Testimonies October 2019



TESTIMONIES/REPORTS Received in October 2019:

Dear Rodney, I am happy today we were blessed to start a Prophetic Prayer Center. This is a Center that shall be hosting monthly and quarterly impartation prayers and seminars. The Center Hall was donated to us by one of our members. This is the answer to our prayers. ~ Pastor Gilbert Oranga (House Of Prayer Center, Pokoti, Kenya). (Received 1st October, 2019).

Dear Brother, I am happy to inform you that today we started another Prophetic Equipping Station Center. This Center is a blessing to the community of this area who do not have any church around. Prophetic Ministry is taking a first step in evangelism and transformation. God is creating a new way of worship and unity. ~ Pastor Evans Walukana (Kamukuywa, Kenya). (Received 2nd October, 2019).

Dear Rodney, May God be with you and bless you. I thank God for allowing us to have the first Prophetic School Symposium in which I attended. I was amazed to witness youth speaking in tongues, something which has never happened. About 60 youth spoke in tongues in one session which shocked so many people. Surely God is moving mightily through the written word. ~ Bishop Sanikwa Nakhumicha (Kasese, Uganda). (Received 3rd October, 2019).

Dear Brother, I am overjoyed for the breakthrough today. During our Friday prayers a lady was healed from an issue of blood which she had lived with for 3 years. A young lady in attendance spoke in tongues and gave a prophecy of healing and immediately the sick lady stood up and rushed to the washroom. After a few minutes she came out with a healing testimony. Great is God! ~ Overseer Sylivia Kakawanga (Kilifi, Kenya). (Received 5th October, 2019).

Amen, Speaking in Tongues has become daily worshipping language here. It is very inspiring to be part of such a ministry that allows God to speak through individuals. This is the true Gospel. I have now discovered that self-reading and studying both the book and the Bible results in a great growth. We are encouraging people to read and see the truth. Thanks ~ Bishop Abiud Wamalwa (Kitale, Kenya). (Received 6th October, 2019).

Dear Rodney, I am glad that today I was blessed to have attended a church service in Juba town which is to my surprise fully prophetic. All speak in tongues and more than 70 percent give prophecy. This a big step towards achieving the purpose of God in this country. ~ Apostle Dotwin Ng’on Gharang (Sudan). (Received 7th October, 2019).

Man of God, I am so happy that my wife has been appointed to be an Assistant Chaplain of the Military Branch of this country. This is a door for Prophetic Ministry to reach wide and deep. Blessings ~ Pastor Joseph Makhabila (Bugiri, Uganda). (Received 8th October, 2019).

Praise God, It is my joy to tell you that today we were blessed to start a Prophetic Equipping Station in our town. This is going to help us in a big way. We have informed all the members around the town to meet every Friday in this centre. ~ Wakoli Mbarimanana (North Congo). (Received 10th October, 2019).

Dear Man of God, We are blessed to have started two weeks Prophetic Evangelism. It is really inspiring and many lessons to learn in going from house-to-house sharing the word of God and praying for impartation of the Holy Spirit Gifts. We are seeing great conversions and before we finish we shall baptize new converts, set up Prophetic Equipping Station's and plan for the next. Amen ~ Rev. Nyabara Alfayo (Dodoma, Tanzania). (Received 11th October, 2019).

Dear Rev. Rodney, I would like to inform you that today I was able to receive three former rebel members into our ministry. I gave them copies of the “SCHOOL OF THE HOLY SPIRIT” manual as a gift and the result is this great conversion. Tomorrow I will introduce them to our Prophetic Equipping Station. In His Name ~ Abdul Wadood (Pajok, S. Sudan). (Received 12th October, 2019).

Dear Rodney and Jean, I am full of excitement with what The Gospel Faith Messenger is doing across the world. Lives of people are being changed because of the good teachings they have been receiving ~ a lot of testimonies are in my desk and therefore we request your East Africa Director to come to Kisumu, Kenya, and meet The GFM friends. We have also been blessed with your Prophetic Teachings. We need the copies of your books, “Developing Prophetic Ministry” and “An Encounter With God”. Love to all ~ Pastor Erick O. and Milly Akach (Kisumu, Kenya). (Received 13th October, 2019).

Dear Rodney, I thank Jehovah God for another opportunity. I have received a letter inviting me to introduce Prophetic Ministry in two High Schools. They will be having a Prophetic Symposium on Friday next week. This is a unique opportunity of reaching the unreached souls prophetically. Through these graces many families are reached. Thanks be to God ~ Pastor Katana Anet (Senior Pastor, Anet Ministries, Kaloleni, Kilifi County, Kenya). (Received 13th October, 2019).

I am Pastor James Said, pastoring a Pentecostal Church in an Asylum country, Tanzania, in a Refugee Camp called Nyarugusu. We have 313 Christians, including all the Five-fold Ministries in action. After getting your book called “Counselling and Deliverance” I was too much absorbed in your ministry and was eager to search for you on the internet and there I got much information about your ministry and liked it very much. Therefore, I ask you to partner with us so as to mentor us and empower us spiritually. Remember we are ministering in a place where many refugees are hopeless, frustrated and stressed due to what they went through in their countries of origin, Congo and Burundi. So please accept to partner with us for the glory of God. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. May God bless you abundantly. Thanks a lot. Yours in Christ ~ Pastor James Said (Nyarugusu, Tanzania). (Received 13th October, 2019).

