Testimonies From A Kenyan Prison

Testimonies From a Kenya Prison:

It is interesting  to know that a wonderful work of God is taking place within the prisons of Kenya. The authorities desire that every prisoner in Kenya (over 55,000) go through The GFM Bible Courses as they have seen such positive changes in the lives of those several thousands who have already been through the Courses (they are in the King James Version of the Bible). This ministry is headed up by Pastor Peter Ndegwa (Nairobi) who does a great work of visiting the prisons and distributing Lessons, books and Bibles for the inmates to go through the Courses and also get established in the faith of Jesus Christ. Prisoners have also been trained to mark the Lessons of other inmates. Please keep this ministry in your prayers. Thank you ~ Rodney W. Francis.

Praise the Lord! My name is Aggrey Mmbayi Injaga. I entered in to prison as a sinner. I used to rob people of their properties, but after I was arrested and imprisoned, God through His saving grace and unmerited favour, saved me. After I was saved The GFM materials were brought in to Kamiti Maximum Prison where currently I am detained. When I went through these Courses I came to learn more about Jesus and these Lessons helped me to go through the Bible; I have covered “The Gospel of John”, “The Book of Ephesians”, and “Divine Healing”. The Lessons brought the thirst and zeal to read the Bible and enlightened me. The Lessons have been of great importance and helped my spiritual maturity. I have also learned more about divine healing and the benefit we get through the word of God. The books I got, such as “Counseling and Deliverance” and “Bible Basics” have helped me much. Thanks a lot, Rodney Francis and The GFM Ministry Team as the work you have done in my life is awesome. The GFM Lessons and gifts of Rodney’s books have equipped me to minister and evangelize better to my fellow inmates. Let me say the books (which came along while graduating) are very good and beneficial in ministry work. Real transformation is realized through these Lessons and the only effective transformation in a person’s life is when a person changes on the inside and outside. When the heart of a person changes, transformation takes place. God bless all who are involved in making possible these Lessons that are reaching many people, especially prisoners. Yours in Christ’s Service ~ Aggrey Mmbayi Injage (GFM Co-ordinator, Kamiti Maximum Prison).

My name is Michael Mutisya Kamei. Jesus is my personal Saviour! These Courses of The Gospel Faith Messenger Ministry made me to learn more from the Lessons on “The Gospel of John”, “The Book of Ephesians” and “Divine Healing”. These Lessons helped me to study the Bible using the King James Bible and to get the answer to the questions. I have learned a lot from the three Rodney Francis books donated to me, together with The GFM Certificates of Completion. I have learned a lot from the “Bible Basics” manual ~ topics about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Holy Communion, etc. I am now strong in my journey of faith in God. I recommend these Lessons, King James Bibles and pens to be taken across prisons in our country Kenya as they are a great tool for changing inmates’ lives and also help to cut recidivzm (“the tendency of a convicted criminal to reoffend”). May our good Lord provide the resources needed to make these Lessons reach many prison inmates. ~ Michael Mutisya Kamei (Kamiti Maximum Security Prison, Nairobi, Kenya).

My name is Samuel Wafula Wanyonyi. It is my great privilege to testify about The GFM Bible Course Lessons, how they have transformed my life, and are changing others’ lives as well. The Lessons started as rain drops and ended as a flood. When I underwent these Courses, especially “The Gospel of John”, it enabled me to study through that book; and it inspired my life as I was answering the questions relating to lives of other people and how Jesus ministered to them. As I was to drug addiction The GFM Bible Courses have made me addicted to reading the word of God ~ and the most inspired books like “Counselling and Deliverance” on how to deal with peoples’ lives, and to solve others problems.

The “Bible Basics” manual is one of the most interesting manuals, with titles that help one to grow spiritually. I am interested in the manner these Bible Courses are being run. Simply they have been brought to us inmates through the leadership of Pastor Peter Ndegwa. This has helped me personally to engage in the work of the ministry and how to manage and keep following up people. Through these Courses I am one of the markers. When I received a letter from the Founder of The GFM Ministry Rodney Francis, I felt like I have been released from prison. It was a great motivation, not only in me but to my other fellow inmates ~ and also to my family members. Through these Courses I have continued practicing reading the Bible. Thank you for these Lessons. They have inspired me to study the Bible and also seek to get others involved. May the Lord bless you as you continue to make these Lessons reach many prisons. ~ Samuel Wafula Wanyonyi (Kamiti Medium Prison, Nairobi, Kenya).

My name is Teddy Wawire Odera. I am an alumni (“former student”) of The Gospel Faith Messenger Bible Correspondence Courses. I am now in Nairobi Kamiti Medium Prison. I joined The GFM Bible Courses in 2015 while in a prison in Rift Valley (part of our country’s Naivasha Maximum Prison). Through The GFM Bible Courses and reading Rodney’s books, “An Encounter With God”, “Counselling and Deliverance” and “Bible Basics” manual I have learned to surrender my life to the Holy Spirit to guide me. I am now better placed to enjoy the blessings of God through submission, obedience and faithfulness. There is one thing that I learned that hinders Christians from knowing the will of God in their lives. It is the lack of knowing or reading the word of God. These Bible Courses helped me when I was in the Maximum Prison before I was transferred to serve a few years in Nairobi Kamiti Medium Prison, where I am now looking forwards to be set free. We thank all who have sacrificed their money through The Gospel Faith Messenger Ministry and enabling these Lessons to reach many prisons in Kenya. We also thank Pastor Peter Ndegwa who has voluntary given his time to see the Lessons, King James Bibles, books and pens reach the inmates. This is a worthy cause which has brought much impact to many lives across our prisons. ~ Teddy Wawire Odera