Testimonies ~ March 2021


Dear Rodney and Jean, Wow! Thank you so much; your messages are really timely. I am going through a rough patch in life where I had no choice but to divorce my husband. The load was too much; I could not bear it anymore. I was suffocating and the only way out for me was to separate from him. I feel a lot better now. Thank you much. (Name withheld, Zambia). (Received 4th March, 2021).

Rodney, Today I taught from your lesson on "Encouragement". Those who attended were blessed and more than 30 spoke in tongues for the first time. It was a great day. ~ Museveni Lungipapa (Bujumbura, Burundi). (Received 5th March, 2021).

Greetings, God is good! Today we have been blessed to start another Prophetic Equipping Station. God is God! ~ Evangelist Joram Sikolia (Abramic Covenant Mission, Kapenguria, Kenya). (Received 6th March, 2021).

Dear Rodney, I have been blessed with this MP3 recording message, “Obedience To God”. God is faithful to have helped me get this teaching. ~ Pastor Leviticus Barasa (Kimaeti, Kenya). (Received 6th March, 2021).

Dear Rodney, Today we have received 9 new people in our congregation. The age of those who got saved is from 45 to 89. Thank you so much ~ Pastor Joseph Makhabila (Bugiri, Uganda). (Received 7th March, 2021).

Dear Rodney, I would like to happily inform you that we have been given a piece of land to construct a Prophetic Prayer Center. This is so good and blessing to us. God is doing miracles. ~ Ian Wanyo (Kakamega Revival Center, Kenya). (Received 8th March, 2021).

Rodney, My happiness has increased when I received a man with his wife as guest in my house. They came to be prayed for so that they could receive salvation and join a Prophetic Believing Church. They were so hard to hear anything to do with Jesus, but through reading the “School Of The Holy Spirit” manual, they were automatically changed. This is a breakthrough in a big way. ~ Bishop Denis Ballock (Mois Bridge, Kenya). (Received 8th March, 2021).

Thanks to you both for such a loving, caring environment. I have grown so much all the years you have both given so much time love care to others. Love, blessings and hugs ~ Angie Campbell ? (Levin, New Zealand). (Received 8th March, 2021).

Thank you so much Rodney for teaching me since we first met on-line in 2006 when I surrendered to Jesus for the first time to listen, obey and watch and wait to see the LORD implement what He has promised. The last 15 years has been wonderful with the highlight hearing His Voice, being obedient and see him follow through according to His promises on the paths His Voice has led me. Again, thanks. ~ Dr. Arnold Staite (Christchurch, New Zealand). (Received 8th March, 2021).

Hi Rodney, Re- MP3 message on “God’s Supernatural Call” - Really enjoyed this message. You are a good preacher. The prophetic is awesome and, as you say, incredibly helpful to finding His will. Blessings ~ Pastor John Alpe (Christchurch, New Zealand). (Received 8th march, 2021). 

Dear Rodney, RE- MP3 message on “God’s Supernatural Call” - Wonderful! Thank you for this timely word. God's Blessings, ~ Temi Tayo Adekore (Plainsboro, New Jersey, USA). (Received           8th March, 2021).

Dear Rodney and Jean, I would like to thank you for the MP3 messages you have been sending out. I love those short, to-the-point inspirations that seem to be sent out at those moments when they are needed the most, becoming a true blessing. Many Blessings ~ John Oomkens (Celbridge, Ireland). (Received 8th March, 2021).

Continually l give thanks to God for the impartation of The GFM Ministry. We are really challenged, and blessed for all the teachings. We are preparing to start the second promotion of the “School Of The Holy Spirit”. I have a need. I need clear teachings about mentorship, spiritual fathering, spiritual covering, sponsorship, etc. Thanks. ~ Rev. Serge Alain Kamedjieu (Bafoussam, Cameroon). (Received 9th March, 2021).

Dear Rodney, This MP3 message on “God’s Supernatural Call” is very powerful. Thanks for blessing me and I will use it for our future teachings and Bible study. ~ Gabriel Singaravanna (Kahi, Rwanda). (Received 9th March, 2021).

Rodney, Re- MP3 message on “God’s Supernatural Call” - You have elevated my spirit when listening to this spiritually filled message. I have made some short notes which I will use in my next college lecture. Many thanks ~ Pastor Mwania Soniah (Kaharari, Uganda). (Received 9th March, 2021).