Dear Rodney, I am E-Mailing you after a miracle happened. This is a testimony:

I am a new convert, having been a senior member of a group used to do bad things on anybody promoting any other religious beliefs rather than Islam. I was the keeper of crude weapons used against perceived enemies of Islam. On the 12th of last month, we were planning a serious attack when, before leaving the house, I received a call from my sister-in-law asking me to urgently stop at her house. I did that and, on arrival, I did not find her but a handwritten note on her table asking me to pick a book which was on the table. I got the book and thought it had very important information which made her urgently call me.

I went back in my house and opened the book. I can never tell what power entered me which I could not resist, since my eyes were glued on every word I was reading. After 3 hours, I found myself crying and asking forgiveness alone in the house. I rushed out to my sister- in-law’s house and found her. She told me that it was the only way she could reach my evil soul. She brought me to your house and you prayed for me and instructed me to testify before the church. I am into hiding, because my friends might kill me if they discover of my conversion, but I am praying that they will be reached soon. They cannot do any evil at the moment because I am the boss and the giver of instructions; also I keep all the weapons. Please keep my name private when sharing this testimony. I need many books to help me distribute wisely to thousands of youths who are bound by evil religion. ~ I. (Kenya). (Sent in by the Pastor) (Received 13th October, 2019).

Dear Rodney, I am so happy after facilitating a very successful Impartation Service in a Catholic Youth Church Workshop. This is like a big dream. First I thought it was just a big joke when I was invited because Catholics are always against Prophetic Ministry. Since I was invited by youths I decided to go after two days of prayer. I started teaching from the booklet “The ‘Dunamis’ Power Of God”. I had been given one hour, but at 35 minutes into my teachings things ‘went wild’ and more than 80 percent were crying and speaking in tongues. I was almost confused what to do because I never expected such a reception. I am now challenged to supply at least 12,000 copies to go to the youths in three districts in the month of November by 22nd. They have agreed to give 500 dollars as their contribution. This is against the wish of elder Catholics but the young ones have decided never to back down.  Praise God ~ Charles Abureria Baya (Harvest S. Ministry, Kampala, Uganda). (Received 14th October, 2019).

Dear Rev. Rodney, I am e-mailing you after a very successful meeting with a group of 14 pastors who declared to be part of Prophetic Ministry after having gone through the “School Of The Holy Spirit” manual. These are pastors from a well-known Christian Ministry (name withheld) which suspended them for promoting Prophetic Ministry teachings. They received letters of suspension and were given one-month to change their minds, but they have stood their ground to follow the right way which is prophetic. They have started reaching out to those who are still in the dark. Many are willing to follow their pastors. Pray for them. Blessings. ~ Bishop Laban Kasaringa (Rwanda). (Received 15th October, 2019).

Dear Brother, What you have done is only the will of God. Having books to colleges in this country is the best option. Today I attended the Students Seminar where the discussion and teachings were based on the “Developing Prophetic Ministry” book. It was so exciting to hear testimonies of what Jesus and the Holy Spirit is doing in hundreds of souls. Please don't give up in reaching many other souls. ~ Daniel Ghadwe (Malaba, Uganda). (Received  17th October, 2019).

Dear Rev. Rodney, I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ. I believe you and Jean are fine. We rejoice being part of this great ministry. Last Sunday we were blessed to start one more Prophetic Equipping Station on the outskirts of Mikumi. The village where we started the PES has only Catholic Churches; there is no church that teaches and believes in the Holy Spirit and His gifts. We are happy that Prophetic Ministry is a pioneer in this village of over 20,000 people. ~ Apostle Chacha Okielelo (Morogoro, Mikumi, Tanzania). (Received 18th October, 2019).

Dear Rodney, Many thanks for your love for the Kingdom of God. For my whole family to get salvation had been so hard; but after the entry of Prophetic Ministry the whole of my family are now saved. I rejoice of being messianic. The Church which I Shepherd has become fully Prophetic. Through prophecies my father and mother were humbled and accepted Jesus Christ. My brothers and my cousin got salvation immediately afterwards. They all speak in tongues. ~ Pastor Levitcus Barasa (Living Water Ministries, Kimaeti Central, Kenya). (Received 19th October, 2019).

Dear Rodney, Good news in our family today. My father provided a peace land 50 by 100 feet to set-up a Prophetic Equipping Station in our home. This is great. After he got saved from Islam he is now a leader of a PES. God is great! ~ Apostle Betty Ndinti (Wajir, Kenya). (Received 21st October, 2019). 

