Testimonies ~ August 2021

GFM TESTIMONIES Received in August, 2021

Re: MP3 Message on "Love Not The World" - Dear Rodney, We are greatly blessed by the revelation in this message. We can't love the world and pretend we love God. ~ Bishop Lungipapa (Bujumbura, Burundi). (Received 3rd August, 2021).

Dear brother, I am happy to let you know that on Friday we shall be launching a new big prayer house which we shall be using once every month for one week. May God keep expanding our ministry. ~ David Hayeta (Mwanza, Tanzania). (Received 4th August, 2021).

Brothers, Today was a major impartation day when all the 47 members in a fellowship spoke in tongues and more than 30 gave prophetic words. Two people were healed from different ailments. This was our highest moment. ~ Omosh (Darfur, Southern Sudan). (Received 5th August, 2021).

Re- article “Seeing Your Calling” - Thank you for your timely encouragement Rodney; as usual your timing has been impeccable! We know God's calling and direction for us but not the finer details of how He will get us there, but we walk by faith and not by sight... May God's blessings continue to pour upon and out from you to others in the mighty name of Jesus Christ! ~ Kerry Grant (New Zealand Missionary in Brazil). (Received 5th August, 2021).

Bro Francis, I would like to begin this letter by expressing my deep appreciation for the work that both of you and your teams have done in serving the Lord despite the pandemic. My sincere gratitude for your labours is echoed by members of my congregation and our church’s entire leadership team. Our church prays for you regularly—that God would give you wisdom and strength and bless your endeavours — There is no day we do not have someone knocking on our ministry door to testify of the tremendous blessings of GOD upon their lives, as a result of the book they have received from you.

There was a day l was in a passenger bus and l was told by the conductor that someone at the back seat have already paid for my fares; this was a surprise to me because prior to my entrance l did not see any familiar face and when l shown interest to who has paid the fare l noticed it was a woman who had received one of your books, who said she could not hide her joy due to the wonderful things God has done in her life, as a result of reading your books she got, l told the lady that the glory goes to God Almighty, and to you, Brother Rodney in New Zealand, who sent to her.

We have been receiving pleas from many poor Christians asking us to put their names on a list and send to you. l have on several occasions made them understand that l am not the one who mails the books and the best l can do is to put their request on a list. The list continues to rise up each day and it was difficult for me to pass them to you, knowing the expenses and resources needed to fill such requests. Two days ago my wife and l were in prayer over this issue and the Lord convicted my heart to pass this list to you and that the Lord will speak to your heart what you think you can do as regards this list of names (218 pages long!). It is good to know that many are very hungry and thirsty for His word, and it is our prayer the Lord would open doors for them to find His word, reading and obeying His command.  “It’s not too late… The Time is Now!” John 9:4 “I must work the works of Him who sent me while it is day; the night is coming when no one can work.” Thanks! ~ Rev Ray Odesomo (Benin City, ES, Nigeria). (Received 6th August, 2021).


Thank you, Rodney and Team.  I just wanted to say thank you so much for your book on “Divine Healing”. Your book was perfect as I have suffered ill health most of my life.  I am looking forward to studying it. Kind regards ~ Dearhn Whale (Napier, New Zealand). (Received 7th August, 2021).

Dear Pastor Rodney and Jean, The MP3 message "Walking in God's Authority" is very powerful and effective. We now realize that we have God's authority and how to use it in our life to be effective. Thank you that you sent me this MP3 message and I will pass it to the believers who need to know God's authority. We were very much inspired and encouraged. Very much appreciated. ~ Pastor Myint Nwe (Yangon, Myanmar). (Received 7th August, 2021).

Hi Pastor Rodney! Greetings from New Ireland, Papua New Guinea. Sometime ago I downloaded one of your audio sermons on “Deception”. I remember at the time I couldn't hear it well, the audio seemed very unclear. I tried it again a few times over the next few months and it still was not clear. Last week, however, whilst at work, I had my ear-pods on whilst working and had my music playing randomly. It soon came across your sermon, it was so clear. It must have been the right time for me to hear it because I could hear everything very clearly. I was blessed and am so appreciative of men of God like you who are still faithful to the calling and faithful to your Ministry. I just wanted to say Thank You and God bless you and your family, and your Ministry. To God be to Glory! ~ Evelyn Muap (Kavieng, Papua New Guinea). (Received 7th August, 2021). 

Re: MP3 Message: “Walking In God's Authority” - Thank you so much for this message. God’s perfect timing, God Bless you and Jean. ~ Daphne Morgan-Smith (Sanctuary Point, NSW, Australia). (Received 7th August, 2021).

Dear Brother, I would like to inform you that today was another moment of praise, after 8 new believers spoke in tongues for the first time. It was a big praise to God. ~ Bishop Patrick Munyasya (Mtwapa, Kenya). (Received 8th August, 2021).

Re: MP3 Message: “Walking In God's Authority” - Dear Rodney, This message gives us knowledge of our responsibility in the kingdom of God. Many thanks man of God. ~ Brother Daniel Ghadwe (Malaba, Uganda). (Received 8th August, 2021).

Re: MP3 Message: “Walking In God's Authority” - Thank you so much; you have always been a blessing to us in Rwanda and we are transformed by the word you always share with us. Keep on Praying for us to breakthrough in the midst of this pandemic, for many ministers in Rwanda cannot even afford a meal on their table. Only God is our help and source of strength. Keep on praying for us. Much love ~ Pastor Dan Muhire (Kigali, Rwanda). (Received 8th August, 2021).

Re: MP3 Message: “Walking In God's Authority” - Dear Rodney, This message is for us and for this generation. ~ Neklion Olienis (Superintendent, Church of Foundation Ministry, Sudan). (Received 9th August, 2021).

