Testimonies ~ September 2020

GFM TESTIMONIES and REPORTS Received in September 2020

Dear Rodney, I have been encouraged and empowered when I took more time studying your message. I have taken four weeks teaching in different Prophetic Equipping Stations on this audio Lesson, “Obedience To God". There is enormous spiritual growth and understanding of Prophetic Ministry. Be blessed more. ~ Swagili Mheshimiwa (Arusha, Tanzania) (Received 2nd September, 2020).

Dear Rodney, I really thank God for this chance to email you. Prophetic Ministry is growing daily in spite of so many enemies who are trying their best to block the spread of this good news. In my region I have 14 groups whom I named study groups in total. I have five villages under me. God has been good. ~ Kevin Shiundu (Kinshasha, Congo). (Received 2nd September, 2020).

Dear friends In Christ, Rev. RODNEY and JEAN FRANCIS, Those Who Have read your Books and also Those Who Have Been Listening To Your Teachings/Preaching Here In Our Country Kenya Have Been Coming To Me Declaring The Power Contained In Your Messages. About Four Months Ago Twenty Muslims and Hindus Have Given Their Lives To Christ Just After Listening To The Gospel Of Christ And Also After Reading Your Books And They Have Joined My Church (Praise God!!) ~ Pastor Mrs. Immaculate Tanga (Eldoret, Kenya). (Received 4th September, 2020).

Dear Rodney, The devil is a liar; today another Prophetic Equipping Station Center was closed and members warned not to meet anywhere else again. Nobody has been told the reason behind all this. I tried to reach the area security chief but he refused to meet me. Please join us in prayers. ~ Kennedy Harvest (Muyinga, Burundi). (Received 4th September, 2020).

Greetings! Re- article “Mixing Faith With The Word”, Very powerful word. This message indicates what we lack in modern days. Believers are lost and what is taught is very different from what is needed of them in action. Many preachers teach what they don't practice. This is the message that should be taken to all believers to understand what is needed of them and what is required by the word. I am changed and transformed.  ~ Pastor Wasike Emanuel Otukai (Kimilili, Kenya). (Received 5th September, 2020).

Dear Rodney, This booklet, “Do You Know And Understand The Prophetic Foundation Of Your Life And Your Church?” is a big help when it comes to understanding Prophetic Ministry. Many thanks ~ Wakoli Mbarimanana (North Congo). (Received 6th September, 2020).

Brother Rodney, - God is always amazing me! He is true to His word- seek Me and you will find Me.  Yesterday I picked up your book “An Encounter with God”. I read it before I went to sleep. Then this morning when I wake up to this audio message “The Resurrection Of Jesus” from you in my inbox! As I listened I was brought to tears - I’m so hungry for this type of anointed message. Thank you for your faithfulness to God’s leading. Please pray that I will hear His voice and follow His leading. I am moving toward more time in prayer with Him. Thank you and God bless you! ~ Kimberley Munteanu (South Carolina, USA). (Received 8th September, 2020)

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour! We really appreciate the work you are doing in God's vine yard. The GFM has really transformed our lives and we can only say ‘God bless you and expand your territory’ ~ Pastor Ambrose & Grace Ojwang (Nairobi, Kenya). (Received 10th September, 2020).

Your books have continued to be a source of spiritual strength to many dry lives here in Kenya. Every other week I get some request for your books, and they have gone far and very deep into the remote parts of Africa. May the Lord remember you in a great way for these amazing resources. Dad Rodney, I pray for you every day, and you're very precious to me. May the Lord bless you. Your son in Kenya, ~ Pastor Moses Muguro (PEFA Utawala, Nairobi, Kenya). (Received 10th September, 2020). Moses was our very first Kenya contact, and has opened the door for The GFM Ministry to touch multiplied thousands of lives throughout Kenya, East and Central African nations. Praise the Lord! He is one of The GFM Representatives in Kenya.

Dear Rodney, This audio on “Hearing The Voice Of God” is the message that has helped me a lot during the period of Corona virus. I and my wife have learned to hear the voice of God, which we couldn't before. Right now I can hear and recognize the voice of God clearly. I am very grateful! ~ Prophet Kenani Kimani (Kirinyaga, Kenya). (Received 11th September, 2020).

Dear Rodney, Re- “You Are Special” E-Mail: This is a very encouraging message. Truly God loves me, and since I started receiving your articles and messages of building me in faith I have gone miles in spiritual life, both in ministry and family. Despite some ups and downs, trials and challenges I have been encouraged. Thank you Rodney and Jean, continue to guide me. ~ Pastor Dismas O. Awino (Homa Bay, Kenya). (Received 11th September, 2020).

Dear Rodney, Re- “Knowing The Will Of God For Your Life” audio message: The will of God is and has been a blessing to me. It is so deep spiritually to understand His will in our life. Your teachings are changing the world. Thousands are coming to the knowledge of the truth. ~ Pastor Joseph Makhabila (Bugiri, Uganda). (Received 13th September, 2020).

