Testimonies ~ October 2020


Re- “God’s Call Can Be Fulfilled” E-book: Wow! This is amazing! It is a down to earth personal testimony that bares it all. The low moments and the resultant crucifixion then the conviction and resurrection subsequently.... This is what I needed. There are times when you want a testimony from the horse's mouth that spurs inspiration and revival in one's heart. Thank you very much, Mr and Mrs Rodney! The call to fulfil is more compelling than just receiving the ministry. A mind-set is broken and hopefully another mind-set is born! God Bless. ~ Wilcox Wafula Wanyonyi (Turbo, Kenya). (Received 3rd October, 2020).

Thank you very much. I will continue to apply the insights within this powerful message on “The Importance Of Love” wherever I will be travelling for preaching and ministering to people in the 26 provinces of DR Congo. God has opened a great door for my mission for travelling as I preach and equip God's people. Next month I will go again in the same areas where I was last month so that I can preach and teach God's people. Thank you very much for continuing mentoring me. I am ministering prophetically and it is being amazing. May God bless you abundantly. Your Timothy ~ Pastor Mahamba Wa-ibera Evariste (Beni, DR Congo). (Received 3rd October, 2020). (Mahamba is The GFM Representative in Congo).

Dear servant of God, I am so happy to inform you that today two more Prophetic Equipping Stations were started. It is our joy to have taken another great step. ~ Merjian Kia (Debre Libonas, Ethiopia). (Received 8th October, 2020).

I have been encouraged very much after I witnessed a head-lined church become fully prophetic. It was a miracle. ~ Pastor Dick Tonny (Mombasa, Kenya). (Received 9th October, 2020).

Dear Rodney, Re- “The Subtlety Of Deception” ~ I wish this audio will reach many people. I have listened since yesterday and am shocked how God reveals Himself through His servants.  ~ Prophet Longinel Aarbel (Alghazal Christian Group, Southern Sudan). (Received 11th October, 2020).

Dear Bishop Rodney, Praise God!  How are you? Thank you for ministering to us. You have blessed us so much.  May the Lord Jesus Christ richly bless you. Yours, serving Christ and His Church, ~ Pastor John Paul Musoke (Entebbe, Uganda). (Received 11th October, 2020).

Dear Rodney, Re- “The Subtlety Of Deception” audio: Great is the love of God to have made me and my team get this recording. We have used a speaker to listen to what God is speaking through you and the testimony of Todd (Rolston); and here people are filled by the power of the Holy Spirit just by listening. God bless you. ~ Prophet Mackdonald Salim (Somalia). (Received 12th October, 2020).

Hi Rodney! I hope you and Jean are well and still firing on all cylinders?  I have just had a chance to rehear this audio message on “The Subtlety Of Deception” (since I was obviously there the first time). I have passed it on to some friends who have, along with a number of people, come out of a local fellowship that is definitely plagued by deception. This is always a necessary reminder. Thanks for sharing it and the accompanying article. I always admire the way you so ably and clearly deliver these messages. People have commented how easy it is to read your books also. Don't under-estimate that this is a real gift. I have three university degrees and they are very strict on writing protocols. I also have a Christian friend who has taught at tertiary level. He is also full praise at your ability to write. It is at a level that even educated men struggle to aspire to. You would have to be put in category of a legend, along with your dear wife Jean, who have weathered so much over the years, and have managed to stay true to the faith. You have certainly had a powerful influence in my life, such that it has completely turned around by the power of the Holy Spirit, though it has taken some time. I cannot think of a single ministry that has had anywhere near the impact that you have been able to have with your simple obedience and trust in Christ. Thank you; you have been a great example to me. God bless ~ Geoff Stokes (Levin, New Zealand). (Received 12th October, 2020).

After reading the book “Some God Happenings In My Life”: The GFM Materials help in seeking a greater understanding of God’s word with its pure Bible-based teaching that rightly divides the word of God only. We must at all times stay true to what the Holy Bible teaches and dedicate ourselves to believing and teaching only these things that can be proven to be true from the Holy Scriptures. Today much error is being taught in the religious world today, so we must always be careful to spread and preach the truth of God's word without any substation or additions of human doctrines.  ~ Pastor Dalaro Olifu (Bethel Gospel Missions, Inc., Benin City, ES, Nigeria). (Received 12th October, 2020).

I was in awe of God’s goodness and holiness as l read one of The GFM Materials “Some God Happenings In My Life”. I’ve been rebuked and corrected from the false teachings that were already deeply rooted in my heart. I appreciate this small booklet more. It is my prayer that many other people will learn the truth through it. Some students of ours are replacing the false teachings they have digested in their past by the truth of the word of God... so these materials are making a difference in the way of life of our students. ~ Pastor Ogue Odasu (Salvation Truth Worship Center, Benin City, ES, Nigeria). (Received 12th October, 2020).

Hello Pastor Rodney, how are you doing today and your family and friends there? We are to let you know that in my daily evangelism in our community ten people accepted to follow Jesus Christ, I mean ten souls are saved through your teachings; in love ~ Pastor John Manani (Ogembo, Kenya). (Received 13th October, 2020).

I am so much blessed with these messages, "Do You Know Who Lives Inside Of You?" and “Four Keys To Personal Revival”. I have felt the power of the Gospel in my spirit. GOD bless you. ~ Israel Mwebela (Zambia). (Received 14th October, 2020).

