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Rev. Rodney, It has been my heartfelt gratitude to our Lord God and His grace upon us. We have been blessed to start a new church in a village never reached by the Gospel. Through books three families started teaching, sharing and praying with their friends in a selected room. After 6 months they have 45 members and so they started a very powerful Prophetic Church never seen before. There has been a lot of opposition from Christians and Muslims, but we have made it. This week we shall be celebrating the official launching of the church, and the only church ever here. Praise Jesus for the good work and for opening our eyes. We can now be able to reach out to others while being guided by your messages. There are so many people that need these teachings. Please help us go further. ~ Bishop Tito Makhanu (Chwele, Kenya). (Received 1st August, 2019).

Greetings in Jesus’ name! How happy and blessed to have you in our daily lives through your spiritual guidance that had enabled me to be filled with the Holy Spirit. I have inner joy and peace of mind in all that I do, and have found favour in God's family. I thank you once more, as I left prison with no hope, but your inspiration has helped me to reach this far. We have managed to register our church, 'Great Vision Global Ministries’. This has four board members who have been in prison and have tasted the truth through your spiritual guidance. We are hereby asking from you ~ and all well-wishers ~ to put us in your daily prayers and help us with materials to equip the Church of God. We are working tirelessly to ensure that ex-prisoners don't find their way back to prison by having shelter and food, plus the word of God shared, inside and outside prison. You are most welcome to share this message to all who put us in your daily prayers. Stay blessed forever. To God we give the glory. We love you more. Our prayers are to let God continue giving you wisdom as you help spread His word throughout the world. In his matchless love and service ~ Evangelist Norman Wakumelo Sifuniso (Lusaka, Zambia). (Received 1st August, 2019).

 Dear Pastor Rodney and Jean, Thanks for your newsletter. The articles in the newsletter are very helpful for our spiritual growth. I am a pastor and Bible training teacher. I very often share your messages in the newsletter to our congregation and Bible training students. These are precious spiritual blessings. We are praying for your ministry to be glorifying His Name in many nations in the world. ~ Pastor Myint Nwe (Myanmar). (Received 2nd August, 2019).

Dear Rodney, How can I describe the great growth of the Prophetic Ministry in this large region of Ukunda-Diani? Recently there has been an enormous positive response which was not there at the beginning. This has happened after we held our first one-week open Prophetic Discussion that ended on 25th of last Month. Many believers have now joined from different denominations. It is a joy that 16 churches were represented, each bringing at least 10 participants. Although the move has caused many of their members to leave and join other churches, the Spiritual strength and faith has kept the remnants strong and going strong as more and more believers join by becoming prophetic. Blessings ~ Apostle Derrick Maitha (Diani, Kenya). (Received 3rd August, 2019).

Hi Brother Rodney, I would like to let you know that a lot has been going on here in this once-forgotten country. We have been setting up small groups for Bible discussions in villages. We identify homes of believers and using them as a channel to form a Prophetic Equipping Station which is majorly for building-up and discussion. We train the group leaders on evangelism and relationship through which they reach as many as possible. This formula has worked so well and we have more than 10 villages already reached and going on with the Prophetic Group Programme. The key is discipleship … We lack books in a big way brother. The demand for books has grown more and more. Thanks ~ Bishop James Makete (King of kings Ministry, Aruba Junction, Kenya). (Received 3rd August, 2019).

Dear servant of God, Pray for us here as it appears the devil is trying to subdue the work of God. Meetings have been held by traditionalists that are led by well-known cultists to stop what they call mad people (those speaking in tongues). They are referring to prophetic believers as mad or insane people who are confused and speaking incarnation. They have planned for a larger meeting to decide what to do with us. Please we need your prayers. Thank you so much. ~ Rev. MNeklion Olienis (Superintendent, Church of Foundation Ministry, Sudan).  (Received 3rd August, 2019).

 Dear Rev. Rodney, I am saddened by the manner in which Christian leaders are opposing the Prophetic Ministry here in Kaharari. They are stopping anybody to get involved with Prophetic Ministry. We thank God that people are defying them and coming in big numbers. These leaders are telling their members that we are insane people doing what God never instructed to be done. ~ Pastor Mwania (Kaharari, Uganda). (Received 6th August, 2019).

