Impact Of Books

 Impact of Books :

The printer, Pastor Dickson Tonny (Mombasa, Kenya) said this about the books: “I thank Almighty Father for this far He has enabled The GFM to reach. It was beyond our expectation to see a big number of churches and leaders having a great hunger for The GFM books. When  first started we never anticipated this, and what we are seeing is God-ordained. To change the perception of men and women is very hard, but through such a unique miracle of Rodney’s books the focus of many has changed. There is now a new thinking and believing towards prophecy and speaking in tongues. Such is not because Rodney brought the books free but it is because God is willing to reach His people. Many books have been given ~ authored by other ministers ~ but have never been desired or liked like The GFM books.Daily we are receiving requests for more books like “Developing Prophetic Ministry”, “Voices, Worms And The Prophetic Ministry”, “Some God Happenings In My Life”, and “The Urgency Of The Hour!” etc. ~ Dick.


Dear Rev, Rodney, I would like to tell you that God is doing daily new things here and it appears God has located this time that Kenya maybe touched in a big way. I have never seen or dreamed that one day people will rise up with such a demand to know the truth and to start following the truth in the books. The books have done more than what many preachers could do. What is amazing is the books are reaching down to the very low in the society who have never afforded to buy one. There is great urgent need here and everywhere. We have been forced to plant three more churches in areas where people were studying the books and had no place to worship. These are brothers and sister who were expelled from their churches after they started speaking in tongues and prophesying. The churches could not sustain anything to do with  Holy Spirit and so they decided to tell them to go away. This made us to start new churches for them.  ~ Bishop Kutosi Waluka (Maliki, Kenya). 


One very powerful testimony was when Sister Kathy from Kwale who did not have any desire to read the book, “The ‘Dunamis’ Power of God!” and had kept it in her purse carrying it unknowingly wherever she went. On Monday this week (1st June, 2015) ~ when she had just come out of a public service bus and standing on the bus station waiting for the motorbike rider to take her to her house ~ she saw people carrying a young man who was unconscious and bleeding from the mouth. The people who were with him were unbelievers; they came to her as they did not know how to help the young man (who was her cousin). She checked in her purse to take out a phone, but what came out was the book "The ‘Dunamis’ Power Of God!" She didn't even understand the meaning of dunamis, but she repeated those words loudly: "The ‘Dunamis’ Power Of God!” In The name Of Jesus Heal this Brother!" She repeated several times and the most amazing of all is the man coughed, stood up and the bleeding stopped. People followed her, for they wanted that miracle book, thinking the book was a magic book. She took those unbelievers to her pastor who explained to them about Jesus. Almost the whole community is now joining the church because of the miracle. This is just one of many miracles. ~ Bishop Charles Wanyonyi Mwanda (King Jesus Worship Centre, Mombasa, Kenya ~ Charles is one of the main GFM workers in Kenya, who does a marvellous job of distributing Rodney’s books there).

Praise be to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Thanks so much for the great work you are doing for the Kingdom. I am reading a book that you authored (and I don't want to let it go): “Voices, Worms and The Prophetic Ministry”. What a blessing!  ~ John Ouma (Eldoret, Kenya).


When my son (who was a drug addict and outlaw in the society) came one day in March with the book called the “School Of The Holy Spirit”, I was so mad at him because it was so dangerous for one to be found with any Christian material. But after I realized that it was a Christian book I asked God to use it to change my son. I left him alone. Last week (Tuesday) when I was sweeping the house I heard some noise from the boy’s room which I could not understand. I stood outside the room confused. After ten minutes the noise went quiet and then I knocked at the door. It opened and my son stood their sweating. He told me that after going through the book he started feeling something speaking to him in a silent voice. On that day, when he was about to go out for a robbery venture, he decided to pray for safety during the robbery because most of his friends had been killed doing the same. But when he started praying something overcame him and he was swept to another world. In fact he did not know that he was speaking in tongues. My son immediately confessed and completely changed! Yesterday he was baptized. I lack words to thank God for changing my son. Through the testimony hundreds are requesting for the book. ~ Sister Carolyne Khadija (Kaloleni, Kenya). (Received 14th May, 2016)


It is my pleasure in The Lord Jesus to testify that God is touching the Muslim communities and revealing the deepest secret ever that is in the Muslim communities . . . Yesterday I met three young women sitting under a tree and having the book “School Of The Holy Spirit” under their lap reading through. I was greatly touched and I truly thank God for what He is doing through you. It is my prayer (and a sincere one) that God helps us to have more and more books to help these people study. No Bible is allowed here, but the book can, when kept in a way like a text book. Praying for you. ~ Apostle Omar Jesse (Madera Interdenominational Move., Kenya) (Received 18th May, 2016).

