Current Testimonies

TESTIMONIES and REPORTS Received in June, 2019.


Dear Rodney and Charles, It is my highest moment to thank God for both of you and Dick (the printer) for the splendid duty you are doing by bringing the true Gospel closer to people in their homes and rooms. The place I minister is a banditry region where young men live by raiding other villages stealing animals and killing any resistant person. We have started one big Prophetic Equipping Station which is the key to nomadic people. We thank God. ~ Bishop James Makete (King of kings Ministry, Kesokoni, Kenya). (Received 1st June, 2019).

Dear Rodney and Jean, Thank you so much for The GFM Prayer Support Letter that you have been sharing with me; and others that have a connection to this Ministry. I do really appreciate them; they are of much help to me personally as an individual, both in my spiritual life and growth ~ and even those others who I am led to share with all to the glory of the living God . I would really say from the depth of my heart that these Newsletters have really been giving us living words and courage to stand on the Word of God and the only true resurrected and soon coming our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ! The letters are of great blessings to so many here whom I am taking the Gospel of truth in this generation, especially the ones behind bars (the incarcerated prison inmates) ~ to the Lord Jesus Christ only be the glory and worship of hearts to people such as you who can speak the truth into so many lives. ~ Pastor Edward Mulenga (Lusaka, Zambia). (Received 1st June, 2019).

Dear Brother Rodney, Many thanks for the recent summit that was a big meeting of great transformation. The GFM Ministry is a God-send to this country. We never imagined there would come a true time when our people will be reached with the Gospel, especially very true as this Prophetic Ministry. This is the will of God for His people in this generation. Praise God ~ Dotwin Ng'on Gharang (Sudan). (Received 3rd June, 2019).

Dear Rodney, I am glad to tell you that today we were celebrating the opening of three new Prophetic Equipping Centers. It was joyful moments today. God is taking Prophetic Ministry far. He has a reason for all these. Knowing God and speaking Prophetic Messages is what God intents for all of us. Speaking in tongues is the true identity that God is with you and a manifestation to show that you are baptized by the Holy Spirit. ~ Abraham Koffi (Kilimanjaro, Tanzania). (Received 4th June, 2019).

Dear Rev. Rodney, May our Lord increase your ministry more and more. It is this evening that we have just finished our district Prophetic Seminar. It was very successful with 32 leaders attending. Speaking in tongues has become a daily language in every fellowship. Giving prophecy is now part of every household that is a member. Amen ~ Pastor Mwania Soniah (Kaharari, Uganda). (Received 5th May, 2019).

Dear Rodney, God is good and He is Lord in our lives. Here in Kilifi we have witnessed a great reformation in churches which are functioning in Prophetic Ministry. Revivals are great and miracles which have never been there are everywhere. Through prophecy God is revealing a lot and giving us directions on how to pray and worship. It is more than joy for the Holy Spirit to lead a service. We have 15 churches that are now fully prophetic. Thanks for good work ~ Ian Wanyoni (Kilifi, Kenya). (Received 6th June, 2019).

Dear Servant of God, I would like to thank God for bringing The GFM Ministry here and for the impact that it has brought spiritual revival in this area. Yesterday we were able to start a new Prophetic Equipping Station. This is a big step towards great growth of the ministry. It is now over two years since we received books. Please remember us when you print again. We need continuous growth and spiritual expansion. In His Name ~ Bishop Kutosi Waluka (Maliki, Kenya). (Received 6th June, 2019).

Dear Friend, I would like to take this opportunity to thank God for another moment to say thanks for having this great ministry in our country. This morning my two uncles, who have been leading sorcerers, received salvation. They had refused to forsake their evil ways for many years and they were initiating many into their world. Today was an ‘explosion’ in their house during prayers of prophetic evangelism. We visited the house at the time when they were preparing their stuff. We immediately started praying and in the midst of prayers, The Holy Spirit moved and struck them down ~ they rolled in the dust and were completely humbled and confessed Jesus as Lord. The elder one said he had never felt such force and heat before. Surely God moves in Prophetic Ministry and, where there is The Holy Spirit, God exalts Himself. Hallelujah! ~ Gabriel Museveni Lungipapa (Bujumbura, Burundi). (Received 8th June, 2019).

Dear Rodney, I stand to declare the goodness of God at this moment of time. Eritrea is a country that is deeply in need of the Gospel. We never knew that God could come to the rescue of His people through a very set message that only Jehovah gave. It is unbelievable that people are secretly getting convicted. This is more than anybody ever thought about. There is therefore an urgent need of many books to help us keep this going. I sincerely ask for “The ‘Dunamis’ Power Of God” booklets for our Annual Prophetic meeting. ~ Apostle Esophec Patrick (Camp David, Eritrea). (Received 9th June, 2019).

