Divine Healing Bible Lessons  King James Version


So far in these Bible Lessons we have been looking mainly at the healings of Jesus during His earthly ministry. We will now move on and see Jesus calling His disciples to enter into a ministry of preaching the Gospel and healing the sick. It was not God’s will that Divine Healing should cease when Jesus died! May the Holy  Spirit of God speak to your heart as you search the Word of truth

Let us look at:  St.  MARK  6:1-13: “Jesus Calls His Disciples.”

 1. Where did Jesus come into? __________________________________________________________________

 2. Who followed Him? _________________________________________________________________________

 3. What did Jesus do in the synagogue? __________________________________________________________

 4. Many hearing Him were _____________________________________________________________________

 5. They said: “From whence hath this man these things? and what________________ is this_________________

      ____________ unto _________ , that even __________________________________ are ________________

     by __________________ .” (Verse _____ )

Jesus’ ministry was words and works. We have given Mark 6 as our first portion of study in this Lesson because it is Jesus in His “home town”; at “home base” where the people knew Him personally. Most disciples of Jesus will serve Him in their home town more than anywhere else, so it is a good place to learn. As Jesus said: “A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, among his own kin, and in his own house.”  (Mark 6:4). The big problem at home base is UNBELIEF as we shall now see:-

 6. What could Jesus not do in His own country? ____________________________________________________

 7. Where did Jesus lay His hands? _______________________________________________________________

 8. What did He do to those people? ______________________________________________________________

 9. What did Jesus marvel at? ___________________________________________________________________

10. What did Jesus give the twelve power over?__________________________________________

In  verses 12-13 we see how the twelve re-acted to the ministry Jesus gave them:----

11. What did the 12 preach? ____________________________________________________________________

12. What did they cast out? _____________________________________________________________________

13. Who did they anoint with oil? _________________________________________________________________

14. What happened to those who were anointed? ____________________________________________________

Turn now to  St.  MATTHEW  10:1-20:

15. What did Jesus give the 12 power against? _____________________________________________________

16. What did Jesus give the 12 power to heal? ______________________________________________________

17. What were the disciples to preach? (v.7)________________________________________________________

18. What were they to do to the sick? _____________________________________________________________

19. What were they to do to the lepers? __________________________________________________________

20. What were they to do to the dead? ___________________________________________________________

21. What were they to do to the devils? __________________________________________________________

22. Why were they to freely give? ______________________________________________________________

23. What did Jesus send them forth as? (v.16) ____________________________________________________

24. What were they to be as wise as? ___________________________________________________________

25. What were they to be as harmless as? ________________________________________________________

26. What were they to beware of? ______________________________________________________________

It was the will of God to share the deliverance ministry, manifested through Jesus, with His disciples. Jesus empowered the disciples to do the things He did. When He sent them forth they, too, cast out devils and healed the sick. For further study on Jesus calling His disciples see Matthew 13:53-58 and Luke 6:12-19. In Luke 10:1-20 Jesus sent 70 others out to preach and heal.


Our final example of study in this Lesson is a very challenging one for the disciples of Jesus. We read about it in St.  MARK 9:14-29:  “Deliverance of a Deaf And Dumb Boy.”

27. What was wrong with the man’s son? _________________________________________________________

28. What did that spirit cause the boy to do? ______________________________________________________


29. What happened when the disciples tried to cast him out? _________________________________________

30. What did Jesus call that people? “O _____________________________________________.” (Verse_____)

31. What did the boy do when he saw Jesus? _____________________________________________________


32. What else did the spirit used to do to the boy? __________________________________________________

33. Why did the spirit do that? _________________________________________________________________

 34. What did Jesus say to the father? (v.23)______________________________________________________


35. What did the boy’s father cry out? ___________________________________________________________

36. What did Jesus do to the foul spirit? __________________________________________________________

37. What did Jesus say to the spirit? ____________________________________________________________


38. What did the spirit do then? ________________________________________________________________

39. What did the disciples ask Jesus privately? ____________________________________________________

40. What was Jesus’ answer? __________________________________________________________________

The disciples soon discovered that healing and deliverance were not “automatic.” There were some cases more stubborn than others. Through this seeming failure Jesus taught them the need to pray and fast, and then they would see the victory. Much wisdom is required in this area and should be undertaken with the consent of mature spiritual oversight (although one day fasts without food and water should not overly harm you). Contact your minister for further advice.



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