Testimonies ~ February 2021

GFM TESTIMONIES(Received February 2021)

I am so blessed by your ministry and pray that the Lord continues to use you in mighty ways for his kingdom. God bless, ~ Rev. Anne Vesse (Ilkestone, England, U.K.). (Received 1st February, 2021).

Re- MP3 message on “Be An Encourager” - Listening to this message is like being taken to another universe of rich understanding. I am challenged to know that I had very little knowledge and now am well-informed. ~ Bishop Laban Kasaringa (Kigali, Rwanda). (Received 4th February, 2021).

Dear Rodney, Re- The message "The Gift of Tongues and Interpretation" – This has been our main topic this week and to our surprise and thanks giving to God 76 who were in attendance spoke in tongues and prophesied. Amen! ~ Bishop Samson Makiriema (North Kivu, Rwanda). (Received 5th February, 2021).

Dear Rodney, Re- the MP3 message on “Be An Encourager” - I now know the meaning and the reason of being an encourager. Thank you so much ~ Apostle Omwami Dasekelo (Tanga, Tanzania). (Received 6th February, 2021).

Re- the MP3 message on “Be An Encourager” - I truly appreciate your sacrifice to make sure we receive a very powerful message as this one. I am so happy ~ Apostle Soaki Lubueni (Apostolic Mission, Keren, Eritrea). (Received 7th February, 2021).   

Re- Article and Gospel Tract “Make Contact With Jesus!” - Dear Rodney, This message is a big blessing. I have just taught it today during our Sunday service and the power of the Holy Spirit hit all that were in attendance and more than 50 spoke in tongues with tears. This message pulls one straight into the hands and power of Jesus. Many thanks ~ Rabbeca Singi (Homa Bay, Kenya). (Received 8th February, 2021).

Dear Rodney, Re- The GFM Ministry touching people in 220 nations! That's amazing.  I always remember the way I found The GFM! A friend from Singapore who I met on a mission’s trip to India in 2004 forwarded an e-mail that you put out about a healing line that started on an airplane! It impacted me so much I contacted The GFM and then joined you in Kenya which was the fulfilment of a prophetic word the year before and a childhood desire! God's ways!  Blessings ... forwarding to another friend. ~ Gaye Moonieya (East London, South Africa). (Received 8th February, 2021). 

Re- MP3 message on “God’s Love Changes Us” - Just listened. My wife arrested me so I had to start again. At the end she said ‘wow’! She wants me to send her a copy of the message so she can send it to others. I also am going to send to others myself. Thank you so much for your time and effort. May you receive much encouragement from our Lord. ~ Pastor Martin Proffitt (Manukau, Auckland, New Zealand). (Received 8th February, 2021).

Dear Rodney, Greetings from the South Malawi Conference of the Seventh Day Adventist Church! We have been hearing of The Gospel Faith Messenger Ministry. Today, I would like to make a commitment to partner with your ministry and make a contribution towards printing of books in Malawi. Thank you for the most inspiring book received through the AGpress “The School of the Holy Spirit”. It has given me and the church great comfort- – everyone loves it. The Great Commission of Jesus is commanding us to go into the entire world, and preach the Gospel to every creature. We have a strong desire to reach out and to glorify God by making disciples of all peoples – to the ends of the earth by the fire of the Holy Spirit. Looking forward to hearing from you. Best Regards ~ Pastor Frackson Kuyama (Seventh Day Adventist President for Malawi). (Received 8th February, 2021).

Praise God, Rodney and Jean. I thank God for you and your ministry; since we connected I have experienced new things happening in my ministry. Thank you for the book you sent me, the “Developing Prophetic Ministry” and “The Prophetic Foundation . . .” booklet. Thanks and glory be to God whom you serve with your pure heart. I have been reading all the lessons you have been sending to me. I also use the same materials to teach the pastors group which I started some three years ago. We're more encouraged by the way you have put those lessons. And I have learned that people need more teachings so that they can understand the word clearly. May the Lord continue giving you strength and wisdom as you teach and support my ministry. There are some questions from the class I am leading about baptism and if you allow I can be sending them to you for clarification through the Scriptures. Thanks again and blessed be you and your family, plus The GFM in Jesus’ mighty name. In His service ~ Apostle Isaiyah Kabwere Munala and Rose (Butere, Kenya). (Received 8th February, 2021).

Dear Rodney, (in response to the article on “Encouragement”): Your well-researched teachings are transformative. I am now well-equipped with ministry knowledge through very powerful messages. Thank you for this message on encouragement. ~ Apostle Omwami Dasekelo (Tanga, Tanzania). (Received 9th February, 2021).

Dear Rodney and Jean, Just to let you know I played this MP3 (God’s Love Changes Us) at my small group today. Very well received and we were all challenged! Blessings ~ Jean Taylor (Christchurch, New Zealand). (Received 9th February, 2021).

Dear Rodney, Great is God for giving you grace to put together such educative message on “God's Love Changes Us”. I will teach this on Thursday. ~ Bishop Laban Kasaringa (Kigali, Rwanda). (Received 9th February, 2021).

