Divine Healing Bible Lessons  King James Version


By now you will be realizing just how big a subject we have tackled. But, because it is

important, we must continue on in our study of it. Did you know the Bible contained so many Scriptures on healing? (And we have hardly touched the Old Testament ones!). Well there are still more to come. In this Lesson we move on to the last command of Jesus before He returned to the Father in heaven, as well as study two ministries of the early church after Pentecost. May God speak to your heart through the Word as you study.

Turn now please to  St.  MARK  16:14-20:

 1. Why did Jesus upbraid the eleven? ____________________________________________________________


 2. Where did Jesus tell the disciples to go? ________________________________________________________

 3. Who were they to preach the Gospel to? ________________________________________________________

 4. Who shall be saved? ________________________________________________________________________

 5. Who shall be damned? ______________________________________________________________________

 6. Who shall “these signs” follow? ________________________________________________________________

 7. How would they cast out devils? _______________________________________________________________

 8. What should they speak with? ________________________________________________________________

 9. What shall they take up? _____________________________________________________________________

10. What would happen if they drank any deadly thing?_______________________________________________

11. Who shall believers lay hands on? _____________________________________________________________

12. What shall happen to the sick? _______________________________________________________________

13. Where did Jesus go after He had spoken to them? _______________________________________________

14. Where did Jesus sit? _______________________________________________________________________

15. What did the believers do? ___________________________________________________________________

16. Where did the believers preach? ______________________________________________________________

17. Who worked with them? _____________________________________________________________________

18. What did the Lord do with the Word? ___________________________________________________________

19. In what way did the Lord do that with the Word? __________________________________________________

In His final command to His followers, Jesus made it very clear that those who really believed in Him would have a message of salvation, healing and deliverance to share wherever they went. This command was accepted by the early church and, after Pentecost, we see a great outpouring of this ministry through the believers

The healing ministry continued…………..and still continues today whenever and wherever there are believers bold enough to take God at His Word. While the church gropes in uncertainty -- through unbelief -- the world becomes sicker and sicker! Awake, believer! Accept the command of the Word of God and do what He says you can do – now! 

Lesson 11 will cover the healing ministry of Peter and Lesson 12 that of Paul, we shall fit in the healing ministry of Stephen and Philip in the remainder of this Lesson. Let their example inspire you to do gre

The Book of ACTS Chapter 6  tells us about Stephen; how he was chosen to serve widows’ tables, what his life was filled with and what he did:  “Stephen”

20. What kind of report were the seven men to be of? _______________________________________________

21. What were they to be full of? ________________________________________________________________

22. What was Stephen full of? _________________________________________________________________

23. What did the apostles do to the seven men? ___________________________________________________

24. What increased? _________________________________________________________________________

25. Who were obedient to the faith? _____________________________________________________________

26. What does verse 8 tell us that Stephen was full of? ______________________________________________

27. What did Stephen do among the people? ______________________________________________________

Those “great wonders and miracles” would have included the healing of the sick and the casting out of evil spirits. Stephen became the first Christian martyr for the Christian faith; warning us that the deliverance ministry is not readily accepted, nor is it always “popular.” It is very important that believers are really grounded in the Word of God and know their God-given authority as they seek to move in the realm of deliverance. Ask God for His wisdom and guidance…..He will lead you in the way of complete victory for His glory.

Philip was one of the seven chosen with Stephen. So he, too, was a man of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom. After Stephen’s death there was a great persecution against the church, but it did not prevent Philip from claiming the unsearchable riches of Christ. Persecution and opposition is no excuse to disobey the great commission of Jesus Christ. “Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world” (1 John 4:4).

Our final portion of study in this Lesson is found in  The Book of ACTS  8:5-8:  “Philip.” 

28. What did Philip preach in Samaria? __________________________________________________________

29. What did the people do with one accord? ______________________________________________________

30. What did they hear and see? _______________________________________________________________

31. Who were crying with a loud voice? __________________________________________________________

32. Were there many or few possessed with unclean spirits? _________________________________________

33. What happened to those taken with palsy? ____________________________________________________

34. What happened to them that were lame? ______________________________________________________

35. What was in that city? (v.8) _________________________________________________________________

Will you pray this prayer with me?

“Dear Lord Jesus, we come to You now, confessing our lack of faith and unwillingness to obey Your command that we have been studying today from your Word. Please convict and guide us into a new realm of authority and power in Your name, that we shall be men like Stephen and Philip – filled with wisdom, faith and power in the Holy Spirit, doing those things that bring glory to Your name. Help us to bring salvation, health and healing to those about us. Help us to live in the power of Your resurrection, so that by the lives we live, others shall see and know that You are alive and want to meet their every need, whether it be spiritual, physical, mental, emotional or financial, etc. Lord, You are the great God of heaven and earth, and there is nothing too hard for You. Revolutionize our faith as we seek in a new way to take You, at Your Word. This we ask in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Your Son. Amen.”


Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). He has never lost His love, never lost His compassion, never lost His power, and He will NEVER say to you nor to any other child of His, “Go thy way, suffer and bear this patiently for Me.” No! He will say, “Go in peace, thy faith hath made thee whole” just as He did 2000 years ago. (Mark 5:25-34).



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