Testimonies November 2019


GFM TESTIMONIES and REPORTS Received in November 2019

 Testimonies and Reports October- November

Dear Servant of God, Today I was blessed to witness the healing of a dumb child boy who has been in that state for 5 years. He is now 13 years old. Through the word of prophecy and flowing of the Holy Spirit during prayers the power came from on high, and the boy fell on the ground, rolled on the floor kicking and pushing for about 15 minutes, and immediately he stood up and was completely healed. We wondered how he was healed without a specific prayer from anybody. Surely God works when the Holy Spirit is at work. Everybody is talking about this miracle. Praise Jesus. ~ Bishop Caren Sitai (Holy Spirit Church, Lugulu, Kenya). (Received 1st November, 2019).

 Dear Rodney, I would like to thank Jesus Christ for His mercies upon us. The rebels attack which happened last week that claimed 12 Military  Officers happened just some few meters from where we were having Prophetic Impartation  Prayers. We thank God that He closed the eyes of our enemies. We are daily victors and whatever God has planned it will come to fulfilment. Praise Jesus! ~ Missionary Kuhu Asilwa (Power House Ministry, Wahu, Sudan). (Received 1st November, 2019).    

Hallelujah! This is amazing! I am blessed by your ministry. I went through a Bible Correspondence Course, so wonderful. Now we need a Theological College here in Kisii, Kenya, and your materials will be our training line. Pray for this; it is burning in our hearts. Blessings, blessings and blessings. ~ Pastor Oyagi Evans (Kisii, Kenya). (Received 1st November, 2019).

I always get touched by your articles. I got saved miraculously when we were arrested from the street life and put into an under-age prison. In that approved centre one day, as we were collecting waste papers to clean the compound, I happened to pick up one of your papers entitled “Jesus died for all”. This paper started the process of my salvation. God is real, Holy Ghost is real, and heaven is as real as day and night. Praise God, after that I'm now a strong street evangelist in the mornings and evenings. Hope this very kind and good God will soon give me a place of worship. Thank you for your tireless spiritual support. May this Good, Great, Faithful and Everlasting God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob supply your needs according to His unsearchable ways. ~ Wilfred Nyaribo (Nairobi, Kenya). (Received 1st November, 2019).

Dear Brother, I am very happy to tell you that after my other relatives got saved, today my brother-in-law and his entire family have confessed Christ as their Saviour. It was at the Prophetic Equipping Station in our Center that they were touched by the power of God after they accepted my invitation to attend. They are Catholics who never believed in speaking in tongues. They attended not knowing that in the room was the Holy Spirit. We thank God for His power of conviction. ~ Pastor Leviticus Barasa (Living Water Ministries, Kimaeti Central, Kenya). (Received 3rd November, 2019).

Dear Rodney, The company workers who attended our prayers have all brought their spouses and they all received salvation. God has done it again. They all came in to our Prophetic Equipping Station and declared their stand. Thanks ~ Pastor Katana Anet (Kilifi, Kenya). (Received 5th November, 2019).

Dear Rodney, I was so encouraged today after a big church that has been most critical to Prophetic Ministry sent elders to ask for forgiveness for the falsehood they had been spreading about me and Prophetic Ministry. They have asked to be allowed to join officially Prophetic Ministry. They want me to go and launch their church as a Center of study this week. According to them they were convinced after their Senior Pastor went through the “Developing Prophetic Ministry” book; but instead of finding fault he was challenged by the Spirit of God and he got convicted, and later, the entire church. They have already started a Prophetic Equipping Station in the church. We are inspired by this to know that God never gives up, and nothing is impossible with Him. How Great! ~ Patricia Ruhango (Southern District, Rwanda). (Received 7th November, 2019).

Dear Rodney, I am e-mailing you as a sign of my joy for the Muslim School which received the “School Of The Holy Spirit” manual sometime at the beginning of the year. It is like a day dream to see Muslim students carrying a Christian book, taking it home. Many are keenly reading and following the messages. The manuals are having a great impact. Through prayers, whoever receives a manual receives power of conviction. Seeing the young students impressing the teachings it is a firm foundation. Thanks ~ Rev. Benard Kaningu (Lancas, Eldoret, Kenya). (Received 9th November, 2019).

Rodney, We successfully held our first meeting in a hall donated to us by one of our ministry members. It was a very powerful start. We had 56 people attending and all speaking in tongues and giving prophecy. Growth is greatly manifesting. ~ Pastor Gilbert Oranga (House Of Prayer Center, Pokoti Regional Market, Pokoti, Kenya). (Received 9th November, 2019).

Greetings Rodney: Another moment to thank God for His love. We have now started going into rebel camps and today we were lucky to meet and introduce the Prophetic Message to a group of 17 people, 5 women and 12 men. This is a place that nobody has ever gone with the Word of God. We are the first. Keep us in prayers so that we may gain more energy to go far. ~ Missionary Kuhu Asilwa 
(Power House Ministry, Wahu,   Sudan). (Received 10th November, 2019).      