I have been spiritually uplifted to see and hear what God is doing through a written word; something which I had never thought that one day this can come to be. The conviction and salvation being witnessed is bigger than many crusades done in over ten years. The word written carries unending message that can be read daily and be shared with many. Thank you all for being patient (although painfully) because of the many requests you have sent in without positive responses from us. We have for over a year been concentrating in Somalia, refugees and recently the Kenya Universities. We have not forgotten Kenyan Leaders, Christians and Regions. I do understand what you are going through. Thanks for every effort as you plan mid-year Conferences in which most of you desire to have "The ‘Dunamis’ Power of God!" and "Some God's Happenings In My Life". As before, remember what Brother Rodney always says that the funds are only gotten in faith. Remain praying. ~ Bishop Charles Mwanda (Mombasa, Kenya) (our GFM Representative there for book printings).


Praise God Pastor, This is amazing! A whole book of yours has been sent to me? I'm humbled and encouraged at the same time to work hard to advance the Kingdom of God by teaching and training the youth of today to become Holy Spirit filled ministers of God at this end time. Every material from The GFM is already approved for studies without any further verification. I can't wait to read through this whole book, “Discovering The God Factor”. All copyright rules would be duly observed. God bless The GFM!~ Pastor Joe Kaakyire (Accra, Ghana).


l have received the book you sent me (“Some God Happenings In My Life”). Again I went home and read your book last night. Few days back I was moved to tears and wept profusely for my unsaved family members as well as for other lost people in general so I was still very burdened and kept praying for an open door to witness to someone. I went to the Young Men’s Christian Association -YMCA - to pick up a son.  While I was waiting for him, I noticed that the lady sitting next to me was nervously wringing her hands.  Moved with compassion, I began to talk with her.  She opened up about some very difficult problems she is facing.  By God's grace, the conversation turned naturally to the Lord.  After a substantial discussion when l showed her this book and read passages from it, she readily admitted that she was a lost sinner in need of salvation.  With tears streaming down her face, she confessed those sins to Jesus Christ and received Him as her Saviour.  What a blessing.  Thanks so much for this book you shared with me!"~  Sister Debila Oliw (Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria).

We are very thankful for your website! Thank you so much for spreading the TRUE Word of God to the nations! To date we have wonderful “Bible Basics” manuals from The GFM and I would like to let you know that we are very pleased with the manuals. Thank you for being available to those who are searching for the Lord Jesus Christ. May God add to you more knowledge of the Holy Spirit to give us more revelations by the Spirit of God to inspire His people around the world.~ World Vision staff (Malawi) (10,000 copies of “Bible Basics” manual were recently printed in Malawi).

I do appreciate what God has been doing and it is a great blessing to see how imparting are your books to the Body of Christ. The power bestowed upon the“School Of The Holy Spirit” manual is so immense and very revealing. I truly thank God for every effort put in and every contribution done towards this very cause. It is not easy (unless just a miracle) for the community of Christianity to sit down to study a book and then start practicing what is in it. This is surely God's doing. 21 churches within our association are fully working in the Giftings of the Holy Spirit. The set-up start groups have grown into nine small Prophetic Cell Groups which are functioning in Prophetic Ministry and, through that, miracles (which have never been witnessed here) are being seen. In one centre a three-year-old child was fully healed from spinal defection which had bedridden him for one year, and a lady who was not even a leader, spoke a prophetic word, touched the child and healing took place. We thank God for His doing. ~ Pastor Evans Walukana (Kamukuywa, Kenya).

I came across your book,“Divine Healing ~ A Key To The Growth Of The Christian Church”! I was given this book by my church member and it is a book that carries the anointing and power of God. I have three testimonies - by sharing with people this book they have received healing. One person was healed of a stomach ulcer; the second was healed of back pain, and the third from severe head pain. After reading with them this book they believed, and as I prayed with them they received total healing. Your name is walking in our villages in a very mighty way and I, and many people are interested to receive more teachings from you. Your Brother in Christ ~ Bishop David Wakoli ("Ebenezer International Gospel Churches," Kenya).

