Testimonies ~ November 2020

GFM TESTIMONIES/REPORTS Received in November, 2020.

Thank you for The GFM Prayer Support Letter ~ November 2020. We are blessed to have you as the pastor of many nations. You are the source of our inspiring! ~ Scripture Union (Ntcheu, Malawi). (Received 1st November, 2020).

It is a refreshing way to have The GFM Prayer Support Letter. Thank you for sharing God’s Word with us each month.  Thank you for being so generous with your time. The way you quietly lead is inspiring. Because of you, I’m living a more Biblical life. I want to wish you a joyful, happy new month. That will bring you more memorable moments than you had the previous month. Thank you! ~ Chipo Christine Mudziviri (Harare, Zimbabwe). (Received 1st November, 2020).

Dear Rodney, Re- article “Beware Of . . . A Form Of Godliness”: This is the message of these times we are in. I will use it in my next two seminars. Thank you ~ Pastor Joseph Makhabila (Bugiri, Uganda). (Received 4th November, 2020). 

I am so much blessed by the message you sent me on “Gideon”:  indeed one soul impacted the nation and he was a man like us. What we need is to let GOD invest in us through HIS word. Stay blessed ~ Israel Mwebela (Zambia). (Received 4th November, 2020).

Dear Rodney and Jean, Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus. I do appreciate for this wonderful message, the Barnabas Bulletin and testimonies which I continually receive. The message on the frightened, fearful nobody Gideon is intended for my breakthrough and breakout! May the Lord continue to anoint you and the Ministry for reaching out and strengthening weak people. Thank you so much ~ Tina Phiri (Chawama, Lusaka, Zambia). (Received 5th November, 2020).

Dear Brother Rodney, Through our efforts and your generous prayer we have received 16 new members who have joined Prophetic Ministry and 3 extra Prayer Centres started. Praise the Lord!  ~ Ap. Dotwin Gharang (Sudan). (Received 6th November, 2020).

Dear Rodney, Every message you send to me has been a step towards spiritual growth. This message "The Will Of God, Vision and Motivation" is a big plus to us.  ~ Zaikhe Mwinyi (South Jubaland, Somalia). (Received 8th November, 2020).

Re- “You Are Special” E-Mail: I really love this! Thanks a million! I appreciate the way you encourage me and build me up! Know that you are good parents, you are special to me. I pray Father God keeps you and protects you. Bless... ~ Pastor Deus Bigirimana (Bujumbura, Burundi). (Received 8th November, 2020).

Through your daily teachings, and Bible Correspondence Courses I have gone through, I was triggered to start a church using your support spiritually. Thank you for being my mentor ~ Pastor Oyagi Evans (Kisii, Kenya). (Received 9th November, 2020).

Dear Rodney, I am so happy to inform you that today we were able to start another Prophetic Equipping Station in a house of a former Muslim Sheikh. It was all joy and praises in that village. We thank God! ~ Ap. Dazakelo Omwami (Tanga, Tanzania). (Received 13th November, 2020).

Dear Rodney, This teaching on the Prophetic Equipping Station has helped in equipping four stations. I have been teaching leaders of these stations, making sure they get the concept clearly. ~ Gabriel Singarimana (Apostolic Ministry, Kahi, Umutara Province, Rwanda). (Received 13th November, 2020).    

Dear Servant of God, Today I taught this message, “Blessed To Be A Blessing” and all the people who were in attendance were completely humbled and heavily touched. They prayed and cried in tongues. It was very powerful. Thank you for this teaching. ~ Pastor Swagili Mheshimiwa (Arusha, Tanzania). (Received 14th November, 2020). 

Thank you Rodney and Jean, Your teachings are of a great value to me. God bless you all. ~ Pastor John Kioko Makau (Mlolongo, Kenya). (Received 14th November, 2020).

God bless you so much man of God for the great work you’ve doing all these years. You’ve been a blessing to me. I didn’t know anything when I came across you some years ago. I started reading your letters and write ups. You even sent me some books and booklets here in Ghana. I was so enlightened by them. I was motivated and inspired. I went to the Bible School, the Lord Himself trained me very well and now I’m doing well in His vineyard. I have drafted some books as well which will be a blessing to people all around the world. However, I use this opportunity to say a very big God bless you in all your labour of love. Your son in the Lord, ~ Selasi Noamesi (Ghana). (Received 14th November, 2020).

Always thanks for strengthening millions of people globally. I love you man of God. I always cherish meeting you in Kenya; ever since your messages have sharpened my spiritual life as a pastor. Surely working for the Lord has great rewards, and is highly regarded here on Earth. You have impacted many many people. Shalom ~ Rev. Benson K. Kisinga (Wamunyu, Machakos, Kenya). (Received 14th November, 2020).

