Free Bible Correspondence Courses


Free Bible Correspondence Courses

The Gospel Faith Messenger  Bible Courses consist of 3 Courses.

St. John's Gospel      19 Lessons      King James Version   &   New International Version

The Book Of Ephesians      7 Lessons         King James Version   &   New International Version

Divine Healing                  12 Lessons         King James Version   &   New International Version


We recommend the St John's Course first. Print out  Lesson 1 from below (with the choice of answering in either the King James Version, or the New International Version of the Bible).  Fill your answers in and post them to the address shown on the bottom of the Lesson. Print your full name and address clearly on your Lesson (or  E-Mail if you have one) When your Lesson is received, it will be marked, and you will be sent a personal letter of reply, together with your next  Lessons. A certificate of completion is given at end of each course.  (More about Courses)


Doug & Jackie Hodges faithfully manage the Bible Courses Department :

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