Rodney, thank you sooo very much for accepting our invitation as our Guest Speaker at “Aglow Upper Hutt” on Monday 5th August, 2019. "A 'wee man' with a HUGE heart" and a Powerful Anointing.  The Holy Spirit’s presence was very obvious ~ an Atmosphere Changer! Glory to God! Those who were ministered to, commented how, suddenly their lives and mind-sets have done a complete 'turn around' and instantaneous! I love those 'suddenly' moments. Hallelujah! 

I observed a chap who, at the very beginning of the meeting, was sitting in the front row with a thick quilted jacket on. (He said he was cold and wanted to be close to the heater). During the first song, he had moved back to the fourth row, then moved back and back and back (his jacket was off). The second song … a worship one, he was right at the back ... nearly out the door! When you started speaking, I went and sat beside him. Upon asking if he was alright, he asked if he could sit out in the foyer, but wanted to hear the message. So he did. 

It wasn't a warm day but this chap was 'all but' down to a short-sleeved shirt! Hmm. I thought He had gone during the lunch. Everyone had left.  But as I was leaving, this chap called out and came over to thank me for being considerate toward him earlier.  I mentioned how at the beginning he had been in the front row, etc. Then sitting in the foyer!?! This is what he said... "Though I knew the heater was on, (and on the wall), it hadn't fully 'kicked in'. You started singing about Revival ... Suddenly warm surges started enveloping me from the bottom of my feet. I have fully enclosed footwear, but this heat I could feel IN my shoes! I started moving back thinking it must be underfloor heating. This warmth continued up, I took my jacket off then, and moved back and back a couple of times. This warmth went up a few degrees. Eventually I'm sitting in the foyer where it was cooler. It wasn't an uncomfortable feeling. The second song came! The Holy Spirit has come to make Him real … This warmth moved like a laser gun type ... up down, up down motion; all over me, then gradually subsided. It had a 'scanning' feel. I'm thinking am gonna be transported?!? (He was weeping by this time. His face absolutely radiant).

Then Rodney started speaking ... I began receiving this Overwhelming Love, which by then totally 'capped it'. The message Rodney brought; I hung on every word ...I don't know how to explain it. Suffice to say, Thank God! Thank God! Thank God! I came back to say Thanks to Rodney. Please convey my heartfelt Thanks to him. I have an image of who God looks like. Rodney Francis. Aren't we made in His Image? My name is John". Rodney, this is a shortened version of his testimony. Much blessings  ~ Huia Rihari-Bewley (Aglow President, Lower Hutt, New Zealand). (Received 6th August, 2019).

Dear Rev. Rodney, I am happy to inform you that God is so faithful to have enabled us reach this far. My desire has been fulfilled today after we opened our first Prophetic Equipping Station in my house. I have been praying and believing that one day my family would allow Prophetic Prayers and Fellowship in my house. This happened on Sunday when my family gave me an okay to start fellowship. Praise Jesus. ~ Bishop Caren Sitai (Holy Spirit Church, Lugulu, Kenya). (Received 8th August, 2019).

Dear Rodney, I want to thank Almighty God for enabling the entrance of Prophetic Ministry in our Theological Colleges. My wife is one of the students and has come home from college with notes on Prophetic Ministry taught from your book “Developing Prophetic Ministry”. This is a big breakthrough and I really rejoice in the Lord. Through college students messages go far and wide. Blessings ~ Bishop Kennedy Harvest (Muyinga, Burundi). (Received 9th August, 2019).  

Dear Rev. Rodney, Greetings to you and Jean. I hope you are fine, and we are strongly praying for both of you. Your acceptance when God called you ~ Sudan would have never known the Bible truth were it not for your sacrifice to serve in the Kingdom of God as pioneers of the Prophetic Ministry. We are very committed to see the ministry reach many souls in S. Sudan and beyond. Amen ~ Apostle Flusham Machar (Mundri West, Sudan). (Received 9th August, 2019).

Dear brother, I would like to thank God for His unending love for us. We are trusting God for a mighty breakthrough in bringing peace in this country. We thank God for the peace we are experiencing; little does the people of this country know that after the introduction of Prophetic Ministry things have changed from bloodshed to peace. May we keep holding together for a great future. ~ Prophet Mackdonald Salim (A Muslim country in East Africa). (Received 10th August, 2019).