Dear Rodney, I would like to inform you that I was privileged to attend an opening seminar on distribution of 1,000 copies of “Developing Prophetic Ministry” books to the colleges in the area of Pastor Antony. He invited me as a guest speaker. Having students receive books is the major breakthrough in setting base for the ministry. ~ Rev. Gladys Nasimiyu (Maliki, Kenya). (Received 12th November, 2019).

Dear Rodney, May you be blessed for the commitment you are putting in your ministry to have books reach areas which never thought one day they will get such gifts from God. We thank God for today; we were able to open another Prophetic Equipping Station in a mountainous region which is largely dominated with hunters. This was the first-ever Bible-based teaching in this region. They have never been reached by any missionary. So this is a miracle of God. Praise God! ~ Pastor Mwania Soniah (Kaharari, Uganda). (Received 13th November, 2019).

Rodney, God is good all the time. We have started a new church despite of heavy rains here. This is an area where no church can be found. Many people came to witness the launching of the church. Here people are in the dark and the devil is ruling, many questions are being asked and we are trying to answer. Keep us in your daily prayers. ~ Apostle Peter Olovar (Great Lakes Christian Mission, Moshi, Tanzania). (Received 14th November, 2019).

Dear Rodney, Today we had a very good and blessed Prophetic Prayer Session in which we witnessed a great manifestation of the Holy  Spirit. For the first time we were amazed when a couple aged 79 and 85 spoke in tongues. Everybody was amazed of God's doings. We praise Him, for He never fails. God speaks. ~ Apostle Chacha Okielelo (Morogoro, Mikumi, Tanzania). (Received 15th November, 2019).

Dear Rodney, I would like to thank Christ Jesus so much for remembering us Catholic youths. The Prophetic is the first ministry which has directly reached youths in Catholics. I am a catechist; when I heard of the meeting and the venue where the pastor was hosting in which you had sent 1,000 copies of “The ‘Dunamis’ Power Of God!” booklet, I decided to take my youths, but was very sceptical. Little did I know it would be my chance to know of the secrets of God's Holy Spirit and true Prophetic Revelation.

I am excited for the books that each of youths received. Surely don't give up until we reach all Catholics. I was given 90 copies. It is my prayer that you bring more books soon and I have chosen some of my youths to help in distribution in Catholic groups. Already we are in a big war with Catholic fathers and sisters and elders. Today 45 were expelled from one of the churches for speaking in tongues. But we are stronger because we know our eyes are open and we are in the right place. ~ Haman Marora (Kwamusinga Catholic, Bungoma, Kenya). (Received 18th November, 2019).

Dear Rodney, I am very much excited after we started a Prophetic Equipping Station in a home of a senior chief after his wife was healed just by a word of prophecy. It is a big step because this man has been mostly opposed to prophecy. God knows how to handle His people. Amen! Great God! ~ David Hayeta (Mwanza, Tanzania). (Received 19th November, 2019).

Greetings! This evening, during our evening prayers, something happened that has shaken the entire village. Two girls started talking in tongues while laying hands on whoever they came across. More amazing was, whoever they touched started speaking in tongues, and more than 17 fell and rolled on the ground, and demons were rebuked. It was a session that took more than 2 hours beyond the allocated time. ~ Apostle Flusham Machar (Mundri West, Sudan). (Received 20th November, 2019).

Dear Brother, I am e-mailing to let you know that God has done it beyond our family expectation. My elder son has accepted Christ after going through “The ‘Dunamis’ Power Of God” booklet. He has been very stubborn and could not accept to go and attend any church. But the book has done it. It has power beyond human thoughts. We are celebrating the victory of God. ~ Pastor Levitcus Barasa
(Living Water Ministries, Kimaeti Central, Kenya). (Received 22nd November, 2019).

Dear Rodney, I hope you remember the healing of a dumb 5 year old boy. His 9 neighbours have received salvation as a result of that miracle. They confessed that after they witnessed the healing of the boy they all held a meeting in which they discussed how the miracle happened; and among them 9 repented and joined the Kingdom of God. Praise Jesus. ~ Bishop Caren Sitai (Holy Spirit Church, Lugulu, Kenya). (Received 24th November, 2019).

Dear Rodney, I am happy to inform you that the church which we started early this month has recorded an increase of 6 new members, making the total 23 members. Nobody is going out for evangelism because it could depict us like any other religion, but we give them copies of the book “The School Of The Holy Spirit” and the result is salvation. It silently ministers to individual souls. God is God! ~ Pastor Hildah Wandabwa (KAG Church Ministry, Saboati, Trans Nzoia, Kenya). (Received 25th November, 2019).

