TESTIMONIES ~ January 2021

TESTIMONIES Received in January 2021

Receive greetings from me.  I am Bishop Mugisha Pierre from Burundi.  Thank you, for God has brought me to the most important people in the past year and among those important people you are the most important to me.  The words of God that I have received from you have helped me spiritually, and I am completely built-up, God bless you.  Therefore I pray that our fellowship will continue to be strong, this year, 2021. I pray to God to bless you, and further expand your boundaries.  My family and I wish you a peaceful New Year; may God bless you. ~ Bishop Pierre Mugisha (Bujumbura, Burundi). (Received 2nd January, 2021).

Dear Rodney, We were able to give out those books you sent for those people. It was wonderful! As we distributed them in places we met them such as the Hospitals, Orphanages, etc. They were so happy and thankful to you for a free book! One of the ladies we met in the Orphanage Home gave a testimony that since she gave her life to Christ she has not gotten an opportunity to have a personal copy of a Christian book. And now God has done a great thing in her life by using you to send a copy to her. The entire people in our area where many of them are having an opportunity to hear and read the Gospel were so grateful that they took drums and trumpets, they sang and danced around the entire village and market square testifying of the good thing you did for them with free Christian literatures. Other villages came out from their houses when they heard this testimony of a Free Book they were amazed. I wish you were here to witness this happiness. This copy of the books has strengthened the faith of the brethren; NOW they have gone out to evangelize and save the unsaved hearts to Christ. God is aware of this work you are doing for Him by helping those who could not afford a copy of a book for themselves. l tell you this, your reward is near and bountiful both in heaven and on earth. We love you so much and once again, thank you and if you have the resources kindly consider these new names below (219) so that those whom books could not reach could now have theirs this time.!!! ~ Pastor Jerem Odelo (Oredo, Edo State, Nigeria). (Received 5th January, 2021).

Dear Rodney, I am so happy that God is blessings us no matter at the hard situation this January. We have been able to start another Prayer Center in a market place. In this Center we have 9 women and 4 men. Great is our Lord. ~ Bishop Tito Samson (Kitale, Kenya). (Received 7th January, 2021).

Hi, The power of God's word is so powerful to transform and bring to salvation whoever reads it. I am so happy to announce that 9 people have received salvation today during our impartation service. This is historic because these are people who have been fighting the Prophetic Ministry. Their salvation is a miracle because they were convicted to salvation after going through books we gave them last year. We are happy with the power of Yaweh. ~ Rabbeca Singi (Homa Bay, Kenya). (Received 10th January, 2021).

 Dear Brother, I am happy to inform you that we have started another Prayer Center in a religious college. This is the will and work of God. Everything is going in the plan and timing of Yahweh Himself. ~ David Hayeta (Mwanza, Tanzania). (Received 13th January, 2021).

Dear labourer in Christ, Rev. Rodney Francis!! Thanks to your tireless efforts, hard work and commitment to the Lord Jesus. I want to personally thank you for all you are doing in the kingdom and family of God. We thank God for the powerful ministry he has entrusted to you. I' and my church members are thrilled for the anointed and inspiring messages and lessons we have been receiving from your books which we have been borrowing from friends here in Eldoret. There is a change in our lives and in our walk with the Lord. I as an evangelist/pastor, at least I' have something which I can teach/preach to my people in Kenya, and also in our congregation. I therefore kindly take this opportunity to request you for some of your literature books by airmail. It is very exciting to hear how God is moving His people all around the world through your ministry. I and my congregation will continue to pray for you and the visions that God has given you. We are more than happy to pray for you and the ministry that God is leading you in. Continue to strive and seek one will in Christ. It is the right kind of diet that we need in the Lord. Remember the rewards of serving God are so great that heaven will be worth it all. Thanks a lot. God Bless you as you prepare to assist me. Your Servant In Christ, ~ Pastor Benson Sikuku (on behalf of 42 Pastors requesting books, “The Gospel Of Hope Ministry”, Eldoret, Kenya). (Received 14th January, 2021).