Dear Brother, It is another moment of celebration because we just opened a new church in a village where none existed. This was possible after we established a strong Prophetic Equipping Station which gave birth to a new church of 45 members. Tomorrow we shall be there to launch it officially. This village of 3,500 people has now found a place to worship founded on Prophetic Ministry. Blessings. ~ Apostle Dazakelo (Tanga, Tanzania). (Received 11th August, 2019).

Dear Rodney, I am e-mailing you to request for books which are highly needed here. It has been long. Those we have reached by few books we had, have set up Prophetic Equipping Stations, yet books of knowledge are not available. We cannot expand to start many more stations if we don't have enough books. Please help us. ~ Bishop Charles Aburiera Baya (Kampala, Uganda). (Received 12th August, 2019).

Dear Rodney, Thank you for being a blessing in my life, ministry and missionary work. You spoke the word of the Lord over my life years ago in a ministers’ meeting in the U.K. that the seeds of my ministry would bear fruit. After conducting three nightly crusades in India from 2005 to 2014 at which 10,000 to 15,000 attended such meetings with thousands making decisions for Christ, 150 prayer groups were birthed from the meetings and 100 became churches. As well as these meetings my wife and I have gone to remote villages conducting three days Women's Conferences. The final day of these women's meeting is "Holy Spirit day" when we see women for the first time speaking in tongues. Your studies on the Holy Spirit have helped me over the years to preach and teach on the Holy Ghost and fire. I praise God for you Rodney. Yours ~ Rev. Neil Broomhead (West Kirby, U.K.) (Received 14th August, 2019).

Dear Rodney, I am happy that we are making serious progress in Prophetic Evangelism. We are reaching out to villages which have never experienced Christianity. The effect of war and slavery from main Sudan has had much effect on this country. Taking the Good News to these villages is like a miracle. Moving from village to village is indeed a great experience. ~ Apostle Gharang (African Pentecostal Mission, Sudan). (Received 15th August, 2019).

Dear Rodney, I am more than happy to tell you that we were highly blessed with receiving books which have made us feel part of the heavenly inheritance. When we received 190 copies of “Developing Prophetic Ministry” books in our Kitale Theological Seminary we felt accepted. I had never felt like such before. I had stayed in the college for 18 years working as a tutor and never have I witnessed such transformational Biblical teaching on Prophecy. We have all along been receiving books which only lightly touch on prophecy. Never have we seen such deeper revelation as contained in this book. God is at work and His will shall never be stopped by human interference. I am happy and proud that our students are going to be empowered with the truth. Much thanks. ~ Tonny Saidi (KTL Bible Seminary, Kitale, Kenya). (Received 16th August, 2019).

Dear Rodney, May God increase everything you do. I thank God for the strong root the ministry is taking in this country. Today I was given an opportunity to start the bigger Prophetic Equipping Station in a hall within the Government Compound. This is like a dream because no church ministry has ever been allowed within the compound. There is a big Favour of God upon us. Keep us in prayers ~ Pastor Joseph Makhabila (Bugiri, Uganda). (Received 17th August, 2019).

Dear treasured servants of God, Calvary greetings to you in the name of our risen Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. The books which you have been sending to some of the pastors here in Kenya have generated a new strength in the new converts, and in the entire churches as well. Your ministry is one of the most wonderful ministry’s in the world, changing thousands of lives. It has been an instrument of transformation to the lives of many. We thank God for your books and their encouraging messages. I hereby write to request more Gospel materials urgently for the work of the Lord. It is our prayer that all the needs of your ministry would be met and that there would be a great financial break through to enable you to work effectively without hindrance. It is amazing just to see how the Lord has worked through your ministry and I am sure that the impact can be so tremendous here in Eldoret town if you send us those books. We shall never cease to pray for you and your family at large. Sincerely yours in him ~ Evangelist Tom  Simiyu (Eldoret, Kenya). (Received 18th August, 2019).

Dear servant of God, Rodney, Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Before I continue, I want to thank you first for the good work that you have been doing to help Christians and other religious bodies to win souls to Christ. I cannot quantify the extent to which your ministry has blessed me and the people in our church. It is just too great to measure. People are getting lifted spiritually and, above all, we have finally started meeting together every weekend just to read some of your books which we have been borrowing from friends here in Kenya. Your book ministry has become a wonderful booster to our long-time vision of starting a small library here in Mumias slum estates. We are indeed very grateful to the work you are doing to glorify the Body of Christ. This library will multiply the expansion of the Kingdom of God one hundred fold. I kindly therefore take this opportunity to request you some of your Gospel materials. God bless you as you prepare to send those Gospel materials to the church ~ Pastor Japhet Asumwa (City Bible Church, Eldoret, Kenya). (Received 18th August, 2019).

