Testimonies March 2020

GFM TESTIMONIES and REPORTS Received in March 2020

 Dear Man of God, Pray for the opposition which is daily increasing. Today the Local Assistant Chief stormed into our meeting and ordered everybody out. He said what we were speaking is a language of devils. Please let us pray. ~ Veronicah Khaikwa (Webuye, Kenya). (Received 1st March, 2020).

Dear Charles (Mwanda – one of The GFM Reps. in Kenya),

We are praying for our East African Countries which are facing a big opposition from churches and Muslims. They are fighting God, not us, because He is our refuge. We are also praying for new ways in which we can start new churches in places where pastors and the leaderships have refused to accept the prophetic truth. ~ Bishop Laban Kasaringa (Kigali, Rwanda). (Received 2nd March, 2020).

Dear Rodney, May our God hear our prayers. Today war has erupted between forces of Jubaland and military forces of Somali. So many people have been killed. The war has moved away from other parts where we have a good number of prophetic members. Good news is that the western area where they are fighting NO prophetic member has been affected. Pray for our country.

~ Rev. Hassan Katana (Somali). (Received 3rd March, 2020).

Greetings, It has been quite a good time and season for our ministry here. Having people meet and discuss the word of God is a miracle. We have a Prophetic Equipping Station that meets three times a week to study and pray. These are people who had never known who Jesus is. I am very happy that at least spiritual matters are in our land for our people who have lived by believing in Islam; others in traditional gods, shrines and worshiping the ancestors. ~ Betty Ndinti (Wajir, Kenya). (Received 3rd March, 2020).

Dear Rodney, We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being a valued customer with us for so long. We look forward to continue being in business with you in the long run. It has been a pleasure working with you. Best wishes in the future. Sincerely, ~ T.E Zungeni (General Manager, AGPress, Blantyre, Malawi). (Received 3rd March, 2020). (Printers of The GFM books for Central African nations).

Hi, How great is God! Just know we are blessed to be prophetic people. Having such knowledge has propelled me to a level that everybody is surprised. Speaking in tongues and giving prophecy has elevated my relationship with God in a big way. Thank you, man of God. ~ Pastor Ian Wanyo (Kakamega Revival Center, Kenya). (Received 5th March, 2020).

Dear Rodney, Today was a great day after recovering 3 men and one lady who decided to join Prophetic Ministry. They came in the morning, each holding a copy of “Some God Happenings in My Life” book. They stay in the same compound, so  they had enough time and chance of meeting, reading and meditating on both the “School Of The Holy Spirit” manual and “Some God Happenings In My Life” book. They came out totally convinced that Prophetic Ministry is the true Bible-based teaching ministry. Today they came for prayers and confession. Great God! ~ Evalin Murugu (Meru, Kenya). (Received 6th March, 2020).

Dear servant of the Highest God, Just to let you know that I arrived in Beni  safely yesterday from the commercial town of Butembo after teaching 240 ministers and church members from 5 Christian denominations. And within the meeting there was the president of the largest Pentecostal platform in North Kivu Province, our province, who is based in Goma near the DRC and the Rwandese border. I spoke on “The ‘Dunamis’ Power Of God”, the writing of the man of God, Rodney W. Francis. All the hearers were so much impacted by the teaching, which was calling us to be preaching as we expect the amazing manifestation of the Holy Spirit in the meetings if we will continue to live a holy life and doing what God is telling us to do. Through this meeting God has opened for me a wide door for evangelizing and equipping God’s people in Butembo. And we are expecting about one thousand ministers and church members to attend that coming training. May God bless you abundantly. Yours in Christ ~ Mahamba Wa-ibera Evariste (Founder and Senior Pastor of Ebenezer Evangelical Church International; and also the Representative of The Gospel Faith Messenger Ministry in DR Congo). (Received 6th March, 2020).

Dear Rodney, God is doing miracles each day here. We are witnessing youths (who attend our services) grow in numbers; something never happened before. We have now launched a Prophetic Youth Fellowship Center. This is a positive move and we have to keep being consistence. Much thanks ~ Apostle Dotwin Gharang (African Pentecostal Mission, Sudan). (Received 7th March, 2020).

Dear brother Rodney, We need prayers for our Prophetic Ministry members. Spies are being sent to spy on perceived members so that they may get evidence to accuse us before the Islamic courts. Death is the only verdict in these courts. Keep praying for us; we need divine protection. This is the only ministry other than Islam in this country. The Prophetic Ministry books are causing jitters to the Islamic dominance. Please pray. ~ Omar (Somali). (Received 8th March, 2020).

Dear Rodney, This Sunday we have been surprised to record that we have received a letter from the head of Catholic Church Youths asking for the “School Of The Holy Spirit” manual for their annual meeting on 16th to 18th April. I am more than surprised because it's not normal for such to happen. If we can make it then we would have penetrated the heart of the biggest hindrances. ~ Sonia (Kenya). (Received 9th March, 2020).