Re: “Serving The Purposes Of God” article - Dear Rodney, Thank you so much for your deep Godly anointed message. ~ Bishop Tabitha Chelimo (Eldama Ravine, Kenya). (Received 10th August, 2021).

Re: MP3 Message: “Walking In God's Authority” - Rodney, This recorded message on walking with God should be a foundation teaching in Christian growth. We have missed such powerful message ,that is why Christian pastors have been going wrong, because they not been  listening and recognizing the voice of God  ~ Apostle Flusham Marchar (Mundri West, Sudan). (Received 10th August, 2021).

Re- “Established To Be A Prophet” article - Wow!   Once again and in fear of sounding like a cracked record, thank you for this timely word of encouragement and confirmation of things the Lord has been speaking into my own heart, with regards to these matters within my own service of the Lord and things pertaining to His bride.   You are like a good wine; you keep getting better with age!

In a Journey of 'dry places', your ministry and encouragements are one of the few true oasis that I can depend upon for the confirmation of God's leading and direction within our own lives.  Can we please have your permission to translate this into Portuguese for distribution within Brazil?   Thank you for being a man of God who hears and speaks the word of the Lord,  that his people need to be hearing and may there indeed be an open heaven and revival within their midst because of it,   

Rodney, thank you, thank you and thank you again!  May the Lord continue increasing the spread and boarders of "your tent", for indeed, "the best is yet to come!"  Can I be so bold as to prophesy, that the Lord Jesus Christ has much more for you to do yet! That the Lord Jesus Christ would say, "That as He continues to open greater doors of opportunity and fields of influence within the Governance of nations even, that the flood gates of heaven will continue to open also, with His faithful provision for this because you have first been found faithful, in all that He has instructed you to be doing.

That even as He has begun using your ministry, in the work of influencing the course of His purpose through certain ones within nations, that He is about to bring a manifold increase in this work amongst many more nations. I see God's strategic strategies being utilized into and through, key leaders within many nations, through and by your ministry.  May you all continue to be blessed in the knowledge of His love and purpose for us all. ~ Kerry & Roseli Grant (Forlorn Hope Ministries, Brazil). (Received 10th August, 2021).

Dear Brother, We had a wonderful quarterly meeting which ended today. There was a big impact during the three day meeting and we witnessed the move and baptism of the Holy Spirit. ~ Bro. Gabriel Singarimana (Kahi, Rwanda). (Received 11th August, 2021).

Dear Brother, I know God is taking us higher and we are seeing and feeling greater achievements in our ministry. We have now started another Prophetic Equipping Station in a neighbouring town. May God sustain us ~ Pastor James Wafula (Kimilili, Kenya). (Received 11th August, 2021).

Brother - When God moves things change. I was amazed this evening when two Muslims accepted Jesus and declared their faith to Messiah. This is a big miracle to us. Nobody could believe that such people could be converted just through reading the “School Of The Holy Spirit” manual. We celebrate. ~ Kundu Sirisha (Lamu, Kenya). (Received 12th August, 2021).

Dear Rodney, I am grateful that today we have been able to receive another church which has transformed its services to fully prophetic. Great is His love! ~ Pastor Joseph Makhabila (Bugiri, Uganda). (Received 15th August, 2021).

Re: MP3 Message: “Walking In God's Authority” - Dear Rodney, I am highly blessed and today I had a chance of sharing this message with the church. ~ Kukhu Asilwa (Wahu, Southern Sudan). (Received 16th August, 2021).

Dear Brother, We are so happy to inform you that, today we have received 4 new believers who were previously Muslims. This is a big breakthrough ~ Bishop Samson Mkiriema (Apostolic Mission Churches of Rwanda, North Kivu). (Received 18th August, 2021).

Rodney & Jean - Your books have been such a help to many; and I trust that those on the new list waiting to receive their copies will be greatly encouraged to come closer to the Lord! We value your labour for the Lord and we are praying the Lord brings people to support your ministry where help is needed and will continue to pray for you in this work. Your brother in Christ ~ Pastor Ray Odesomo (Benin City, ES, Nigeria). (Received 18th August, 2021).

Dear man of God, Today my brother, who has been a hardened Muslim, accepted salvation. We are so happy ~ Bishop Hezekiah Atulo (Kisumu, Kenya). (Received 21st August, 2021).

Dear Brother, I am happy that today we have started another Prophetic Equipping Station in a house of an older member. It was a big day for us. Much Thanks ~ Rev. Austine Maina (Transzoia, Kenya). (Received 24th August, 2021).

Re- “Flowing In The Holy Spirit” book - Dear Rodney, The teaching "Flowing In The Holy Spirit” is the best teaching on the subject. ~ Amos Lengemana (Burundi). (Received 26th August, 2021).

Re- “Building Ourselves Up In God” article - Dear Rodney, This is the most educative lesson on relationship with God. ~ Ajiwa Kukhu (Wahu, Southern Sudan). (Received 28th August, 2021).

I thank you for your continuous prayer and support through the books and teachings . . . Really this ministry has helped me a lot in my spiritual growth. Thank you for the prophetic books you sent me; I appreciate your ministry and all who walk in your vision. I use the same teachings to train other leaders in our region from different ministries. So through me many have benefited. May God bless you. In regards ~ Rev. Isaiyah and Rose Munala of “Springs Of Blessings” Church (Sabatia Butere, Kenya). (Received 29th August, 2021).

Brother, In the service today we had three young children under ten years of age speaking in tongues. It was amazing how God has His way through His creation. ~ Pastor Esther Sibalile (North Webuye, Kenya). (Received 30th August, 2021).



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