Dear Rodney, It has been my big day today. Although we have been avoiding emailing from this end (unless in a secure computer) but today I am forced to email you because of the miracle that happened. My co-worker who has been spying on prophetic members received salvation in my office. This was a shock to me because I never expected such people to easily get convicted. Last week I lost my copy of “The ‘Dunamis’ Power of God” (booklet) and I thought my secretary had misplaced it, not knowing it had been taken by Salim my partner in the office. The book became a master of conviction; Salim says that immediately he started reading something beyond his control forced him to go through the whole book. The following day he missed reporting to work because he was weak after a whole night of reading and re-reading the book. In the evening of the following day he felt something cold on his tongue that started turning it into speaking what he could never know. Today he called me to report to work for an emergency. I rushed and found him crying, asking for salvation prayers. He was afraid that he might go dumb or insane for speaking what he cannot explain and why his tongue was doing that. I explained to Him about speaking in tongues and that cooled him. Praise GOD. There is unmeasurable power in the book. We thank God. ~ Prophet Mackdonald Salim (Somali). (Received 10th May, 2019).

Greetings! My love to you and your family. I have moved from lower glory to higher glory by keen study and sharing of the “School Of The Holy Spirit” manual. Everything has changed in both our church and family. Praying in tongues has brought great joy and peace. We wish this mystery could have come earlier. ~ Ray Along (HDK, S. Sudan). (Received 11th June, 2019).

Brother Rodney, May His Name be praised forever. Today I was invited to the town of Hargeisa by a traditional priest who wanted to know more of the messages in the book “The School Of The Holy Spirit” which his son (who is in college) brought home. The book had made his work of sorcery very difficult. Whenever he opened his mouth to speak to his ancestors in order to do his evil work no word came out and he became dumb, but when he opened his mouth to speak to his family words came out. This had affected him for three months until he decided to call me. I taught him the power of God and how our Lord is All-Powerful and Mighty. The sorcerer immediately asked me to destroy all his evil collections and concoctions, and I burned them. He and his family of three wives and 23 children confessed Jesus as Saviour and gave their lives to Salvation. This is very powerful, amazing and worthy of celebration ~ Apostle Salim Bakar (Jubaland, Somali). (Received 12th June, 2019).

Dear Rodney, God has never been so wonderful in my life like He did this morning. I was surprised to find my son, who has been drug addict for 12 years, speaking in tongues and confessed Jesus as his Saviour and Lord. He said that when he heard his mother praying in tongues he thought it to be a big joke and he started  funny jokes of repeating and imitating her; that is how he was made by a force of submission and he found himself speaking in tongues, crying  and confessing. Praise GOD. ~ Pastor Katana Annet (Kilifi, Kenya). (Received 14th June, 2019).

Dear Rev. Rodney, Today we had a big open prayer meeting in a field near a market place. It was wonderful that during opening prayers it took us two hours to calm those who are speaking in tongues at the top of their voices. The whole market came to listen. All people wanted to know what was going on. It was like a flood of fire; people cried and prayed for over 20 minutes. All shops were closed so that people could come and see what was happening. Prophecy is the best way. ~ Holder Nelima (Saboati, Kenya). (Received 16th June, 2019).

Dear Rodney, Having a great ministry is the  wish of every believer. This is what has been fulfilled in my life and ministry .The change to Prophetic Ministry has brought light where we were had deep darkness. Prophetic Revelations and speaking in tongues has proved the only better way to worship. I want to thank God for every good thing He has done so far. ~ Bishop Laban Kisaringa (Kigali, Rwanda). (Received 16th June, 2019).

Dear Rodney, It has been my greatest moment to be part of a team that visited parliament today. We were chosen to represent the religious section of the country. Being appointed means I am able to access many places of higher offices. I am told I will be heading the Department Of Learning Institutes. I will be fully able to access all institutes and set-up Biblical programs. Prophetic Ministry will be a key in this matter. This is the big set towards great achievement. Amen ~ Bishop Kennedy Harvest (Muyinga,  Burundi). (Received 17th June, 2019).

Dear Brother Rodney, We are so happy that another step has been taken towards great achievement of Prophetic Ministry. Yesterday we had a big meeting which had never been there before. This was our first meeting in the most remote town. People are hungry for the word, and not only the word but the true word. When I shared the message many people were eager for more and they asked for more books. Last time I gave churches of this town only 34 copies which were not enough for 280 participants. This is the beginning of one month of evangelism where we are expected to reach large numbers. We shall finish with a big Prophetic Prayer and Impartation Rally. ~ Samson Makiriema (North Kivu, Rwanda). (Received 18th June, 2019).

