Divine Healing Bible Lessons  King James Version


Already in these Bible Lessons we have studied sufficient Scriptures to show how much it is in the plan of God for us to be physically healed through faith in Jesus Christ His Son.Lesson 4 continues with the healings of Jesus during His earthly ministry. Let the Holy Spirit speak to your heart today as you meditate upon the Word of God.(Please answer questions fully and clearly)

Our first questions are asked from   MATTHEW’S  GOSPEL  9:27-38:

“Two  Blind  Men.”

 1. What were the blind men crying? ______________________________________________________________

 2. What did Jesus ask them? ___________________________________________________________________

 3. What did the blind men answer?_______________________________________________________________

 4. Then what did Jesus do to them? ______________________________________________________________

 5. What did Jesus say to them? _________________________________________________________________

 6. What happened to their eyes? ________________________________________________________________

 7. What did those men spread abroad? ___________________________________________________________

“Dumb  Demoniac.”

 8. Who was brought to Jesus? _________________________________________________________________

 9. What was this man possessed with? ___________________________________________________________

10. What did Jesus do to the devil? _______________________________________________________________

11. What was the result of what Jesus did? _________________________________________________________

12. What did the multitudes do? __________________________________________________________________

13. What did the Pharisees say? _________________________________________________________________


14. “And ____________ went about ________ the cities and villages, ________________ in their synagogues and

     _________________ the ____________________________________ , and ___________________________

    ______________ and _____________________________ among __________________________________ .”

15. When Jesus saw the multitudes, what was He moved with? _________________________________________

Christian friend, do the great needs of your fellow human beings move you with compassion to see them saved and healed today?

Let the Word of Jesus move you into action. Jesus said: “The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; Pray

ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that He will send forth labourers into His harvest.” (Matthew 9:38)

(For further study on deliverance of the dumb, please see Matthew 12:22-37 and Luke 11:14-26)

Let us move further on in  St. MATTHEW’S GOSPEL  to  Chapter14:34-36:

16. What did the men of Gennesaret have of Jesus? ________________________________________________

17. What did it cause those men to do? __________________________________________________________

18. What did they beseech the people to do? ______________________________________________________

19. What happened to those who touched? _______________________________________________________

We shall now look at how a woman received healing from Jesus for her daughter because of her persistent faith:

St. MATTHEW’S GOSPEL 15:21-28: “Healing Of  The  Syrophenician  Woman’s  Daughter.”

20. What did this woman cry unto Jesus? _________________________________________________________

21. What was wrong with her daughter? __________________________________________________________

22. How did Jesus respond to this woman’s cry? ___________________________________________________

23. What did the disciples want Jesus to do? ______________________________________________________

24. Even after Jesus had said that He was not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel, the woman’s

     faith would not give up. What did she do? (v.25) _________________________________________________

25. What did she say to Jesus? ________________________________________________________________

26. Again Jesus seemed to rebuke this woman with some harsh words. What were those words? ____________


27. What was the gracious and humble reply of the woman? __________________________________________



28. Jesus answered the woman, saying, “O woman _______________ is __________________ be it _________

      ___________________ as _____________________.”  (Verse _______)

29.  What happened to her daughter? ___________________________________________________________

(You can read of this healing also in Mark 7:24-30)

Our final set of questions in this Lesson are taken from St.  MATTHEW’S  GOSPEL  15:29-31:

30. Where did Jesus go up to? _________________________________________________________________

31. Who came to Him at that place? _____________________________________________________________

32. What did they have with them?  (1) __________________________________ (2) _____________________

      (3) _____________________ (4) ____________________ (5) ____________________________________

33. Where did they cast them? _________________________________________________________________

34. What did Jesus do to them? ________________________________________________________________

35. What did the multitude see? (1)______________________________(2) _____________________________

     ______________ (3) _______________________________ (4) ____________________________________

36. Who did they glorify? ______________________________________________________________________

Let these Scriptures inspire your faith to believe the Lord Jesus Christ to meet all of your needs, whether they be spiritual or physical. (Philippians 4:19). Why not lay your hand on this Lesson as a point of contact and ask the Him to heal YOU of your need? Have great faith and it shall be done unto you, even as you will! God is no respecter of persons and will hear the prayer of all those who truly believe His Word (Acts 10:34-38). May God bless you and answer your heart-felt Prayer – right now! Give Him all the glory. Amen.


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