessing” – Amen, this is sooo powerful! I am encouraged and Blessed. ~ Edward Mwachiro (Kilifi, Kenya). (Received 17th May, 2021).

Dear Rodney, We thank God for His great Love. We were blessed to start a Prophetic Equipping Station tonight. There was joy when the Holy Spirit powerfully ministered to us all and we all spoke in tongues. ~ Pastor Katana Anet (Kilifi, Kenya). (Received 18th May, 2021).

Dear friend, Today was a day of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit visited our meeting in a very powerful way that left all of us speaking in tongues and giving prophetic words. It is a big day. ~ Pastor Swagili Mheshimiwa (Arusha, Tanzania). (Received 19th May, 2021).

I am a prisoner and writing with sincere gratitude to thank God and The Gospel Faith Messenger Ministry for the Bible Course Studies that were brought to me (and others at Jinja Prison). Due to that John’s Gospel Course I have managed to grow spiritually and it has also helped me to know that Jesus truly came to save us from our sins. It also has helped me to read and understand the Gospel of John more, and to know how one can be born-again; besides that it also encouraged and strengthened me, because I thought I was abandoned. After reading I know I have the Most High God Who cares about me to the extent that He sent His only begotten Son to save me, a sinner. The Course has taught me very many things, i.e. to be submissive to our leaders, love, patience, endurance, and I kindly request you to continue with us in these Courses, as they help us to know more about our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you. Yours ~ Ekate Robert (Jinja Prison, Uganda). (Received 20th May, 2021, by The GFM prison Representative for Kenya and Uganda Prison, Peter Ndegwa – he is doing a wonderful ministry in the prisons).

Dear Brother, We are happy to let you know that another church has fully become prophetic after their pastor went through your three books and sharing with his church members. This is good. ~ Pastor Antony Juma Wamalwa (Kamukuywa, Kenya). (Received 22nd May, 2021).

Dear Rodney, We are celebrating the healing of a child under heavy attack of demons. This was through a prophetic word and three ladies who spoke in tongues and one interpreted. The power of the Holy Spirit came down like fire and the child was set free from demons. She can now speak and walk when she couldn't do that before. Amen! ~ Pastor Peter Zaringa (Muyinga Gospel Center, Muyinga, Burundi). (Received 25th May, 2021).

God of Salvation! God has done it again! A Muslim couple have today accepted salvation through witnessing the flow of the Holy Spirit and the miracle of speaking in tongues. This happened when they had visited their friend who is a neighbour to the church. When people started speaking in tongues this couple came nearer, interested to find out why the noise. But they were struck by the wave of the Holy Spirit until they ran inside the hall and confessed Jesus. Praise God! ~ Apostle Flusham Marchar (Mundri West, Sudan). (Received 26th May, 2021).

Dear Rodney, I have discovered the gold mystery in the exercising of the Holy Spirit Gifts. I have been transformed from a front line critic of the gift of the Holy Spirit teaching to a vibrant supporter and teacher. I thank God for this. ~ Evangelist Faith (Received 27th May, 2021).

Dear Beloved servant of God, Pastor  Rev. Rodney Francis, The Books which you have been sending to some of the pastors here in Kenya have generated new strength in the converts, and in the entire churches of Christ as well. Your ministry is one of the most wonderful in the world, changing thousands of lives. It has been an instrument of transformation to the lives of many. We take this opportunity to congratulate and encourage you to continue, for your labour in the Lord will never be in vain. We thank God for your ministry of Christian Literature and Books and their encouraging messages. God bless you in all that you do for Christ’s cause. Yours in the great task of evangelizing the world, ~ Pastor-Peter Kagwe (Langas, Kenya). (Received 28th May, 2021).

Dear Rodney, We have today been blessed to have our meeting in a social hall where we received 23 new people; 8 people among them miraculously spoke in tongues for the first time. Praise God! ~ Pastor James Wafula (Kimilili, Kenya). (Received 28th May, 2021).

Dear Rodney, I thank our Lord for what He has done through the “School Of The Holy Spirit” manual. My brother and his family have accepted Christ through reading the book, together with his family. They have accepted to attend the prophetic believing church. Hallelujah! ~ Mourine Tonny (Mombasa, Kenya). Mourine is the wife of Dick who prints many of our books for East African nations). (Received 28th May, 2021).

Dear Rodney, Today we had an overwhelming flow of the Holy Ghost beyond my thoughts. God does His work in a way least expected of men. Today I had an opportunity to share this message "Why We Need The Holy Spirit". The response was amazing; it was in a school and many young students spoke in tongues - even teachers could not believe how God works. Amen! ~ Omwami Dasekelo (Tanga, Tanzania). (Received 30th May, 2021).


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