Dear Brother Rodney, Re- Barnabas Bulletin No. 238 on “A Call To Grow More Mature In Christ”: What a powerful bulletin this is! It spoke to my heart. Thank you for sharing such insightful Gospel Truth about maturing in Christ and how to become more effective in ministry by so doing. By the help of the Holy Spirit we should put our faith in action and represent God on earth. We should reach out and inspire others to do the same. Thanks for reaching out to me. God bless you. ~ Wilcox Wafula Wanyonyi (Turbo, Kenya). (Received 16th October, 2020).

Book: “An Encounter With God”: This is a wonderful book with wonderful insight (very detailed). I honour you for your dedication, especially that you have given me such an abundance of spiritual food through this book, even though you don't know me." ~ Brother Andrew (Disabled) (Oredo, Edo State, Nigeria).

(Received 16th October, 2020).

Book: “Keys To Worship God”: "This book is truly a blessing. To learn God's True Word exactly as it is, is worth spending time to read and putting forth what it says into practice will result to great blessings in one’s life. ~ Miss Helen (Disabled) (Oredo, Edo State, Nigeria). (Received 16th October, 2020).

Book: “You Can Measure Your Love For God”: This book has provided good knowledge and spiritual growth in the life of a believer. God bless you. ~ Joan (in wheel chair) (Oredo, Edo State, Nigeria). (Received 16th October, 2020).

Dear Rodney and Jean, I greet you in the matchless Name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I am so encouraged to learn of that I am "SPECIAL" unto our Father Who loves us and that HE is right here with me leading me through. Today I will take time to talk to HIM as to my Father. Thank you for always being here to encourage and strengthen the Body of Christ through and by the Word. Blessings of the Lord unto you and ministry ~ Pastor George Banda (Blantyre, Malawi). (Received 17th October, 2020).

Rodney, Today was my greatest day after teaching on this message "Fulfilling A Vision From God". Those who attended came out with humble spirits thanking God for the touching message. 6 among them received salvation and asked for prayers for their families. We praise Jesus. ~ Kuhu Anjiwa (Wahu, Southern Sudan). (Received 17th October, 2020).

Dear Rodney, I am truly blessed by the truth in this teaching on “Deception”. I have made some notes that I am going to use in my next teaching. ~ Bro. Jefferson Mathare (Kilifi, Kenya). (Received 20th October, 2020).

Dear Rodney, Great is God for having me receive this message on “Obeying The Voice Of God”. This message should reach as many people as possible. It is the message that can make people understand the reason why the voice of God must be obeyed. I am happy. Thanks. ~ Tonny Zaidi (Kitale, Kenya). (Received 21st October, 2020).

I would like to give glory to the Lord and all the management of The Gospel Faith Messenger Ministry for blessing me with “Developing Prophetic Ministry” book.
I am so much blessed and this book is really nice. Thank You. ~ Apostle Dennis Chaima (Chiradzulu, Malawi). (Received 22nd October, 2020).

Dear Rodney, Greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ! Thank you very much for sending me the regular messages and articles. This is great and wonderful message (“Established To Be A Prophet!”). I am blessed by your message and articles. May God bless you. Regards and blessings, ~ Pastor Mubarik Masih (Lahore, Pakistan). (Received 23rd October, 2020).

Dear Rodney and Jean, Praise the Lord! Your last audio on “The Subtlety Of Deception” was so incredible. You are feeding many with your teachings and bringing people to Jesus for salvation. Our God is still on the move and, as you say, the best is yet to come! Blessings to you and Jean, and keep winning the victory in Jesus. Love in Christ, ~ Pandora Violette (Alto, NM, USA). (Received 23rd October, 2020).

Dear Brother, We are blessed by this message (“The Importance Of Hearing Jesus”). God has been using you in a way that we could never have known. Every message is full of deeper revelation of God. Yours in the ministry ~ Gabriel Singaravana (Kahi, Rwanda). (Received 24th October, 2020).

Dear Rodney, I have learned a lot since I joined Prophetic Ministry. I have grown so far in the knowledge of God. My family has been daily studying and discussing several topics in your teachings and book messages. Yesterday my first-born (who had been rigid) declared his faith to God. I am so happy. ~ Rev. Mourine Wekesa (Kwale, Kenya). (Received 25th October, 2020).

Dear Rodney, Thank you for the update information. We have grown from one level to another through your written word which has taken East Africa by storm spiritually. Thank you so much. ~ Rev. Naklhumicha  Khakulayi (PEFA, Malaba, Uganda). (Received 26th October, 2020).

Dear Rodney, It is my pleasure to thank you for the effort you have put in the ministry. This has tremendously changed the view of many people's faith. I have witnessed transformation in my congregation which has never been witnessed. Reading is now order of the day. Shalom (“peace”) ~ Rev. Stephen Maganga (Kilifi, Kenya). (Received 26th October, 2020).

Dear servant of God, Rev. Rodney Francis, Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I want to thank you for the good work that you have been doing to help Christians and other religious bodies to win souls to Christ. I cannot quantify the extent to which your ministry has blessed me and the people in our church. It is just too great to measure. People are getting lifted spiritually and, above all, we have finally started meeting together every weekend just to read some of your books which we have been borrowing from friends here in Kenya. Your "book ministry" has become a wonderful booster to our long-time vision of starting a small library here in Eldoret slum estates. We are indeed very grateful to the work you are doing to glorify the Body of Christ. This library will multiply the expansion of the Kingdom of God a hundred fold. I kindly therefore take this opportunity to request you some of your Gospel materials. ~ Apostle Ajiambo Joan Odongo (Eldoret, Kenya). (Received 29th October, 2020).


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