Testimonies ~ July 2021


Dear in the Lord, I am at home since Saturday as I came from the missions of 20-25 June in which I trained and evangelized in Butembo town and Lubero Territoiry areas. During these missions we launched the planting of two churches in villages of Kagheri  and Itevero. Churches are growing and many people are hearing the Gospel as we preach to many hundreds of people even during radio broadcasts. This preaching to many hundreds of people will be transformed into a future preaching to multitudes. We are also focussing on constructing church building shelters and class rooms for nursery schools and vocational training schools in most of the areas in which we are planting churches. We are now planting 45 churches. May you stand with us in prayer. Yours in Christ ~ Pastor Mahamba Wa-ibera Evariste (Beni Democratic Republic of Congo). (Received 2nd July, 2021). (Mahamba is The GFM Representative in Congo).

Rodney, it is just mind-boggling how far the Lord has spread His message through you and how hugely His Kingdom has grown through your obedience. It is so encouraging. Love to you both, ~ Joye Knauf Alit (Brisbane, Australia). (Received 2nd July, 2021).

Dear Rodney, This e-mail on “Encouragement” has taken me higher spiritually.  ~ Bishop Evaline Murugu (Meru, Kenya). (Received 2nd July, 2021).

Dear brother, I thank God for today's prayer session in which all 70plus believers spoke in tongues. The day was great ~ Rev. Kimayo Philip (Bethel Churches Ministry, Lessos, Kenya). (Received 3rd July, 2021).

I love receiving listening to your MP3 messages; so good for the soul, and reading your Prayer Support Letter. Love, Blessings and Hugs to you both ~ Angie Campbell (Levin, New Zealand). (Received 4th July, 2021).

Dear Rodney, Re- article: “Building Ourselves Up In God” - This is the message I taught today in Sunday service; very powerful message for building a relationship with God. ~ Evangelist Zebarissa Zebunissa (Kisozi District, Burundi). (Received 5th July, 2021).


I do so appreciate your input into my life through The GFM. I still remind God daily of what He spoke to me through you and others too. So thank you, and as you would say....be encouraged. Love to Jean ~ Rosemary O’Garra (Albany, New Zealand). (Received 6th July, 2021).

Dear Rodney and Jean.   Thank you for your faithfulness and love for Jesus over these many decades.  Thanks for your encouragements. Your messages have blessed us and been a goad sometimes to spur us on in the faith and in hope.    God bless you richly. Love ~  Shirley Mitchell (Slacks Creek, Queensland, Australia). (Received 7th July, 2021).

Hi Rodney, I think it would have to be you that has inspired me the most in having a God-given purpose that I am working to fulfil every day. God's richest blessings to you and Jean ~ Geoff Stokes (Levin, New Zealand). (Received 7th July, 2021).

Dear Rodney,  Re- MP3 Message on “Love Not The World” - You have blessed me more today with this. May God keep revealing more through you. ~ Betty Ndinti (Wajir, Kenya). (Received 8th July, 2021).

Brother, This evening a man has gotten salvation and started speaking in tongues while walking from one of our Prayer Center’s. This is a good witness ~ Amos Lengemana (Burundi). (Received 8th July, 2021).

Dear Rodney, Re- MP3 Message on “Love Not The World” - You have changed my life today through this powerful teaching. ~ Apostle Flusham Marchar (Mundri West, Sudan). (Received 9th July, 2021).

Re- MP3 Message on “Love Not The World” - Wow! I am blessed with the recorded teaching. It has opened my eyes. I can now have more to study on and teach. ~ Pastor Bwana Mkubwa (Arusha, Tanzania). (Received 10th July, 2021).

Dear Brethren, Calvary greetings to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. How are you doing today in New Zealand? I am very appreciative of your prayers for my beloved mother. She is now in good health here in Nigeria. Thank you very much for praying for her. I want to use this medium to encourage you all to continue the good work you are doing. Your reward is great in heaven and your labour will NEVER BE IN VAIN IN JESUS’ NAME! Once again, thank you all for the prayers ~ Brother Joseph Godday Abraham (Benin City, ES, Nigeria). (Received 15th July, 2021).