Dear Rodney, I'm very happy to hear from you. I have been longing to see you because I'm your product from the street life. I came across your printed material I picked up while I was on the street. I joined street life at age five. When we were arrested from the street, we were taken to approved school but still with the knowledge I got from your printed material, I was able to know that there is God Who cares for the fatherless. That was the beginning of the change of my life. I got something much better from that material than the street life, smoking, drugs etc. After I finished the college (as I was sponsored by the Kenyan Government, I thought it wise to start looking for you. May God bless you so much ~ without that "born again by the Holy Spirit" experience my life could have been meaningless. Happy to hear from you once again ~ Wilfred Nyaribo (Nairobi, Kenya). (Received 10th March, 2020).

Dear Rodney, I am glad that God is helping us extend His Kingdom higher ~ today I have just been invited to lead spiritual counselling and guiding in a Theological College which is in Dodoma. This is after two teachers received the baptism of the Holy Spirit after reading the “School Of The Holy Spirit” manual. Surely this is the beginning of great entry into an environment not easily accessed. ~ Swagili Mheshimiwa (Arusha, Tanzania). (Received 11th March, 2020).

Dear Brother Rodney, More than ever before we have been saved at the nick of time by Amison Soldiers. We were being trailed by Al-shaabab militants, and by God's Grace the OAU peace keepers got hint of the evil plan and they came and rescued us before the attackers arrived. Prayer prevails much! Praise God! ~ Brother Orposhim Joseph (Somali). (Received 11th March, 2020).  

Dear brother, I am new to you. I am Stephen coming from Chad. I want to tell you that I was blessed to have come across your book “Developing Prophetic Ministry”. The book has helped me a lot. This country has very few Christians. Islam is almost 100 percent so I was so happy to have gotten your book last year. I have now taught and am mentoring spiritually 13 people. They now speak in tongues. My prayer is if we can get some copies it will be a great breakthrough. I need books which can speak to the many hearts. My name and other details are hidden for security reasons. ~ Stephen (Chad). (Received 12th March, 2020). We have very little contact with Chad, so this is good to hear.

Greetings Bro. Rodney, I would like to thank you again and again for the privilege of providing books to the list of names been sent to you. Those who are receiving the books are saying they have no words to say about the positive impact that is imprinted on their spiritual life by the messages in the pages of these books, and that they eagerly read them from the first page up to the end and they usually get important truths from it to help their life to a nearer relationship with their Lord. Sincerely, ~ Pastor Ray Odesomo (Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria). (Received 12th March, 2020).

To Whom It May Concern, I hereby confirm that Pastor Peter Ndegwa (The GFM Prisons Representative for Kenya and Uganda) came to Makueni Main Prison in December 2019. He enrolled the inmates in a programme known as “The Gospel Faith Messenger Bible Correspondence Course”. The programme took three months and the Graduation was done on 26/02/2020. I certify that this Course has made a great impact on the inmates’ spiritual lives and transformation is evident. I recommend it for much consideration ~ Gilbert M. Kiunga (SSP), Officer in Charge, Makueni Main Prison, Kenya). (Dated 13th March, 2020).

Dear Rev., We are praying for you and Jean that God may keep you strong so that many around the world may be reached and blessed with your ministry which is transforming many churches around the world. It has been a wave of spiritual change because of what God is doing through the distribution of books. We are praying for you and the ministry. Much Thanks ~ Rev. Austine Maina (Transzoia, Kenya). (Received 13th March, 2020).

Dear Brother Rodney, God is really wonderful. We have just been able to start a new Prophetic Equipping Center with 17 members, 5 being new .This is in a village where I thought no one would be converted because of serious traditional worship that has taken strong roots there. Great God! ~ Pastor Leviticus Barasa (Living Water Ministries, Kimaeti Central, Kenya). (Received 14th March, 2020).

Dear Man of God, Great is our Lord and God. Through a Prophetic Word of Faith my mother received instant healing. One lady just stood up during evening service and she prophesied healing over my mother who was at home. I immediately rushed home and I found her walking in the house; something she had not done for the last one month. Surely when we listen to God a lot of miracles are done. My mother could not understand what happened but she remembered a cold breeze sweeping through her body and immediately she regained enough energy to stand and move. Blessings ~ Sir Eliud Juma (Busia, Kenya). (Received 15th March, 2020).

Praise God, This is my highest moment after a Muslim Imam who was among the members of elders who had been chosen to  destroy the influence of Prophetic Ministry, came to our Center, called me aside and quietly asked for prayers. He said that sleeping had turned into a nightmare whenever he tried to fight. He said that his wife and children already had changed to Christianity. Praise the Lord! ~ Bishop Caren Sitai (Lugulu, Kenya). (Received 17th March, 2020).

Dear Rev. Rodney, A lot has gone by but our God is still sustaining us. In this season of corona virus we have seen manifestation of His great love. Today during prayers we received 7 new members who confessed and repented. They are from a tribe that believes in human sacrifice and other very bad traditions. This is a major breakthrough. ~ Rosaleni Juma (Prophetic Ministry, Samburu, Kenya). (Received 21st March, 2020).


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