Rodney, I thank our good Lord for this day. I have been allowed to start another Prophetic Equipping Station in a high school. 3 teachers requested for the PES within the school. 34 students are already members. This is great. Praise God. ~ Pastor Levicus Barasa (Kimaeti, Kenya). (Received 13th February, 2021.

Dear Rodney, We are happy to inform you that one church has accepted to become fully prophetic after a pastor took time to study and ask many questions on “The School Of The Holy Spirit” Manual. We are happy and praise God. ~ Tito (Kitale, Kenya). (Received 14th February, 2021).

Dear Rodney, This recorded message “God’s Love Changes Us” has been playing over and over in my ears for the last one week and I have been convicted to change into what God wants me to be and to follow every word in this message. May God bless you ~ Oroni Kerimi (Malindi, Kenya). (Received 15th February, 2021).

Rodney, Many good things are happening as a result of book distribution. Today we have received two Muslim families to our Prophetic Family. This is after they read through “The School Of The Holy Spirit” manual and “Developing Prophetic Ministry” book. They say the books brought great pain in their hearts and confusion engulfed their home for three months, until they decided to confess Jesus. Bless Jesus ~ Prophet Mackdonald Salim (Somali). (Received 17th February, 2021).

Dear Rodney, This “Self-Evaluation Paper For Pastors” is very good and it goes all the way to help not only pastors, but all leaders in the Body of Christ. I have gone through it and the impact is overwhelming. ~ Pastor Wasike Emanuel Otukai (Kimilili, Kenya). (Received 17th February, 2021).

Dear Rodney, God is Gracious and able. Re- MP3 message on “God’s Love Changes Us” ~ This teaching is the best on God's love. Thank you and praise God. ~ Anjiwa Kuhu (Wahu, Southern Sudan). (Received 18th February, 2021).

Dear Rodney, “The Prophetic Double Anointing” booklet is a good lesson on Prophetic Ministry and gives deeper understanding of the Bible on Prophetic Gifting. Thank you ~ Bishop Samson Makiriema (North Kivu, Rwanda). (Received 20th February, 2021).

Dear Rodney, This day has been a big day for us here. We received 8 new members in our church who were former members of a cult which sacrifices albinos. This was our greatest harvest so far. God has a reason with a written word. Nobody could believe just reading a book could bring forth such harvest. ~ Bishop Hildah Wandabwa (Trans Nzoia, Kenya). (Received 22nd February, 2021).

Rodney, This booklet “The ‘Dunamis’ Power Of God!” has moved me a lot today. Teaching through the booklet has brought fire of the Holy Spirit like floods of water. More than half got immersed and lost in the power of the Holy Spirit. ~ Pastor Antony J. Wamalwa (Kamukuywa, Kenya). (Received 23rd February, 2021).
Dear Brother, I am happy to inform you that today I have received 3 families which joined our church after being convicted by the message in the manual "School of the Holy Spirit". These families are key to reaching the Mukorino Cult. These families are former Members of this cult. ~ Apostle Kennedy Livondo (Glory Congregation Ministries, Kenya). (Received 25th February, 2021).

Received, thank you! I received the amazing book of prophecy; may the Lord increase and expand your territory.  Secondly, Dad Rodney and Jean, I take this opportunity to thank you for prayers and teaching materials. I have experienced explosion in my ministry. So Minister Rodney and Jean, thanks for the prayer group and your more concern in my life and ministry. May the Lord continue giving you strength and courage, plus wisdom as you care, pray and support me for the sake of the Kingdom of God. Pass my warm greetings to all whom you can reach, I love them all. Hallelujah! Glory be to God Almighty. Thanks, thanks, thanks a lot! ~ Apostle Isaiah Munala (Butere, Kenya). (Received 26th February, 2021).

Dear Rodney, I am happy that God has brought us this far. We have received a church which has fully become prophetic, speaking in tongues and giving prophetic messages is the order of daily services. ~ Ian Wanyo (Kakamega Revival Center, Kenya). (Received 27th February, 2021).

I am still doing radio broadcast every Friday in Beni town and another radio broadcast is being done every Friday in Kitsombiro/Lubero territory. We are doing Evangelism and Discipleship every Friday in  prisons in the 43 areas in which we are planting churches. And yesterday we evangelized 10,000 prisoners in the 43 areas in which we are planting churches. All the 10,000 prisoners confessed Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour! May you be praying so that there can be true repentance. In Beni town we preached to 34 prisoners in a children’s prison. 32 of them, who are in that prison, are new prisoners. All children prisoners who were there last time we were there have now been released, except two. Yesterday, as we were leaving the prison, the director of the prison said that God has heard our prayers. Three children prisoners were released without the intervention of their parents. And their parents did not know that their children were being released. ~ Pastor Mahamba Wa-ibera Evariste (Beni, DR Congo – Mahamba is The GFM Representative for that country). (Received 27th February, 2021).

Dear Rodney, We have been blessed today to have launched a new Prophetic Equipping Station in a chief's camp. This is another step towards great achievement. ~ Evangelist Joram Sikolia (Abramic Covenant Mission, Kapenguria, Kenya). (Received 28th February, 2021).



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