Dear Rodney, Re- the audio message on “Knowing The Will Of God For Your Life”: Knowing the will of God is the foundation to finding our destiny in the Lord. We mess up when we don’t listen to the voice of God and obey His will. Thank you so much. I have been studying this message and it has been my big tool in the ministry. ~ Prophet Mackdonald Salim (Somali). (Received 15th September, 2020).

Dear Rodney, Re- Article “What An Inheritance”: Very inspiring "Jesus Christ has already provided for us". Your testimony on how God called you and later used you in more than 40 nations is really giving us hope. It is a testimony we shall ever tell and many generations after us will learn and know how your written word has impacted the world. The ministry will remain to grow further in many years after this generation. Praise God. ~ Apostle Betty Ndinti (Wajir, Kenya). (Received 16th September, 2020).

Good afternoon Rodney & Jean, God is amazing!  Thank you for this message (Barnabas Bulletin No. 237 on “Make Your Call And Election Sure”) which is a confirmation of what I read and studied last Monday, 7/9/20. I was looking at the 'Fruits of the Spirit' and meditating on each of them. I was brain-storming on some relevant/related Scriptures for each of the fruits, and somehow was led to 2 Peter 1;5-8, 10-11. The topic of course - "Making One's Calling and Election Sure"! - with verse 10 being the key verse to meditate on.  I am so elated to read that word of encouragement and know that God is speaking to us through his Word, and this is His will for us the brethren. Glory to God! Keep up the good work and stay safe. Love and blessings ~ Myra Tautau (Porirua, New Zealand). (Received 16th September, 2020).  

I am requesting for your prayers as we come to the close of the most successful meeting with a cult called ‘end time’. We thank God for ministers who came from Kenya (a GFM Team from Mombasa) to facilitate the meeting. This was the first time to have such a meeting. This is a major breakthrough ever. Each participant was given at least 20 copies of “School Of The Holy Spirit” manual to reach out to their fellow members. ~ Apostle Dotwin Gharang (Sudan). (Received 19th September, 2020).

Dear Rodney, Do you remember praying for a young couple when you were ministering in Rongotea (New Zealand)? They were having trouble conceiving.  Well they are 12 weeks pregnant. To God be the glory.  So exciting; God is good. Love to you and Jean. And God bless you ~ Patricia and Maurice Gloyn (Rongotea, New Zealand). (Received 19th September, 2020). 

Dear Rodney, Today during morning glory I put this audio message “The Gift Of Prophecy” over loud speakers and everybody listened to the direct teachings. Before the end of the teachings everybody was in the Spirit and prophesying; it was like fire burning in the whole church. This is God’s doing. ~ Rev. Benard Kaningu (Lancas, Eldoret, Kenya). (Received 20th September, 2020).

Dear Rodney, Re- “The Evil Powers Of Canaan” book, it is the best teaching, well researched.  I am really blessed. Everything we learn from you we put into practice. 

Your brother ~ Abraham Kofi (Kilimanjaro, Tanzania). (Received 22nd September, 2020). 

Rodney, I truly appreciate this message on “Holy Spirit Ministry Is Creative”. It is a power of conviction, full of Holy Spirit inspiration. ~ Rev. Hassan Katana (Somali). (Received 22nd September, 2020).

Dear Rodney, This audio lesson on “Obedience to God” has helped us a lot in our Prophetic Equipping Station. Each member had to participate in the discussion of this lesson and we are blessed. ~ Prophet Mackdonald Salim (Somali). (Received 24th September, 2020).

Dear Brother Rodney, Re- the article “The Importance Of The Gift Of Prophecy Operating Through You” ~ This is great my brother. I have already started exercising this teaching in my church. ~ Bishop Evalin Murugu (Meru, Kenya). (Received 25th September, 2020).

Dear Rodney, You have sacrificed to make sure we grow and come to the knowledge of the truth. I am greatly blessed: this audio message “Knowing The Will Of God For Your Life” is a great word of God. Your brother ~ Oroni Kerimi (Malindi, Kenya). (Received 25th September, 2020).

Dear Pastor Rodney and Jean, (Dearest friends and a Blessing), Just love writing to you both. You both are so understanding, full of compassion and kindness, and we share our BEAUTIFUL FAITH, a Faith which teaches us good things. GFM is one of the best for me - full of true compassion and care. Thank you GFM for being a part of our lives and touching us with kindness and supporting us. (Don't have words to thank you all). May God richly bless you all and dear GFM, Your Sister, Becky (India). (Received 27th September, 2020).

Dear Rodney, I am happy to inform you that we have started another Prophetic Equipping Station at a house of one of the new members who is aged but very committed. We were happy to have 3 new confessions today in the same house. Our Lord God is faithful. ~ David Hayeta (Mwanza, Tanzania). (Received 29th September, 2020).

Dear Rodney, I thank God for this opportunity. I have joy to let you know that today 2 churches have become fully prophetic and I was invited to attend their joint launch. It was wonderful. What God is doing is beyond our imagination. These are churches which are within our city. Blessings ~ Bishop Laban Kasaringa (Kigali, Rwanda). (Received 30th September, 2020).


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