Dear Rodney, I am taking this opportunity to thank God for His great love manifested through the written word. This country would have never known any truth if it was not for the written word. Nobody could have ever dared to preach, teach or act on Prophetic Ministry without proper foundation. Books have made it possible where human beings could have never done. I am very happy for the first Prophetic Equipping Station meeting we started today in a village full of drunkards in the house of my soldier cousin. ~ Apostle Dasekelo Omwami (Tanga, Tanzania). (Received 19th June, 2019).

Dear Brother, Another day of God manifestation. We were blessed to have been given permission to host a Prophetic Meeting in the public field. This is not a joke but a big miracle. The open field has been a place of political rallies exclusively. I just received a letter allowing us to continue with the plans for a big Prophetic Day. Praise God. ~ Joseph Makhabila (Bugiri, Uganda). (Received 20th June, 2019).

Dear Rodney, May God sustain you and continue giving you His Grace. We have today started one more Prophetic Equipping Station in a town of Tana River which has been hard to reach. The opposition there has been high, but today we made it possible through our strong member, who is very active in Prophetic Ministry. We started this class in his compound. Praise God and thanks. ~ Pastor Geoffrey Okongo (Kikampala, Kenya). (Received 22nd June, 2019).

It is my pleasure to tell you that we are blessed as a family for the salvation of our Dad who has been very active in the den of the drunkards. His salvation is our family’s greatest joy. His change of heart was not as a result of someone speaking to him, but it was the book that we gave him that spoke to him. His salvation has caused five more men to follow. They all want salvation  . . . God is moving in a very powerful way. He is daily speaking and revealing ministry opportunities. I stand to tell you that so many people are active in the ministry, and yet we lack enough books to help them learn more about the ministry. They desire growth and very active in every meeting. ~ Pastor James Wafula (Kimilili, Kenya). (Received 22nd June, 2019).

Dear Friend,  I would like to thank you for the wonderful and long successful seminar which was led by Pastor Dick Tonny the printer who prints our books in Mombasa, Kenya) here in Arusha, Tanzania. The books which I had previously been given are the greatest gift for us. Thanks for the victory after so many hiccups. Arusha is coming to the true knowledge of God's will. The 260 copies which I was given both for Mikumi and Morogoro have already born 17 Prophetic Equipping Stations on the ground. Praise God. ~ Pastor Swagili Mheshimiwa (Arusha, Tanzania). (Received 24th June, 2019).

Rodney, May God keep you strong and prosper you for making us part of your ministry through books. I was blessed during the last week's Prophetic Conference at Malaba with 140 copies of “Some God's Happenings In My Life” book. The book is a big encouragement and has elicited a lot of joy in the ministry. Those who received copies are calling and testifying of what God is doing in their homes, families and souls. We thank God for you. ~ Hussein Muginde (Busia, Uganda). (Received 25th June, 2019).

Dear Brother, It is my innermost re-action that only God knows. The force by which Prophetic books are converting Muslims is the news which is like fiction in the eyes of humanity. Today four Muslim brothers came running into our camp asking for anybody who knows Yeshua Messiah to pray for them. It was amazing. After prayers they told us how an unknown force pushed them to the ground unconscious for three hours. They said this happened when they tried to ask the power of God of the book they were reading to show His powers, or they will shame whoever wrote the book. Immediately something like a strong storm without rain entered the room and pushed them on to the ground. After three hours they woke up and started running and crying for help. That is how I met them. This is great. May God keep us strong. In His Service ~ Patrick Khanjirii (Western Front Heart, Somali). (Received 26th June, 2019).

Rodney, it is my pleasure that God has been with us and His protection is everlasting. I want to request for only 1,500 copies of “The ‘Dunamis’ Power Of God” booklet. We shall be having a very important meeting with all the Youth Leaders from all churches in this country. The meeting is on how we should bring peace in villages. The main solution is using books to reach the souls of individual persons where peace should start. We don’t have any other teaching material besides your book in this country; the only book is your book. Without the books nothing can be used to bring change in human heart. ~ Apostle Khakula Petrosa (The Living Water Prophetic Ministry, Suneka, Kenya).   (Received 27th June, 2019).

Dear Rodney, It is my pleasure to thank Almighty Father for giving us a chance to be part of Prophetic Ministry. It was a big blessing to see three more cultism leaders confessing Christ and coming to the knowledge of truth after  reading through the “School Of The Holy Spirit” manual  three times in order to find fault, but instead they were convicted by the Holy Spirit to accept Christ. This is a unique way never heard or seen before. God is working in His own way. Keep us in prayers ~ Pastor Bwana Mkubwa (Salvation Victory Church, Arusha, Tanzania). (Received 29th June, 2019).