Re- BB-247 on “Being Immovable With Jesus”: We thank God for you. I appreciate you so much for this bulletin. It has encouraged me so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ~ Pastor Aristarico Phiri (Chawama, Zambia). (Received 16th July, 2021).

Dear beloved in the Lord, Rodney Francis, Warm Christian greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I wish to thank the Lord for the good work He is doing in you and through you to our brothers and sisters in the faith. We believe your efforts are not in vain. It is true your Gospel literature is winning a lot of souls in all places here in Kenya. What a blessing, especially foreigners in Kenya they are impressed and they keep asking for some more Gospel materials. I got your contact from a friend here in Kenya. I have been borrowing some of your books from friends here in Kenya, and I tell you, these books have changed my life instantly, Praise God! May the good Lord grant you His divine grace and mercy as you continue to expand the Word of God to sinners. Yours in Christ, ~ Pastor Daniel Bwire (Eldoret, Kenya). (Received 17th July, 2021).

Dear Brother, We have just come out of the house of a School Principal who he and his family declared  salvation and conversion to Prophetic  Ministry. This is good because he promised to make his school to start Prophetic Teachings in the school syllabus. ~ Bishop Kutosi Waluka (Maliki, Kenya). (Received 20th July, 2021).

Dear Rodney, I am so happy and blessed with this message: "Sing O Barren". I have used it today in Prophetic Fellowship and the result is overwhelming. ~ Pastor Esther Sibalile (North Webuye, Kenya). (Received 20th July, 2021).

Re- article “Breaking Out Of Smallness” ~ Thanks for sharing!  Oh how I needed this.  Thank you! ~ Janet Lodge (Karamea, New Zealand). (Received 20th July, 2021).

Dear Dad Rodney, I would like to appreciate the anointing that is raining upon you from heaven!! God trusted you with the great gift of reaching all the nations with His Gospel. Glory be to God through His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Thank you very much for allowing me from here in Malawi to be one of your spiritual son’s in the Lord. The GFM has a lot of articles, teachings, etc., and I will be following and willing to learn; ready to learn for the benefit of many to be trained as well. I will be happy for this connection to exist forever. Jesus is Lord! ~ Pastor Patrick Teputepu (Malawi). (Received 21st July, 2021).

Dear Rodney, I am glad to tell you that another church has today converted into Prophetic Ministry. We had a service and the people all declared to be spiritually prophetic. This is good. ~ Pastor Antony Wamalwa (Kamukuywa, Kenya). (Received 22nd July, 2021). 

Brother, We had a wonderful Impartation Seminar which ended today. 34 believers were imparted for the first time and spoke in tongues. May God bless you. ~ Daniel Ghadwe (Malaba, Uganda). (Received 23rd July, 2021).

Re- “Discovering The God Factor” book - Dear Rodney, Many thanks for having me get this teaching which has been my strength in knowing more about God. ~ Bishop Laban Kisaringa (Kigali, Rwanda). (Received 27th July, 2021).

Dear Rodney, God is faithfully good. I have received three Muslim leaders in our congregation. This is a big testimony. ~ Rev. Hassan Katana (Somali). (Received 30th July, 2021).

Re- “Sing O Barren, For You Shall Break Forth” article - Dear Rodney, This is a big blessing to me. ~ Apostle Dazakelo Omwami (Tanga, Tanzania). (Received 30th July, 2021).

Dear Brother Rodney, I wanted to bless you and thank you for your encouragement to me, as when you and your friend Ross (Monk) came to our home for lunch on your way back from the weekend camp at Waipara, you prophesied over our son, Samuel. Well, he has continued leading a Young Men's Group that reaches out to others. He is being used in the Lord, praying for healing and sharing his testimony at his "Bar-b-Ques". At the last one, he led and five other men got up and shared real testimonies of the Lord's dealings. As a father it was such an encouragement for me. ~ Richard Watts (Christchurch, New Zealand). (Received 31st July, 2021). 


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