Dear Rodney, I am happy to resend my details. I am currently posted in Busia, Kenya, in a church. I am happy to be part of this great ministry. I did not know that there is power of conviction through reading. Now I can testify that my elder brother received salvation through keenly studying the “School Of The Holy Spirit” manual. He was a drunkard, but the power of God through reading was more powerful. Thanks ~ Eliud Juma (Busia, Kenya). (Received 19th August, 2019).

Dear Rodney, It is my deepest joy to tell you that we have been blessed to visit the rebel base camp today and we were allowed to minister to the dreaded men. It was so interesting that they were so attentive to the word. We could not give them enough books which they massively expected to receive, but we managed to give them four copies of the “School Of the Holy Spirit” manual. I promised to take back about 3,500 copies. This is a big group that have been the master-mind of all killings in this country. The rebels have over 10,000 members. ~ Prophet Longinel Aarbel (Alghazal Christian Group, Southern Sudan). (Received 20th August, 2019).

 Dear Rodney, I am so grateful to inform you that we have just started another Prophetic Equipping Station this evening in a house of a local chief. This is a step ahead of any other Christian ministry because no other ministry has ever been accepted by this traditional chief. The whole of his family are now members of the PES. In His Name ~ Bishop Tito Makhanu (Chwele, Kenya). (Received 25th August, 2019).

Greetings, May our Lord and Father bless you. We have been elevated to a new level by the spread of books in this country. Yesterday I was shocked to find “Developing Prophetic Ministry” book being taught in a secondary school where my son learns. I could not believe how good is our God to have made it possible for the book to be accepted in the school. Praise God. ~ Bishop Sanikwa Nakhumicha (Kasese, Uganda). (Received 25th August, 2019).

 Dear Rodney and Charles, I am very grateful to have this chance to e-mail you. I would like to tell you that we have started another Prophetic Equipping Station in a village inhabited by cattle rustlers. It was a very encouraging session because it is almost impossible for a cattle rustler (meaning a bandit) to get salvation. He promised to champion the Gospel to his fellow men to change their way of living. We bless The Lord. ~ Pastor Gilbert Oranga (House Of Prayer Center, Pokoti, Kenya). (Received 27th August, 2019).

Dear Rodney, God is gracious for His mercies never end. I am thankful that I have been appointed to lead the Prayer Session during District Celebrations. This is the gathering that will bring all district leaders and citizens together. It is a great privilege to speak and lead Prophetic Prayers during this great moment. How blessed are we. ~ Pastor Mwania Soniah (Kaharari, Uganda). (Received 29th August, 2019).

Today marks a big day in my life after my elder brother ~ who has been a number one critic of Prophetic Ministry ~ converted to Christianity. This has put a mark of joy in my heart. He believed nothing could change him because his ideals seemed well-rooted in his heart. He used to be a very tough opposition of anything to do with the Bible. Through a gift of the “The ‘Dunamis’ Power Of God” booklet (which he read with an aim of finding fault) changed and convicted him to change to Christianity. How the written word is such powerful is beyond our understanding! ~ Ray Along (S. Sudan). (Received 29th August, 2019).

Dear Servant of God, May God bless you so much. I want to let you know that we started another Prophetic Equipping Station here in Diani. Members who attended today were 19. It was a great day. It was good that all who attended spoke in tongues and each one was given a chance to give a prophetic word. Thanks. Blessings ~ Pastor Derrick Kimeu Maitha (Diani Prophetic Center College, Diani, Kenya). (Received 30th August, 2019).

Hi, a man who was very dangerous, mobilizing people to jeer at us through windows during prayers and fellowship, today received salvation and joined a Prophetic Equipping Station class. It was amazing to meet in a fellowship a man who was known to be the major critic of speaking in tongues. He used to tell people that we are blood drinkers and our fellowship is a cult that kidnaps and kills women. He is now on the side of God and testifying that Christ is Lord. ~ Pastor Leviticus Barasa (Living Water Ministries, Kimaeti Central, Kenya). (Received 31st August, 2019).