My testimony is how great God is doing wonders here. Seeing hundreds of people prophesying is unexpected here and nobody could dream that one day such a thing will come to happen. More than 30 churches have fully embraced the prophetic teachings and have put into practice, and through this, miracles are happening and God is speaking so clearly to us. The ministry of The GFM is not a mistake ~ and it is not in vain what the books are doing. No preacher can do that and can reach such a big number of people who read both in English and Swahili. The book is the permanent file and which can be revisited anytime. We are praying for you. ~ Bishop David Kitui (Kimilili, Kenya).

Greetings in the mighty name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ! I have been fascinated and have been following your ministry for quite some time now, reading almost everything I can lay my hands on. I am indeed blessed and lifted; the Lord has by it restored my joy in the service of the Kingdom. I am from Nigeria but right now I am in Ghana. I will love to be a part of your ministry by way of extension here in West Africa. I will be willing to work with you and abide by the tenets of the faith guiding your ministry, as I am convinced that it is a pure Biblical and heaven-bound ministry. GOD bless you richly ~ Evangelist Kingsley Diala.

About Faith Message No. 37 on David and Goliath: My! My! My! Do we need to READ your word today Rodney. This is powerful, inspiring and a NOW WORD for all of us; particularly for me. I embrace everything you have said. I hope you have "MANY" respond to this now. Because the Truth will make and set us all Free! I am so in Awe of reading this. I am struggling to keep my emotions in control. Thank you! Thank you so much! The Lord Bless You, Jean and this great Ministry above and beyond your expectations. Much love ~ Margot Blanchette (Auckland, New Zealand).

Greetings in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ! I've been blessed by the books you sent me. They have left my faith on a different level, but have left me hungering for more of your books, man of God. I've found what my spirit has been longing for, GROWTH in the WORD of God. Please help ~ Martin Sibanda (Bulawayo, Zimbabwe).

Rodney thanks. You have certainly sowed many seeds and left a great legacy in many nations. May the work continue to go forward! Blessings to you and Jean ~ Ken & Marianne Legg (Elanora, Queensland, Australia).

Thank you very much! I DO HONOUR your good heart and compassion for the Body of Christ. The more I read your books or e-mails the more my heart is longing for God's love.  You make me cry (in a good way) and I want more of Jesus! I am so hungry! Thank you for everything you share with us. Blessings to you, your wife and The GFM Ministry. With gratitude ~ Laura O’Connell (Peachtree City, Georgia, USA). 

Dear Brother Rodney and Jean, God bless you man of God! Thank you for your encouraging teachings. God placed you here to help His needy flock to understand His word. We appreciate your teachings so much. We are praying for you that God will give you more years to help humanity here on earth; also we have used your materials to teach my Church members. We also helping other leaders who can't access the internet to receive materials. ~ Pastor Philip Omare (Kisii, Kenya).

Thank you for the message which really made me feel His presence. Your inspiration is God-given and I do share with my fellow ministers all what you send to me. We are highly blessed and we need your books to help us grow spiritually. Smile, ~ Norman Wakumelo Sifuniso (Lusaka, Zambia).

Dear Pastor Rodney and Jean, Thank you for your email and your message.. I thank God for contacting you. I pray for your ministry across the world that the Lord will bless your ministry and souls would be won to Christ through your ministry. God bless you. ~ Solomon Thang Khang (Yangon, Myanmar).

Thank you, Dad (Rodney); you are making me joyful; I was down and discouraged but you have brought back joy, and I am never the same again. My ministry has been revived. I really appreciate you and your Team for your concern in my life and this has sharpened my focus in the ministry. Actually I lack words because you have shown me how faith can turn things around. May God bless you so much. ~ Pastor Aggrey Maende (Eldoret, Kenya).


Dear Rodney and Jean .... As a matter of fact, it is very clear that you are called to ministry. I thank God for the prophetic revelation He has imparted on you; and through studying your materials and books, has now put me and others within Kisumu and other remote areas onto another level. Many blessings ~ Pastor Erick and Milly Akach (Kisumu, Kenya).

Dear friends, This is all what our Heavenly Father intended for this country. God has been with us protecting us from terrorists. No incidents have happened and the secret mission of reaching to the interior community has been very successful. Thanks for Pastor Dick (Tonny) for printing books with a cover without words and putting them inside. This has helped us and those we give to, to be safe. Keep praying ~ Rev. Hassan Katana (Garrisa, Kenya) (distributor of books into Somalia and Southern Sudan).