Dear Rodney, I am new to your e-mail. I have been touched to e-mail you after my son who has been a Muslim converted to Christianity after reading through the “School Of The Holy Spirit” manual given to him last year. He had kept the book hidden away for 8 months after being given it ~ he only took it to read last month when he came across it while re-arranging his house. But God's time is the best. Immediately before getting to the second chapter he was struck by conviction and today he called for prayers of salvation. I am so happy and my family is celebrating. Praise Jesus! ~ Molly Habruena (Burundi). (Received 26th November, 2019).

Dear Brother Rodney, I would like to take this wonderful God-given opportunity to let you know that our Lord has been so faithful that through His grace, He provided some funds for me and I am currently using the funds to print 500 copies of “BY FAITH” article. Thereupon completion, I will be distributing the printed copies to people free of charge. Continue uplifting me in prayers, Shalom. Your brother in Christ, ~ Denish Otuoma (Nairobi, Kenya). (Received 26th November, 2019).

Hi Rodney and Jean, Every week I read the testimonies of how people are touched by God in Africa and elsewhere through The GFM Ministry and I am always moved to tears.  Thanks for sharing these testimonies because it connects me to the people and places where I sow my seed. I weep because I know what it is like to have been in spiritual bondage and to be confused about the Prophetic Ministry. It was God who led me to learn from your straightforward way of teaching about the Prophetic Ministry which exposed and broke through all the wrong spiritual stuff I had picked up and I was set free.  When there is the false spiritual, we need the true spiritual to overcome it.  I call your teaching style the KISS method, (Keep It Simple Sweetheart.) I think the key is to keep God’s Prophetic Truths sweet (loving), and simple to understand (not complicated or over the top). May God bless you abundantly as you continue to encourage our precious brethren living in Africa through The GFM Ministry.  I am in awe that they are being reached in those remote places where no one else goes because of the manuals and those faithful believers are going out to share what they have learnt. I love the fact that there are all these little books that can be used over and over again and they can get into prisons and bring about transformation. God is so amazing that He has used you in this way. Kindest Regards to you both ~ Cara Holden ☺ (Napier, New Zealand). (Received 26th November, 2019).

Had a great night in Rotorua; new people. Dougie had a Word of Knowledge which led to one lady leaving the meeting totally transformed - a divine appointment. They - her and her husband - had come once earlier in the year and now shifting to Edgecumbe. At the same time a lady who ministered deeply to her (it was her last time as they are moving to Ohope) but God set it up for them to meet, connect and continue what HE started. Graeme Wiseman brought his 13 year old - Cohen - who is just full of Jesus; so outgoing and so confident. Put in the chair - really encouraged especially by another first-timer who was under 30. Lots of tears when she – Amanda, mother of 3 - went in ‘the chair’. She left excited, uplifted and ready for whatever life was going to throw at her. They will be back! So encouraging for us to see new ones and Amanda is like a magnet draws folk to her so we believe that other young ones will come as a result. ALL GOOD. Thanks for the privilege ~ Dougie & Jackie Hodges (The GFM Hamilton Office and leaders of the Hamilton and Rotorua Prophetic Equipping Stations, New Zealand). (Received 27th November, 2019).

Dear Brother in the Lord, Grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ. So many lives are being touched with those books sent to those listed names. Praise the Lord for all the souls that have made a decision for Christ or have received Christ as their Lord and Saviour, as the past several weeks the responses coming in to us on a daily basis have been overwhelming. Please keep praying for folks; God is still very busy at work in the hearts of people to this day. We appreciate your fellowship in this work for the Father and trust that the materials provided is blessing many. May His grace and love shine upon you doing this good work for Him.  "Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom and as you sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God" (Colossians 3:16). "For the Word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword; it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart" (Hebrews 4:12). Oh! l wish we can get more books to these people amongst that list that would be much blessings! I am thrilled that the Lord is using your books to win souls. Continue on in His work. The Kingdom of Heaven will be enlarged because you have a generous heart! Kind Regards, God bless you ~ Pastor Ray Odesomo (Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria). (Received 28th November, 2019).

Dear Rodney, I am more than happy to see young people being changed from outlaws to good citizens. The books are being a sure means to reach hearts of many young people which would not have been reached in any other way. Today I attended a workshop planned by youths and I was shocked how young people explore messages in the book "Developing Prophetic Ministry". I was shocked how God works in a very unique way. ~ Patricia Ruhango (Founder, Christ’s Voice Of Salvation Church, Southern District, Rwanda). (Received 28th November, 2019).

Dear Rodney, I am writing for the first time to you. I am really inspired with what God is doing in this country. I have been working in Chad for the past 10 years and for the ten years I have never seen anybody holding or reading the Bible. But after the secret distribution of the “School Of The Holy Spirit” books I have witnessed people forming small groups in our workplace and they discuss the things of God. This country is most dangerous to anybody who is not a Muslim. It is God's power that is converting many hearts and bringing this change. We are using the books which are printed in a way that nobody discovers to be anti-Muslim. On top it is just plain with no writings. We thank the Lord for His love. ~ Terenya Poulina (International Humanity For Life, Chad). (Received 29th November, 2019).


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