Divine Healing Bible Lessons  King James Version


This Lesson is a continuation of Jesus’ ministry and deals with an area of the healing ministry that is not generally understood by many Christians. It is the ministry of casting out evil spirits. Jesus brought deliverance to sick and infirm people by casting out evil spirits that were possessing them. We have already seen in Lesson No 4 (Matthew 9:32-34) and Lesson 6 (Luke 13:10-17) how evil spirits caused a man to be dumb and a woman to be infirm and bent over. JESUS IS MASTER over evil spirits! Please answer all questions from the Scriptures with the consciousness that Jesus’ blood is your Divine protection. Amen

Our first questions are taken from  St.  LUKE’S  GOSPEL   4:33-37:

“The  Unclean  Spirit.”

 1. Where was the man found? __________________________________________________________________

 2. What was wrong with the man? _______________________________________________________________

 3. The unclean devil knew who Jesus was. In a loud voice he cried out and declared the Lord. What two names did

     that spirit address our Lord by? (1) __________________________ (2) ________________________________

 4. “But_______________________________ him, saying, _______________________________________

     And when ____________________ had _____________________ in their midst, __________

     _______________ of him, and ____________________________________” (Verse _____ ).

 5. What did this healing cause the people to be? ____________________________________________________

 6. What did they say among themselves? _________________________________________________________

 7. How did Jesus command the unclean spirits? ____________________________________________________

 8. What happened when Jesus commanded the unclean spirits? _______________________________________

(For further study please see Mark 1:21-28)

Another great triumph of our Lord Jesus over unclean spirits is found in  St.  LUKE  8:26-36:  “Legion.”

 9. What was wrong with this certain man? _________________________________________________________

10. What clothes did he wear? ___________________________________________________________________

11. Where did he live? _________________________________________________________________________

12. What did he do when he saw Jesus? ___________________________________________________________

13. Who did he call Jesus? _____________________________________________________________________

14. What did he want Jesus to do? _______________________________________________________________

15. What did Jesus command the unclean spirit to do? ______________________________________________

16. “For _________________________ it had ________________________him” (Verse _____).

17. What was the man bound with? _____________________________________________________________

18. What did the man do to the bands? __________________________________________________________

19. Who used to drive him? ___________________________________________________________________

20. Where was he driven to? __________________________________________________________________

21. What was the man’s name? ________________________________________________________________

22. Why was he called that name? ______________________________________________________________


23. When the demons were cast out of the man, where did they go? ___________________________________

24. What did the herd do then?  ________________________________________________________________


25. What did those who fed the herd do? _________________________________________________________


26. “Then they went out ______________ what ____________________; and came _______________________,

       and found ________________ from whom _____________________ had ________________________,

      sitting ____________________ of ________________________, and in_____________________________:

      and they were______________________” (Verse ______).

27. Verse 36 tells us “how the demon possessed man had _______________________________________.

Matthew 8:28-34 tells us there were two men possessed living in the tombs; they were exceeding fierce – so much so that people were frightened to go near them. Mark 5:1-20 records that Legion was night and day crying and cutting himself. His physical body was in a real mess because of the influence of evil spirits – unclean spirits. But at the Word and command of Jesus the man’s life was completely changed. He became a living testimony of the Gospel and “began to proclaim all that Jesus had done for him: and all marveled” (Mark 5:20).

Because this Lesson has been on two instances in the ministry of Jesus where unclean spirits possessed people, let not the reader think that every case of sickness and disease is the result of spirits. We must be wise and discerning in our judging of “reasons” for physical afflictions and must at all times seek to walk close to the Master Himself, Jesus Christ. A word of advice would be: DON’T stir up troubles that you are unable to handle! If in doubt, consult your minister, elders or mature men of God for further instructions. Walk continually under the protection of Jesus’ blood; otherwise Satan will make a mockery of you and frustrate and defeat you. This brings no glory to God.


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