Months back l went to a local church near my village to worship God. As l made my way out of the door of the church l noticed scattered near the exit door of the church was a table filled with books; some l picked up and discovered among these books were printed papers from your website: www.gospel.org.nz At that time l was quite ignorant of the way of salvation and knew nothing of my own lost life. Those printed papers were so used of God to my good that my eyes were opened to God. I was led to the Bible and, I believe, the Lord through it. And now my family and I have a great desire to read whatever other materials of yours since we have none. Those printed papers were also used to change the life of my brother, who was unhappily getting beyond my poor mother’s power to control, which was very painful to my poor mother.­ ~ Sister Fayose Fayo (Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria).

Thanks so much for the books, “Developing Prophetic Ministry.” They are the greatest help I have ever found in my ministry. The churches here are so happy that God has done it again. Brother Rodney, may God bless you and all the members of The GFM Ministry. We shall come to the PES in Nairobi in August. We really need books of “School Of The Holy Spirit” in big numbers here as the numbers are swelling daily. ~ Denis Ballock (Salvation Army, Moi's Bridge, Kenya).

We are so grateful to God for The GFM to minister to us as a family and the nation through correspondences, books and tracts. There is joy in the journey of ministering. I have known Rodney Francis from my youth and am delighted to say I am what am today because of The GFM. Your challenges to us demonstrate the love of God through our lives and a success for Malawi. You brought to us many powerful prophetic messages of salvation and tremendous encouragement into our lives. All what l heard from you l preach to my people.  May God continue to bless you more abundantly. Congratulations for 50 years in ministry in The GFM. With love ~ Pastor Jones & Rhodas Chamangwana (Balaka, Malawi – The GFM representatives in Malawi). (Jones went through The GFM Bible Courses when 16 years old).

 Bula vinaka, Mr and Mrs Francis. Praise God for your book, “Some God Happenings In My Life”. I stayed up till 2.30 a.m. to finish reading it, and tears were just running down my face after God spoke to me through the testimonies and some of your comments (“It is not until we obey that we see the works of the Holy Spirit unfolded in us”). I pray that God will supply His gifts in His time to help me in ministering to my relatives. Right now, it’s just encouragement and edification from the Word (Bible). May our ALMIGHTY FATHER continue showering His blessings and opening doors to enlarge your territory in ministering to lost souls and edifying Christians and taking them to another level in knowing God. Praise God for you all…… ~ Venina Bukateci (Lautoka, Fiji Islands).

God bless you, Rodney and Jean Francis. I just want to say how deeply thankful I am to you, your wife, your family and ministry and how much you have impacted my personal walk with God. My Christian experience has been empowered and enriched through your testimonies, books and videos. I am beginning to realize experientially how vital hearing, walking and living by the voice of God is. I believe God is going to multiply the seed of your ministry through my life here in Papua New Guinea exponentially. Thank you, and God be ever with you and your household. ~ William Muap (Kavieng, Papua New Guinea).

 I feel a great sense of excitement at completing these Bible Correspondence Course Lessons. Yet I also feel a great sense of emptiness. I am going to really miss doing these Lessons. Until now, I did not realize how much. But, as I have said before, I will engulf myself in your teachings continuously via every mode available. Your Ministry has breathed into me a greater understanding of my relationship with Jesus Christ and of the boundless opportunities that come with it. My faith and confidence have increased tremendously since I began with you. I am more excited than ever before to live for and to serve Him. THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU ALL!!! ~ Margaret Wheeler (West Monroe, LA., USA).

 Dear Rodney, It is my joy to inform you that God is doing great things here. The transformation is enormous that churches are now witnessing true miracles which were never there before. We are seeing a big change in the way the reading habit has grown. It was almost impossible to think that people of different churches could come together and study one common goal. Brother, Now we are praying that this ministry reaches the whole of Kenya in the shortest time possible. The hunger that is growing is just beyond any human understanding. God bless you ~ Minister Charo Mwaringa (Voi, Kenya).

 Dear Pastor Rodney and Jean: With all my heart I would like to say thank you so much for covering me in my prophetic calling and mentoring me for God's glory. Both of your lives are God's special gift. We are now using the books that you are sending to us in our discipleship training and for the School of the Holy Spirit. The church is growing so fast ~ last month (September) for only 3 weeks we were able to baptized 100 people, glory to God. I love you both, even though I haven't see you face to face, but your prayers and love encourage me to move on according to my specific calling. Love, ~ Pastor Leanette Jabano (Iloilo, Philippines).

 God is doing new things everyday here in Somalia and we are witnessing the unexpected. The threats are so high, killings, murder and rape is the order of the day, but we are standing firm in our secret church cells to spread the good news. My knowing Christ was so miraculous and I have found total peace in following Jesus than blindly following Islam (which is very dangerous indeed and spreading very bad teachings especially to youths). The books from your ministry have awakened thousands who are carrying them in paper bags, and under their shorts and shirts. We need books now more than any other time ever. ~ Evangelist Godfrey Muhamed (but am known here publicly as Issa Muhamed Khaliff). (Somalia).

Thank you for your monthly newsletter the Barnabas Bulletin; it is so amazingly encouraging and, over recent months it has been such a blessing to me concerning different situations in my life! A word from fellow Christians at the right time inspired by the Holy Spirit is such a comfort and inspirational, that it always increases your faith and belief in the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you. Regards ~ Liz Eaton (Dunedin, New Zealand)..

I don't know if you remember me, having been on death row (in prison) when I began your Bible Course Lessons which inspired me to go to college to get a Diploma in World Missions and later on to a university where I got a Bachelor of Theology in Leadership and Practical Theology. I am your product and don't forget me in everything because I am a tool ready to be used here in Zambia, especially in Prison Ministry. ~ Pastor Justine Chanda Mulenga (Chisamba, Zambia).