Rodney, today we have seen the true victory of our Lord Jesus. After prayers on Friday night we separated and each member went back to his or her house promising to meet today evening in prayers. It was a big surprise that when I entered the meeting room I found 17 new men and 6 new ladies waiting for.me. When I enquired they told me they are new members directed there by their boss at work. They work at a private company which fixes electricity. They said that they were told to seek salvation after their boss read through “Some God Happenings In My Life” book and was convinced that the only way to turn around the company (which is financially grounded) is to seek God and Jesus Christ. Because he could not attend in person he sent his workers. This is actually Elohim's doing. Amen ~ Pastor Katana Annet (Kilifi, Kenya). (Received 21st October, 2019).

Dear servants of God, Rodney and Jean. Thank you for sending me the “School Of The Holy Spirit” manual. After receiving this I started teaching people from different churches in a Seminar about the Holy Spirit ~ at the end of teaching 29 people were filled with the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. Praise the Lord for having an inspirational and powerful book like this. Best regards ~ Bishop J. S. Kameme (Nakonde, Zambia). (Received 22nd October, 2019).

Dear Man of God, It is my highest moment to inform you that I have been allowed to give “Developing Prophetic Ministry” books to three schools which I have been leading Christian Sunday teachings. The head teachers of these schools made such a suggestion after my many requests were declined for the last two years. I require only 1,000 copies. If it is possible I will be so happy. If we miss this chance then it is hard for us. Amen ~ Pastor Antony Juma Wamalwa (Kimilili, Kenya). (Received 22nd October, 2019).

Hi Rodney, It is my gratitude to Jesus for His love over our ministry here. We have been blessed with a piece of land to put up a Prophetic Prayer Center. The piece of land was this morning donated by an elderly lady whose grandchild was healed from asthma during our prayers in the last Prophetic Equipping Station meeting. May God be praised! ~ Joel Okaka (Kwale, Kenya). (Received 22nd October, 2019).

Rodney, I am so happy today to tell you that my Muslim cousin (whom I told you some months back that he lives in Lamu and took a copy of the “School Of The Holy Spirit” manual), has visited my house and confessed  Christ. He says he was preached to by the book and every chapter and page was like a stroke of lightning to his spirit. I am so happy. ~ Apostle Kennedy Livondo (Church Glory Ministries, Kenya). (Received 24th October, 2019).

Dear Rodney, I am e-mailing to let you know that through Prophetic Evangelism we have been able to start a new church in a village which has always been covered/bound by illegal alcohol, having its population controlled by alcoholism. It's our happiness that this has come to pass. We handed over the church to Faith Ministries. God is able. ~ Evangelist Joram Sikolia (Abrahamic Covenant Mission, Kapenguria, Kenya). (Received 25th October, 2019).

Dear Man of God, This week has been our Prophetic Evangelism Week and we have had a big harvest. During the week we were able to witness 170 people confessing Christ. 15 churches of different denominations participated. God is good. ~ Jacob Hungeremana (Central Vaculity, Bujumbura, Burundi). (Received 26th October, 2019).

Rodney, I am happy to tell you that we have started another Prophetic Equipping Station this evening in a compound of an area chief. This is a step higher because the influence the chief has in the community will cause many to come. He gave us a piece of land in his compound to start off. This is good. Much thanks ~ Prophet Mamboleo Khadija (Pentecostal Church, Mumboleo, Tanzania). (Received 27th October, 2019).

Dear Rev. May you be blessed for your sacrifice and commitment to make sure books reach down to remote villages. Prophetic Ministry is going to be a platform of change. We are praying for spiritual revival and impartation that will keep bringing change to every church. Although opposition is growing day after day, God is seeing us through. Believing and praying for you. ~ Evangelist Zebarissa (Kisozi District, Burundi). (Received 28th October, 2019).

Dear Man of God, We are praying for you daily; may the God of Grace keep showering you with His love. We are so happy for the victory on our side after four months of great opposition which we have been facing day-after-day of police frustrations. They are always sent by pastors and church leaders who do not want Prophetic Ministry. They have been telling people that I am a robber who the police have been investigating. Yesterday the truth came out when the police boss received a complaint of our frustrations. He immediately transferred all police officers in that station. Praise God ~ Prophet Kenani Kimani (Kirinyaga, Kenya). (Received 29th October, 2019).  

Dear Rodney, Today God moved in a big way during our Monday prayers. All those present spoke in tongues; this has never happened before ~ including children and old men. I cannot hide my joy, but keep on shouting Glory!!!! Glory!!!! ~ Amos Hungerama (AIC School Of Ministry, Burundi). (Received 29th October, 2019).

Dear Rev. Rodney, Many miracles are happening here. Today we had Prophetic Impartation Prayers and 23 new people spoke in tongues for the first time. It was very exciting and a blessing to see a boy of 5 years speaking in tongues. This was a sign of God manifesting Himself. Much Thanks ~ Rev. Austine Maina (Transzoia, Kenya). (Received 30th October, 2019).

Dear Brother, I am praying that you are fine in the Lord. I am happy to tell you that we have started another Prophetic Equipping Station in my house. It was a blessing when my house was chosen and my family accepted. Great God! ~ David Hayeta (Mwanza, Tanzania). (Received 31st October, 2019).


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