Dear respected beloved pastor, Rodney W. Francis. Thank you for your books “Voices, Worms and The Prophetic Ministry” and “The Power Of The Prophetic” and the article “Ten Scriptural Reasons For Speaking In Tongues” which I received through the post. May God richly bless your good ministries all over the world. Thanking you. ~ Pastor Daniel Victor (Comfort Mission, Chennai, India).

Dear Rodney, Re- “God‘s Supernatural Call” ~ Your audio is a big short message. It is a lesson that no one should miss. ~ Bishop Evaline Murugu (Meru, Kenya). (Received 10th March, 2021).

Rodney, Re- MP3 message on “God’s Love Changes Us” - Thank you so much. This message is great. Your Brother ~ Bishop Kennedy Harvest (Muyinga, Burundi). (Received 10th March, 2021).

"Thank you for helping me to understand God's Word in depth and its relevance in my day to day Christian life with the books (“Voices, Worms and The Prophetic Ministry” and “God’s Supernatural Call”) provided to me... so, so helpful and so comprehensive. ~ Sister Dalua Ehiji (Benin City, ES, Nigeria). (Received          10th       March,            2021).

"I really enjoyed the books (“God’s Call Can Be Fulfilled” and “Keys To Worship God”) provided, and I love how it focused on the Bible alone”, ~ Miss Ito Daniel (Benin City, ES, Nigeria). (Received 10th March, 2021).

"Thanks for your encouragement and support for free books (“The Evil Powers Of Canaan” and “The ‘Dunamis’ Power Of God!”). I really enjoy reading through the chapters in your book given to me, that I am learning a lot in both in Biblical knowledge and growth in my interpersonal relationships." ~ Miss Akaro Jolly (Benin City, ES, Nigeria). (Received 10th March, 2021).

Dear Rodney, I wish we all would realize how revealing are your messages in your books and what God is speaking to the world today. Every step in our Faith should be guided by the truth of God. I have been a witness of how people speak in tongues for the first time and amazing wave of Holy Spirit baptism sweeping through my area. I am amazed and shocked of the mighty work of God ~ Bishop Hezekiah Atulo (Kisumu, Kenya). (Received 11th March, 2021).

Dear Rodney, Today was Holy Spirit fire never witnessed before. During our mid-week service all the 56 believers spoke in tongues for over 30 minutes; it was hot and fully of God's grace. May God bless this ministry ~ Pastor Esther Sibalile (North Webuye, Kenya). (Received 12th March, 2021).

I have been so encouraged by your ministry; as I was reading “God's Supernatural Call” it brought back to memory a prophecy you spoke over my life at an Elim camp years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday. You said I was a pot in a kiln being fired up for the purpose of God that I wouldn't be shattered destroying the other pots, and that I would not be left on the shelf, and that is exactly how it has worked out for me. Our God is a supernatural God! I am 82 and still under His wing, God continue to bless you and Jean. ~ John (Gibson) in Christ for Christ (Dunedin, New Zealand). (Received 12th March, 2021).

Dear brother, We have been going through a tough season of persecution from mainstream churches who are against Prophetic Ministry. Keep us in your prayers. They are planning to sue us for madness. They claim speaking in tongues is a kind of speaking with evil world. Please pray. Thank you so much. ~ Rev. Naklhumicha Khakulayi (PEFA, Malaba, Uganda). (Received 13th March, 2021).

Dear Rodney, Re- “God’s Supernatural Call” MP3 message: Thank you so much. This is truly meant for me. Your brother ~ Bishop Laban Kisaringa (Kigali, Rwanda). (Received 13th March, 2021).

Dear Brother, For the first time we have started a Prophetic Equipping Station in a house of a former Muslim Sheikh. This is a major breakthrough. Keep praying for us so that we keep spreading. ~ Omari Mwinyinga (Somalia). (Received 14th March, 2021).

Dear Rodney, We thank God that today during our Sunday service four former leaders of a dreaded cult converted to Christianity after being convicted by the message in the booklet  "The ‘Dunamis’ Power Of God" given to them last year. We could not believe how God works. He is a miraculous God. ~ Bishop Denis Ballock (Mois Bridge, Kenya). (Received 15th March, 2021).