Book comments:

"Thank you so much for giving me this great opportunity to read the word of God as l allow the truth in them to fill my heart and the word of truth to dwell in my life" - An elderly mother ~ Mrs. Ero Egu (Benin City, ES, Nigeria). (Received 17th November, 2020).

"I praise God and you for sharing your book with me which is a blessing to me and to my family, and to my neighbours. I am getting blessed everyday by what the book teaches and explains." - a Christian widow ~ Mrs. Ero Ediagu (Benin City, ES, Nigeria). (Received 17th November, 2020).

"I am grateful to God Almighty for the opportunity to take advantage of reading the book which l received. It has been a blessing to me so far. I continue to enjoy each part of the lessons on each page which challenges me to be steadfast to the Lord! May the good Lord continue to strengthen you all in Christ's holy name, amen." - an elderly woman in wheelchair ~ Mrs. Wasu Takuji (Benin City, ES, Nigeria). (Received 17th November, 2020).

"I really appreciate the book l got and this ministry of The GFM and all those who are involved to help us grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, that we would be faithful and obedient and share the Good News with others." - a man in his sick bed ~ Mr. Luke Kuloba (Benin City, ES, Nigeria). (Received 17th November, 2020).

Dear Rodney, I have just attended a very joyful celebration of starting a new church which was born out of Prophetic Ministry. This is in a village which has no Bible teaching church and we are glad that a Prophetic Church is the pioneer. Amen ~ Kuhu Ajiwa (Wahu, Southern Sudan). (Received 17th November, 2020).

Dear Rodney, We today started a big Prophetic Equipping Station with 18 members. This is great for us and another higher step. Keep us in prayers. This PES is in a hall which was given by one of the prophetic members. ~ Pastor Geoffrey Okongo (Kikampala, Kenya). (Received 18th November, 2020).

Dear Brother, It is my happiest moment to inform you that today two churches have entered Prophetic Ministry fully. They have started running every fellowship and meetings prophetically. Praise the Lord! ~ Bishop Merjian Kia (Debre Libonas, Ethiopia). (Received 19th November, 2020).

Thank you very much for this powerful message on the Prophetic Ministry (“Established To Be A Prophet”). There is being a reformation in the Prophetic Ministry as we are training people. ~ Pastor Mahamba Wa-ibera Evariste (Beni, DR Congo). (Received 21st November, 2020). Mahamba is The GFM Representative for Congo.

I am happy to let you know that we have started another Prophetic Equipping Station in our village. We were able to bring together 21 members. This is a big beginning. ~ Bishop Kennedy Harvest (Muyinga, Burundi). (Received 22nd November, 2020).

Dear Rodney, This teaching (“Keys To Worship God” book) has truly touched my heart. I will keep teaching it in our fellowships. ~ Pastor Swagili Mheshimiwa (Arusha, Tanzania). (Received 22nd November, 2020).

Re- “Sing O Barren . . . For You Shall Break Forth!” article: Today I taught this message which you sent to me. It changed everything and all who were in attendance humbled and cried for more grace. Thank you, brother, for sharing with us such good messages. I wish we had this message in a book to help many. ~ Ap. Betty Ndinti (Wajir, Kenya). (Received 25th November, 2020).

It is my joy to tell you that today we received a new church that decided to fully join Prophetic Ministry. This is good news that churches are seeing the light after careful study of the written word in the books. Praise God. ~ Pastor Bwana Mkubwa (Arusha, Tanzania). (Received 26th November, 2020).

Dear Rodney, Re- article “Seeing Your Calling”: This message is helpful; every time I refer to it when I teach on leadership and calling. God is no respecter of persons and He does not call us because of our education, beauty or riches. He calls the weak to shame the strong. You have blessed me. ~ Rev. Kimayo Philip (Bethel Churches Ministry, Lessos, Kenya). (Received 29th November, 2020).

Brother, Today we have been offered free land to set up a Prophetic Church. This is a miracle to us.  Amen ~ Omosh (Southern Sudan). (Received 29th November, 2020).

Dear in Christ, Thank you very much for praying for the evangelism in prisons of yesterday. We had a successful evangelism in 41 prisons in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo in which 1,000 prisoners heard the Gospel. 500 decided to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. There are many prisoners who were sick and we prayed for them. And we will continue doing prison ministry monthly as the Lord will be providing for prison ministry. ~ Pastor Mahamba Wa-ibera Evariste (Founder and Senior Pastor of Ebenezer Evangelical Church International Beni Democratic Republic of Congo). (Received 29th November, 2020). (Mahamba is The GFM Representative in Congo).

Dear Rodney, I was surprised today to receive an old couple to Prophetic Ministry. When they received “School Of The Holy Spirit” manual, they read it and read it, and made a decision to repent and come for salvation prayers. They testified that they started speaking in tongues last week while in their house. Big news to me. ~ Rev. Kaningu Benard (Lancas, Eldoret, Kenya). (Received 30th November, 2020).


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