I am very happy to testify that God is doing great things in the ministry of prophecy. Nothing can stop what God desires to do. Yesterday was the first service ever where the giftings of the Holy Spirit were fully in operation. I was amazed to see the whole church speaking in tongues. It was a miracle to all who attended and to the new believers who could not even understand, but all spoke in tongues. Rodney, things have completely changed and taken a new dimension; our Sunday Service has changed and it is being only led by God through prophecy and the working of the Holy Spirit. The Manual, “The School Of The Holy Spirit” has a lot to reveal to believers and once it is put into practice things change. Thanks very much for accepting to be used by God in such a big way. ~ Pastor Mourine Wekesa (Kwale, Kenya).

This is just to inform you that good news is spreading very fast here on what God is doing through everyday revival through the anointing and working of Spiritual Giftings. The power of God is unmeasurable as we see and witness the great move of God through prophetic revelations. When God speaks it’s when things move in the right direction. Kenya and the whole world should start listening to God and allowing Him to work though us. For many years people have been in the dark without such truth as this, and now the moment is ripe for all the leaders and believers to wake up. The books “The School Of The Holy Spirit” and“Developing Prophetic Ministry” have been of great help to me and all the leaders working with me. Amen ~ Bishop Denis Ballock (Salvation and Healing Ministry, Matunda, Mois Bridge, Kenya).

We are with great rejoicing of how far our Lord God has brought this Divine-given Prophetic Ministry in this country. Since I received the “Developing Prophetic Ministry” books things have seriously been changed to greater heights. The 200 books have done more than what we expected and the prophetic classes are ongoing. Churches are seeing great spiritual manifestations never seen before in this area. True revival is being witnessed; true miracles happening and new churches being planted. New leaders are being groomed from the classes that are set up and Muslims are being reached in a very systematic way. Surely it is not in vain that you have spent a lot to have books reach such a remote village. Blessings~ Apostle Derrick Maitha (Diani, Kenya).(Received 15th December, 2015).

I am E-Mailing because of what just happened in December (24th) with the book “The School Of The Holy Spirit”. I am one of the pastors in this area which has about 200 churches and it happened that one Pastor, Emanuel, just changed the way he programmes and runs the church. I have been trying to find out what happened as his church now speaks in tongues  and even young children give prophecies, something never seen here ever before. But yesterday (1st Feb. 2016), when I visited his church to minister, I was totally shocked how God speaks and how the whole church exercises spiritual giftings. When I tried to inquire the pastor just gave me the book “The School Of The Holy Spirit”. I have gone through the book and everybody here is just crying to have a copy. Imagine in this area: this is the first book ever, just one copy. Please help us to get books for the people of God. This is what nobody should never miss if he wants to grow and have the right direction of his ministry. ~ Bishop Faith Kariuki (Tala, Kenya).

Dear Sir, I am very happy to inform you that the books we recently received have been of immense assistance in the ministry. A lot has been said, but the truth had not been known. It is surely a question unanswered why such message came this time. The book is small (“The ‘Dunamis’ Power Of God!”) but with a big message the world should come to know. The book has created a lot of interest in our Pastors Fellowships and wherever I share the message. The desire for the people to have the book is so big that I do not know what to do. We only got 220 copies. May God keep this Ministry strong daily. We are looking forward for more as the teams here prepare to set the base rolling in Prophetic Classes. More books, especially of “Developing Prophetic Ministry” and “School of The Holy Spirit” will help us build a strong foundation. ~ Rev. Charo Mwaringa (Voi, Kenya).

Thank you so much for the effort you have done for us to receive the books: “Voices, Worms and The Prophetic Ministry”. They have been distributed and the response is so encouraging. God is touching His people in a supernatural way. God is speaking through books. The message can be taken far and deep through books. It is really inspiring and God is surely with us. In His Service ~ Pastor Emanuel Wasike Otukai (Kimilili, Kenya).

We are very happy and daily praying that our Lord God continues to sustain you and The GFM Ministry and the Team that stands with you. We are very much blessed with the  copies of books we have so far received: “The School Of The Holy Spirit” and “Voices, Worms and The Prophetic Ministry”. On Sunday we witnessed an overwhelming flow of the Holy Spirit which allowed even people as old as 75 years to speak in tongues; the instance never seen before. A little girl of 16 years stood up and gave a prophecy of how God wants to use Brother Rodney in a very new way to transform God's people and churches in Kenya. God has done a very new thing that people can humble and listen to the voice of prophecy, even from the young girl. Churches here are now talking in a new dimension  that are bringing spiritual transformation in a big way. We pray that these teachings keep on  without stopping. New people are joining at very high speed. ~ Rev. Margaret Liambila (Kitale, Kenya).