Thank you so much for all your Christian love and encouraging words, as well as your continued support to those on your list for free books which are being received and growing the faith of many lives through your free supply of literatures. They can never forget or take for granted all that you are doing for them and many others who get to read and be transformed by all the edifying Christian literature/teachings books that you provide for them at great expense and effort.” ~ Pastor Jerem Odelo (Oredo, ES, Nigeria). (Received 15th       March, 2021).

Today I taught at a Seminar and used the same topic of the book “Equipping For Leadership” and the people ~ those who are doing Ministries ~ were so blessed ~ Pastor Ashknaz Silas (Lahore, Pakistan). (Received 16th March, 2021). (We are getting 5,000 copies of that book ~ in the Urdu language ~ for him to distribute).

Dear Rodney and Jean, Your printed books carry the Anointing that breaks the yokes and removes all burdens as it is written in the Bible according to Isaiah 10:27 – “the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing oil”. No wonder, we hear of an overflowing and over-flooding of testimonies from all over the world. We are always encouraged and enlightened by the Gospel you preach through your printed books and manuals. Having said all this, let me thank and encourage all your Partners who supports your ministry in any form or ways, that God Himself pre-destined them for such. God bless! ~ Pastor George Banda (Blantyre, Malawi). (Received 16th March, 2021).

Dear Rodney, Re- “God’s Supernatural Call”: This recording message is what I have been praying to get in many years. Our Lord God has answered my prayers. ~ Evangelist Justus  Zebarissa  (Kisozi District, Burundi). (Received 17th March, 2021).

Greetings today, I am happy to inform you that today another church has fully become prophetic. This is a big step that we have taken. We praise God for this. ~ Pastor Antony Wamalwa (Kamukuywa, Kenya). (Received 18th March, 2021).

Dear Rodney, God is using you in a very powerful way to change this world through the written word. “The Will Of God, Vision And Motivation” article has brought new spiritual dimension to us. May our good God keep you strong. ~ Oroni Kerimi (Malindi, Kenya). (Received 19th March, 2021).

Dear Rodney, Re- the E-Book “Flowing In The Holy Spirit”: This message has blessed me so much. I will use it in my next teaching. Thank you ~ Bishop Samson Makiriema (North Kivu, Rwanda). (Received 21st March, 2021).

Dear Rodney, I am grateful that tomorrow and Thursday, I will be teaching this lesson 'Sing O Barren'. Pray that people will hear and be impacted with the teachings. ~ Rabbecca Singi (Homa Bay, Kenya). (Received 24th March, 2021).

Dear Rodney, Re- MP3 Recording: “God’s Supernatural Call” ~ May God bless you for sending me this message that touches on the core of our ministry on how we should know and listen when God speaks. ~ Jacob Hungeremana (Bujumbura, Burundi). (Received 25th March, 2021). 

Rodney, Many blessings and thanks to our Lord for enabling us start a big Prophetic Equipping Station with 34 members. This is a big step in our ministry here. Keep us in prayers. ~ Amos H. Lengemana (Burundi). (Received 25th March, 2021).

Dear Rodney, Re- article: “The Signs That Follow Believers” – I am happy that I have gotten this message. This is a big lesson to me and those that I teach. I am blessed ~ Bishop Laban Kasaringa (Kigali, Rwanda) (Received 30th March, 2021).

Praise the Lord! We have just completed the 1st GFM Bible Correspondence Course Lessons class of 70 inmates/students in Jinja Main Prison in Uganda. Ernest Bwire is co-ordinating the classes in Uganda Prisons. He is a former GFM student sentenced to life and served 32 years in Rift Valley Naivasha Maximum Security Prison; later pardoned and set free last year at Kamiti Maximum Prison. Prison wardens in Jinja Prison have also enrolled and yet to complete. I have bought punching staplers and stepper  pins and sent marking sheets to Ernest Church in Uganda where the marking of Lessons are taking place. Pray with me for God's grace and strength as I continue to co-ordinate GFM activities and setting up small Prison Libraries with GFM literatures where inmates can borrow, read and return book programme. ~ Peter Ndegwa (Nairobi, Kenya). (Received 31st March, 2021). Peter is The GFM Representative for Kenyan and Ugandan Prisons.


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