Testimonies April 2020

TESTIMONIES AND REPORTS Received in April 2020

Thank you. Your faith has brought me and our family great strength over the years Rodney and Jean. This is a GREAT message. May you be blessed and strengthened in your faith and may God give you lots of money as you continue to minister in the POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. You are faithful in the LORD and ALIVE in Jesus and this brings LIFE to the Body of Christ WORLDWIDE. See you in heaven ~ Victoria Visocchi & Family (New Jersey, USA) (Received 2nd April, 2020).

Hello Rodney, I have never written previously to say how I value the emails I receive from GFM.  So this is an acknowledgement of your inspiration and the help this has been for me over the years.  Your message today on 'Recognizing How And When God Speaks To Us' is a confirmation to me that what I have been doing over the last 2 weeks is a 'God thing.'  I was memorizing Ephesians 2:10 two weeks ago, so asked God what 'good works' I could do now that I was a 72 year old in Lock-down!  I clearly knew that this was not a limitation and felt God prompting me to write Gospel Truths on stones in indelible ink.  Our small country village in Northern Southland has many 'stone plots' along the pathways and road crossings.  So I began to place these stones in visible places when I go for my daily walk.  Now I notice some stones have disappeared, so I believe the right person has picked up them up at the right time.  God bless you both as you do His bidding. Shalom, ~ Gwennyth Grimm (Riversdale, New Zealand). (Received 8th April, 2020).

Dear Rodney, I am absolutely loving this MP3 message on “Hearing The Voice Of God”. Thank you so, so much!! So inspiring! I hope more messages online come up like this with you speaking. Power packed!! Life changing!! Thank you Thank you ~ Sincerely Julie Bartley (Whangamata, New Zealand). (Received 9th April, 2020).

Thank you so much Rodney.  Such a joy to listen to - amazing what God can do if we obey Him and listen to His instructions. Blessings to you ~ Eleanor Goodall (Hamilton, New Zealand). (Received 9th April, 2020).

Dear Rodney, I hope you are doing fine at this time of Pandemic? Thank you so much for continuous sending of very powerful messages. The recent mp3 on “Hearing The Voice Of God” has blessed my heart. You have kept us enlightened for long time and that has transformed me in a big way. ~ Rosaleni Juma (Prophetic Ministry, Samburu, Kenya). (Received 10th April, 2020).

Dearest Brother Rodney, Thank you so much for sending that audio file to me on “Hearing The Voice Of God”. It brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart listening. Please keep me and my dear wife Maria in prayer.  If you and Jean ever come to Christchurch  it would be a great privilege and honour to have you stay as we have a guest room for couples now. I remember when you came for lunch and prayed for Samuel. He has started a young men's Bible study (including non-Christians) and has led one to the Lord. With a grateful heart, ~ Richard Watts (Christchurch, NZ). (Received 11th April, 2020). 

God richly bless you for your tireless teachings. I love the Holy Spirit and I thank God for the level I'm operating in the supernatural. Your prophetic materials really opened my eyes and brought me a lot of understanding. May God increase you with more anointing to hear deeper than ever before in Jesus’ Precious Mighty Name. Amen ~ Pastor Joe Kaakyire (Accra, Ghana). (Received 11th April, 2020).

Thank you, dear Rodney and Mom Francis, for empowering my daily walk with the Lord Jesus Christ ~ Pastor Fred Olweny (Mbale, Uganda). (Received 11th April, 2020).

Praise God, my Friend Rodney and Jean - The GFM, I am so grateful to hear from you servant of God. I need your prayers to assist me about God's work; your concern to me is very important in my life and my ministry. I need to teach my church leaders and members. I have read all of your Lessons; it's a blessing to my heart indeed, and transforms my life. Please stay connected with me in all ways. God bless you, ~ Rev. John Wanjala (Bungoma, Kenya). (Received 11th April, 2020).

Dear Rev. Rodney, Thank you for the continuous powerful messages you are sending to us. I have particularly been blessed because many of my teachings have been picked from your teachings and daily I keep on the timetable to make sure I grow spiritually day after day. ~ Along Ray (S. Sudan). (Received 12th April, 2020).

Hi Rodney, I finally got to listen to this recording of “Hearing the Voice of God”. It's a bit of a mission trying to get the computer off of the kids during lockdown. This message is timeless. I wasn't at this particular meeting, but this has really been quite helpful at this time. It has reinforced the need to a). be sure that it is God, and b). then do what He says. Thank you once again for such an encouraging message. I intend to pass it on to a couple of people that I know. I can now see (or hear) why you have had such good feedback from this. Blessings ~ Geoff Stokes (Levin, New Zealand). (Received 13th April, 2020). 

Hi Rodney and Jean, I listened to your message last night (“Hearing The Voice Of God”). You know I've heard and read your stories many times, but they never fail to inspire, encourage, challenge (even more than your cartoons, jokes, etc.). Bless you Rodney, I count it a privilege to have worked and travelled with you. Love to you and Jean. ~ Colin and Lorraine Goulton (Masterton, New Zealand). (Received 13th April, 2020).

Dear Rev. Rodney, God is great! His love never ends. During this period of Covid-19 we have to be more concentrative on what God is saying. Thank you for tireless Gospel messages. Everyday there is change spiritually. Last Sunday I brought together my family for worship and we all spoke in tongues and each gave a Prophetic Message. ~ Derrick Maitha (Diani, Kenya). (Received 15th April, 2020).

Greetings Rodney (re- “Hearing The Voice Of God” MP3 message), Wonderful my brother! How happy I am to hear you preaching and teaching, encouraging and strengthening us again. I delighted to hear your voice again - the Rodney Francis voice and not just the printed version! I shall be listening to the podcast again but I have been richly blessed as ever by you and what you teach: so rich because it is both from the Scriptures and from experience ~ much powerful testimony of your hearing God’s voice. Thank you my brother and my greetings to Jean. My prayers: and my love in the Spirit ~ Jonathan Rendall (Hereford, England). (Received 17th April, 2020).

Thank you for your encouraging newsletter (BB~232) which I enjoyed reading especially on 'fear', a topic that the Holy Spirit took me through a study of the Bible some years ago. It helped me to overcome fear. This article is very helpful and relevant today for everyone around the world who is crippled by fear of catching this virus, fear of death, fear of loss of jobs/income, and fear of an uncertain future. It is a good reminder for us all to focus our eyes on Jesus and get deeper into Him, eh. I pray for God's peace, provision and protection to be upon you and Jean. God bless. Cheers ~ Lisa Lam (Johnsonville, New Zealand). (Received 17th April, 2020).

Bless you and thank you!!! Such a lovely message on “Oh How Much He Cares For You”, Rodney and Jean. I appreciate you both! Your ministry has had an impact in my walk with Jesus. Thank you also for the audio message on “Hearing The Voice Of God”. May your cup continue to overflow. Blessings and love ~ Shona Davies (Waimauku, New Zealand). (Received 23rd April, 2020). 


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