Testimonies May 2020


Thank you, thank you for these beautiful and timely messages. I feel so honoured to receive your teachings. I have grown closer than ever to the Lord Jesus during this time and daily (and nightly) spend time with Him in the Secret Place. God bless you always ~ Camille Caskey (Lake Jackson, Texas, USA). (Received 1st May, 2020).

Thank you for this May Prayer Support Letter!!! This whole matter has concerned us considerably: About DAILY time alone for God’s people. We have met scores who don’t or have not, who depend heavily upon their leaders. This letter of yours is VERY timely. Our hearts have been shocked and saddened many years now. Blessings ~ Ngaire Booth (Maungaturoto, New Zealand). (Received 1st May, 2020).

Eternity thanks for the divine insight and guidance given in the May Prayer Support Letter; that's being a father, mentor and leader. Thanks for a wake-up and shake-up call. We expect more improvement in the month of May. ~ Pastor Henry Chabu (Kitwe, Zambia). (Received 1st May, 2020).

My dear most honourable Brother Rodney and Jean in Christ’s Love, Heartily welcome and greetings to you and your family in the Matchless name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Thank you very much for your valuable message on “Hearing The Voice Of God”. We felt very very happy about your good preaching by that message. I love and like your great work. God bless you all in Jesus’ sweet name, and your Ministry; we are daily praying for your ministry ~ Pastor John Namavarapu (Saripalli, AP, South India). (Received 2nd May, 2020).

Hi Rodney and Jean, I just want to say THANK YOU! for the encouragement you bring through the Barnabas Bulletin!  I really appreciate all you do, to initiate this! God bless you! ~ Sandie Veale (Westport, New Zealand). (Received 3rd May, 2020).

Greetings sir.  I thank God for you. I feel and believe that God brought you into my life at the right time. My pursuit of my calling has come to me with challenges I never imagined. Sometimes I feel so lonely and like giving up. I take time to read your mails and they encourage me a lot. ~ Pastor James Banda (Lusaka, Zambia). (Received 5th May, 2020).

Whew! After listening to the MP3 on “The Word Of Knowledge” and the teaching you gave on this topic, I must say a very big thank you for such great exhortation and encouragement. A huge thank you to you Sir. ~ Rev. Aristarico Phiri (Chawama, Lusaka, Zambia). (Received 7th May, 2020).

Dear Rev. Rodney, God bless you for making Prophetic Ministry reach this country. Through this ministry many have been strong in faith during this pandemic. Although everything is at a standstill we have been able to be meeting and having our Prophetic Equipping Station weekly. Many have now joined and every cell group has increased in numbers. People are scared of uncertainty but they are getting divine protection.  Many appreciation.  ~ Wakili Mbarimanana (North Congo). (Received 7th May, 2020).

This is great stuff, Rodney (the audio of “The Word Of Knowledge”) and I pass them onto the two churches we pastor. Shalom Bro. ~ Pastor Doug McConnell (Christchurch, New Zealand). (Received 7th May, 2020).

Thanks so much for this message on “The Word Of Knowledge”. It came at just the right time. God will help the saints to do His will Amen.  ~ Pastor Adenrele Adebayo (Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria). (Received 7th May, 2020).

Dear Rodney, This is very good for us. The audio on “The Word Of Knowledge” is the best teaching we can have at the moment. I would like to sincerely thank you for taking your time to keep us well informed. ~ Rev. Austine Maina (Transzoia, Kenya). (Received 10th May, 2020).

Hello Rodney and Jean, Grace, peace and wisdom be multiplied to you in our Lord Jesus Christ. I wanted to write and thank you for the audio teachings on “Hearing God’s Voice” and “The Word Of Knowledge”. Your teaching is so excellent because it is simple to understand and to apply. Teaching about how the Lord gives a person the Word of Knowledge is so practical and is based on your experience in the Lord. I often have been given Words of Knowledge by the Lord and have experienced every way you spoke of except an angelic visitation. It seems few pastors or teachers teach on this, yet it is vital for each and every Christian to be able to discern the Lord’s voice to them and others. It is the difference between victory and defeat in our Christian walk. I thank God for your father’s heart for the children of God. There are many teachers, but few fathers in the Lord! Your Sister in Christ, ~ Pandora Violette (Alto, NM, USA). (Received 11th May, 2020).

Thank you very much for the message (BB~233 – Commitment To God) I received this morning, Rodney - it has encouraged me in my walk with Jesus, stirred me, fanned the flame within and set me in a good place to walk in obedience to His call this day.

It was in a meeting at St. James when you were leading that Holy Spirit whispered to me and said, "I have put fire in your belly". I went to Jean during the break and told her and asked what that meant - Jean said, "We will have to wait and see". 😊 Now I get it. The fire is incredibly important I realize now and I often times take out the divine billows and ask the Lord to set it ablaze afresh for His Glory. ~ Rev. Lorna Clarke (Carterton, New Zealand). (Received 15th May, 2020).

Dear Rodney & Pastor Jones, We have received the 10,000 books from the AGPress this morning, “DEVELOPING PROPHETIC MINISTRY” and “YOU CAN MEASURE YOUR LOVE FOR GOD” 5,000 each and they look amazing. They are clear, colourful and bold. We love how they turned out! On behalf of the International Bible College, would like to thank you for your generous donation of US$3,000.00 for the printing of 10,000 our books and 10,000 copies for the Anglican Church. We always appreciate your support and we are most grateful. None of our achievements would have been possible without you and your unwavering support. Everyone at the College is very impressed with the quality of the book, especially the students, which at the end of the day, are the beneficiaries. Thank you so much to everyone involved in the making of these books... thank you for the excellent product. They are FANTASTIC and will be treasured by our students forever. We look forward to doing business with you again in the future. Best regards ~ Tesha Bweya (Malawi). (Received 23rd May, 2020).

Dear Rodney, I am blessed with this message. May we pray that many will be reached with this very powerful message on “The Word Of Knowledge” audio message. Yours in Christ ~ Bishop Abiud Wamalwa (Kitale, Kenya). (Received 26th May, 2020).

Dear Rodney, Re- “Tongues and Interpretation” audio message: This is a big blessing to have been among those to have received such God-given messages from you. I am surely happy that God is revealing more and more especially during this hard season of covid-19. Shalom ~ Apostle Dotwin Ng’on Gharang (Sudan). (Received 31st May, 2020). 


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