Barnabas Bulletin ~ 0022

FROM GENESIS TO REVELATION the Bible is all about the voice of God to humanity – God talking, man listening and obeying.  That principle has never changed. Christianity is all about fellowship and relationship with the Living Son of God, Jesus Christ, through the Eternal Holy Spirit of Truth He has sent to us. Having the Holy Spirit in our life is a vital key to hearing, recognizing and knowing the voice of God to us, because He IS the voice of God to us. He has been sent to speak to us that which is of Jesus, to bring to our remembrance, to show us things to come, to give revelation and understanding of the purposes of God for our lives. It is the hearing of the voice of God that releases faith in us to obey God, and thus please Him (Romans 10:17).
When Jesus was baptized in water in the river Jordan by John, God’s voice from heaven was heard: “This is My beloved Son in Whom I am well pleased: HEAR YE HIM” (Matthew 3:17). At the wedding in Cana of Galilee, Mary the mother of Jesus, made a key statement for all Christians to heed: “Whatsoever He (Jesus) tells you to do, do it” (John 2:5). Christianity cannot get any simpler than that!
All the great men and women of the Bible were great because they learned to recognize and know the voice of God to them. It is that voice which carries the truth, vision, revelation, instruction, guidance, prophetic word, on that which God wants done. This principle is still a vital key to the Christian life and the supernatural realm.
The biggest hindrance to our hearing the voice of God – and accepting that it is God – is DOUBT. The devil (and self) is always wanting to make us doubt we are actually hearing from God. He knows that as long as we doubt what we’re hearing, then we will never act upon what we hear. And that is exactly what he wants (it was his strategy against Eve in the Garden of Eden, and she fell for it – Genesis 3).

The devil hates Christians stepping out in obedience to what Jesus says to us: for when we do that we release the promises, the blessings, the answers to our needs. We impact others in a positive way because the voice of truth gives us the right information to give to them.
God has given us so much in His great desire for us to listen, hear, recognize, know and then act upon what He is saying today. He has given us His Word, His voice, His Holy Spirit, the five-fold ministries, perception, discernment, the spiritual gifts, dreams, visions, trances, other people, etc., so we can clearly know the various ways He speaks today. For all those who struggle in hearing the voice of God, let me encourage you. Step out on what you hear and see what happens. When it is God you will discover God is there to confirm what He says. If God does not confirm your actions, then be big enough and willing enough to make the adjustments until you know you are hearing it right. The power of the Christian life is in our ability to rightly discern the voice of God to our own hearts and lives. Keep working at cultivating the voice of God, because that voice is a vital key to knowing the Jesus of the Bible. God Bless you.  – Rodney W. Francis.

Bible  Readings:  John 10:3-30; John chapters 14 to 16; 1 Samuel 3, and the conversion of Saul in Acts 8, 22 & 26.

Please Pray This Prayer:

“Dear God, I come to You in the All-Powerful name of Jesus Christ Your Living Son. I submit myself afresh to You today, that I may learn to discern Your voice to my life more clearly. Deal with the doubts that have caused me to be far too inactive in my obedience to You. Let the Holy Spirit of Truth speak in such a way I’ll know it is You. Help me to listen to You more and more, that I may learn to obey You more and more.  In Jesus’ name,  Amen.”

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