Divine Healing Bible Lessons  King James Version


We do trust that your heart is being built up in the Word of God as you go through the works of        th      the Lord Jesus with us in these Bible Lessons.Your redemptive rights include Divine Health. Through Christ and His Word we – you and I – are  “given ……… exceeding great and precious  promises: that  by these we might be partakers of the Divine nature.”  (2 Peter 1:4).

The first healing of Jesus we shall look at in this Lesson is found in St.  LUKE 13:10-17:

“The  Woman  With  The  Spirit  Of  Infirmity  (weakness).”

 1. Where was Jesus teaching? __________________________________________________________________

 2. What day was it? ___________________________________________________________________________

 3. What was wrong with the woman? _____________________________________________________________

 4. How long had the woman been like that? ________________________________________________________

 5. In what way did this spirit of infirmity affect the woman? ____________________________________________


 6. What did Jesus say to the woman? ____________________________________________________________

 7. What happened when Jesus laid hands on her? __________________________________________________

 8. Who did she give the glory to? ________________________________________________________________

 9. Why was the synagogue ruler filled with indignation? _______________________________________________


10. What did Jesus call that ruler? ________________________________________________________________

11. Who had bound that woman? ________________________________________________________________

12. What happened to Jesus’ adversaries? _________________________________________________________

13. Why did the people rejoice? __________________________________________________________________


 This healing reveals to us that some physical conditions are caused by Satan. That poor woman was all bent  over because a spirit of infirmity had afflicted her. Later we shall look more closely at Satanic oppression in regard to physical ailments.

Our next portion of Scripture studied is St.  LUKE 14:1-6: “Dropsy  Healed.”  (Dropsy is a condition where the body becomes full of water.)

14. What was wrong with the man? _____________________________________________________________

We shall now move further on to  St.  LUKE 17:11-19:  “The  Ten  Lepers.”

17. What did those men cry unto Jesus? _________________________________________________________

18. What did Jesus tell them to do? _____________________________________________________________

19. When were they cleansed? _________________________________________________________________

20. What did one leper do when he saw he was cleansed? ___________________________________________


21. Where did he fall down? ___________________________________________________________________

22. What did he give unto the Lord? _____________________________________________________________

23. Only one man out of ten returned to give thanks and glory unto God. To that man Jesus said: “Arise, _______

      __________________, thy faith ___________________________________________________________.”

Space does not permit us to go into a question and answer study of the raising of Lazarus from the dead but we would encourage you to study it through in your own time (this miracle is covered in our John’s Gospel Bible Course).You will find it recorded in John chapter 11.

We shall conclude this Lesson with a few Scripture references which appear in various parts of the Bible. You will find them very helpful as you continue to do your own study on Divine Healing.

 24. In Luke 5:17 what happened to the Pharisees and doctors of the law. “And the _______________________


25. In Matthew 19:2 what did Jesus do to the great multitudes who followed Him? ________________________

A few questions now from  St.  Matthew 21:12-14:

26. After Jesus had cleansed the temple, He told the people: “It is written, My ____________________________


27. What had the people made God’s house? _____________________________________________________

28. Once the house of God had been cleansed of all its wrong usage we read of something wonderful happening.

      Who came to Jesus in the temple? ___________________________________________________________

29. What did Jesus do to them? ________________________________________________________________

Is this not a problem with so much Christianity today? God’s Word clearly tells us that we are His temples

(1 Corinthians 3:16-17 and 6:19-20). When the earthly temple at Jerusalem was being used wrongly for the buying and selling of merchandise and fund raising schemes, the healing ministry was being neglected and the sick continued to suffer. But as soon as Jesus cast all the ‘money grabbers’ out and cleansed the temple, we see a restoration of the healing ministry. The message is clear, Christian: when Jesus cleanses our lives by His Word and Spirit, He will be able to heal others through us!Please give this truth some prayerful consideration. Believe God!


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