Divine Healing Bible Lessons  King James Version


May the Word of God itself be the inspiration that you need to live each day in God’s Divine health. “For with God nothing is ever impossible, and no word from God shall be without power or impossible of fulfillment.” (Luke 1:37, Amplified Bible). Jesus, the Mighty, Living Word stands ready to meet your every need as you put your trust in Him!


Our first questions come from  St. MARK’S GOSPEL 2:1-12:  “Palsied Man Healed.”

(Palsied means to be paralytic or paralysed)

 1. What was Jesus doing in the house? ___________________________________________________________

 2. Who was brought unto Jesus? ________________________________________________________________

 3. What did the men do when they could not get inside the house? ______________________________________


 4. Then what did the men do? ___________________________________________________________________

 5. What did Jesus see? (v.5) ____________________________________________________________________

 6. What did Jesus say? ________________________________________________________________________

 7. Who were reasoning in their hearts?____________________________________________________________

 8. What were they reasoning? (1)________________________________________________________________


 9. How did Jesus know they so reasoned within themselves? __________________________________________

Jesus asked those scribes two very interesting and important questions, and many Christians – even today

– can accept God’s forgiveness for sins but do not believe in God’s power to heal the sick. Do you think it is easier for God to say, “Thy sins be forgiven thee,” or to say, “Arise, take up thy bed and walk”? Jesus demonstrated He had power to forgive sins by healing the sick.

10. “But that ________________________ that the _________________ hath ______________ on earth ______

      ________________________, (He saith to the __________ of the palsy) ______________unto __________,

      _____________, and take up _________________, and ____________________ into thine house.”

11. What did the man do? ______________________________________________________________________

12. “Insomuch that__________________________________, and __________________________________

saying, We __________________________________ on this _________________________________ .”

(You can read about this miracle of healing also in Matthew 9:1-8 and Luke 5:18-26)

Dear friend this is the Jesus Christ we serve. He is the same yesterday, and today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8)

Your next lot of Bible answers are to be found in St. MARK’S GOSPEL 5:21-43

“Daughter of Jairus Raised” and “The Woman With The Issue of Blood”

13. What was the name of the ruler of the synagogue? ______________________________________________

14. What did he do when he saw Jesus? _________________________________________________________

15. What was wrong with his daughter?__________________________________________________________

16. Why did Jairus want Jesus to lay hands on his daughter? _________________________________________


17. While Jesus was going with Jairus to his house, a certain woman came to Jesus. What was wrong with her?


18. How long had she suffered with this condition? _________________________________________________

19. “And had __________________________________ of many ____________________ and had __________

      _________ that _____________ , and was __________________________, but rather________________ .”

20. What did she do when she heard of Jesus? ____________________________________________________

21. What had this woman said in her heart? “If I may ________________________________________________

      _____________________________________________________________________________________ .”

22. What happened when she touched Jesus? ____________________________________________________


23. What did she feel in her body? ______________________________________________________________

24.  What did Jesus know immediately? __________________________________________________________

25. What did Jesus say? ______________________________________________________________________

26. What did the woman know? ________________________________________________________________

27. What did she do? (1) ______________________________________________________________________

      (2) ____________________________________________________________________________________

28. What did Jesus say unto her? “Daughter ______________________________________________________

      __________________________________________________________________________.” (Verse _____)

29. While Jesus was still speaking to the healed woman, some sad news came from Jairus’ house. What was

       that sad news? __________________________________________________________________________

30. What did Jesus say to the ruler of the synagogue?_______________________________________________

31. Who were the 3 disciples Jesus allowed to go with Him to Jairus’ house ?  (1) _________________________

      (2) _____________________________________ (3) ____________________________________________

32. What did Jesus see when He got to Jairus’ house? ______________________________________________

33. Jesus told them “the damsel is not dead, _____________________________________________________.”

34. What did the people do? ___________________________________________________________________

35. Then what did Jesus do? __________________________________________________________________

36. What did Jesus do to the damsel? ___________________________________________________________

37. What did Jesus say unto her? _______________________________________________________________

38. What happened? _________________________________________________________________________

39. How old was the girl? _____________________________________________________________________

40. What did Jesus command them to give to the girl? ______________________________________________

(You can read further of these healings in Matthew 9:18-26 and Luke 8:41-56)

Dear friend this is the Jesus Christ we serve. He is the same yesterday, and today,and forever (Hebrews 13:8)


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