Dear Beloved servant Of God, Pastor Rev. Rodney Francis, The books which you have been sending to some of the Pastors here in Kenya have generated new strength in the converts and in the entire churches of Christ as well, your ministry is one of the most wonderfully Ministries in the world, changing thousands of lives. It has been an instrument of transformation to the lives of many. We take this opportunity to congratulate and encourage you to continue, for your labour in the Lord will never be in vain. We thank God for your Ministry of Christian Literature/Books and its encouraging messages. I hereby write to request you the above mentioned Gospel materials urgently for the work of the Lord. I beg you kindly to assist the Following 16 Pastor's, Evangelists and Church Leaders with free books. God bless you in all that you do for Christ’s cause. Yours in the great task of evangelizing the world, yours in His service, ~ Pastor Peter Kagwe ("Word Of Hope Ministry”, Langas, Kenya). (Received 14th January, 2021).

Re: THE MINISTRY OF IMPARTATION article, Thank you very much for this powerful writing. I will be speaking on it tomorrow during the radio broadcast and during the Sunday meeting. God bless you abundantly ~ Pastor Mahamba Wa-ibera Evariste (Beni, D.R. Congo ~ The GFM Representative in that country). (Received 14th January, 2021).

Rodney, Today were blessed to receive a church that changed to Prophetic Worship. This is really encouraging and it's part of the fruit of what we have been doing. ~ Abraham Kofi(Kilimanjaro, Tanzania). (Received 17th January, 2021).

 Greetings in the precious name of our Lord and saviour Jesus! The tape (“Be An Encourager”) is a real encouragement to me. I believed that's what the good Lord prompted me to do  before the end of last year – Speaking in Tongues. We have been doing this with my wife to speak in tongues for hours. This is confirmation we have to build ourselves up through Speaking in Tongues in these difficult times. Thanks again for your timely encouragement. You have a blessed day ~ Rev. Korieta Tinarubena (Suva, Fiji islands). (Received 18th January, 2021).

Thanks Rodney for sharing those thrilling testimonies (December 2020 ones). It just confirms again and again the power of the written word to transform multitudes of lives. Blessings and love ~ Eleanor Goodall (Hamilton, New Zealand). (Received 19th January, 2021).

Dear Rodney, We are proud to be Prophetic Members. This day was our great day when all 78 members spoke in tongues. This was a miracle for us. The Holy Spirit moved very powerful and nobody was spared. Praise Jesus! ~ Daniel Katana (Voi, Kenya). (Received 23rd January, 2021).

Dear Rodney, We are delighted with the 5,000 copies of “The School Of The Holy Spirit” and 5,000 copies of “An Encounter with God”.

The President of the Students Union of Chancellor College, Godfrey Phunyanya, has received the manuals on behalf of the College Principal. All the 10,000 books arrived safely at University of Malawi Campus and we will share them with other Colleges. They look more beautiful than we could have imagined. We believe this is the voice of God speaking to bring total transformation in our Colleges. Our God is relational and desires to encounter His children! Many students have felt it invites the Holy Spirit into a deeper and more mature relationship with God. We have seen the Rastafarian turned to faith. Thank you and we shall keep you and The GFM Team in our continuous prayers. Sincerely ~ Dalitso Dulani  (Secretary General, The Students Union of Chancellor College (SUCC), Malawi). (Received 25th January, 2021).

 Dear Rodney, I thank God that today we started another Prophetic Equipping Station in a house of our intercessor. This is indeed great news. ~ Kuhu Anjiwa (Wahu, Southern Sudan) (Received 26th January, 2021).

 Re: “Why We Need The Holy Spirit” article: Dear  Rodney, This message is most powerful and well-researched. The Scriptures are going to help a lot in our teachings and Bible study. Many thanks  ~ Abraham Kofi (Kilimanjaro, Tanzania). (Received 27th January, 2021).

Dear Rodney, (re- MP3 message): “Being An Encourager” is the best teaching that I have ever heard on encouragement.~ Prophet Kenani Kimani (Kirinyaga, Kenya). (Received 29th January, 2021).

Dear Rodney, Today I have taught on this message (“The Power Of The Prophetic” booklet) and I have witnessed a mighty move of the Holy Spirit. Almost all spoke in tongues and prophesied. Many thanks ~ Pastor Esnathe Nelima (Mariakani, Kenya). (Received 29th January, 2021).


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