Dear Rodney, Thank you so much for this very powerful word, FAITH COMES BY HEARING (BB~191). I have shared with my contact friends. This message is for all to hear. Faith is the basic of our salvation and we have to understand the teachings. FAITH IS AN ACTION is the best teachings. Thank you so much. ~ Pastor Charles Mwanda (Mombasa, Kenya).


Hello Rodney, I think the knowledge of the Holy Spirit that led you to put all these writings down is from God’s revelation by the Spirit of God. May God add to you more to inspire His people around the world. ~ Pastor Justine Elianu (Soroti, Uganda).

I am blessed with the teachings that you send to me. Some of them I print so that they may help me in my preaching and teaching. In few words I say, “Thank You, Jesus, for using Rodney Francis to empower me.” ~ Evangelist Jean Bosco Ngendakumana (Bujumbura, Burundi).

Dear Rodney, Jackie (Hodges) kindly sent me a copy of your new book, “The Urgency Of The Hour!” It's just great.  I had tears in my eyes all the way through. It is ‘spot on’.  Blessings ~ Eleanor Goodall (Hamilton, New Zealand).

Hi Rodney, I just want to thank you for giving me a copy of your latest book, “The Urgency Of The Hour!” I couldn’t put it down once I started reading it and it has given me a new sense of purpose. So, a big thank you for all you are doing. Blessings to you and Jean ~ Maureen MacDonald (Lower Hutt, New Zealand).

Dear Rodney and Jean, Thanks very much for the Barnabas Bulletins. I am learning new things every time you send me the bulletin; and I am becoming a good and successful leader through the word of encouragement you are sending to me. Continue to equip me through these inspiring words of God (success and failure is measured by what you do). I like this so much, and am waiting to learn more from your ministry. Love and blessings ~ Pastor Bright & Gertrude Bottoman (Malawi).

Thanks, Rodney, for this E-Book, “It’s Time To Prophesy!!” It has transformed me. With warm regards ~ Esther Waithera Njoroge (Nairobi, Kenya).

I have started reading your book (“An Encounter With God”) and am already up to page 21 – you have no idea how timely this is for my life and I am so grateful to you for sending it. Only the Holy Spirit could have known how greatly I needed this now. Thank you!! I am hungry to read it all. Bless you. ~ Ingrid Turner (Karratha, Western Australia).


Thank you very much for your inspiration. Your Gospel tract, “A Challenge To You!” has been the means of two Muslims being converted into Christianity. Thank you for your generous support to Malawi. The Anglican Church has requested more tracts. ~ Pastor Jones Chamangwana (Balaka, Malawi – our GFM Representative in Malawi). 

Dear Rodney, Thank you for the feedback. Today I was at one of the local churches in Malawi rejoicing in the resurrection LORD! Death could not hold Him. After the services l was sharing the few tracts of "A Challenge To You!" and again today many souls give their life to Jesus. Remember your tracts have inspiration and bring more impact to Malawi. May God provide for more funding. Kind regards ~ Rev. Jones Chamangwana (Balaka, Malawi – our GFM Representative in Malawi).

Dear Rodney, I write to express my profound gratitude to you. Every gift you have sent to me and my ministry has been a blessing. The last book, entitled “An Encounter With God,” brought a spiritual revival to my life. ~ Pastor Johnson Shadare (Serrekunda, The Gambia).

I love your book, “You Can Measure Your Love For God.” Wow! Awesome! When a friend of mine loaned me your book, gee, as soon as I saw it, I knew the Lord wanted me to read it – and not just that, I have nearly practically written it all out by hand! . . . I am also interested in your “Bible Basics” manual for the ‘lambs’ that need nurturing. I believe your studies will greatly impact their lives . . . ~ Sonia Mitchell (Taumarunui, New Zealand).

Once again you have spoken DIRECTLY into my spirit and life. Thank you. Yesterday I was challenged: are you willing to pay the price? Yes; my only response but aware that ‘faith’ is spelt ‘risk’ and costly! Then today I read your latest BB and was stunned: the content and timing, the pin-pointed accuracy, all is amazing – only God’s doing; I am SO encouraged. It is okay and it is good to pray as Elisha did: I am released to do so! You dispelled some real anxieties for me about how I can and should now pray. The whole BB was so full of encouragement and direction: thank you! The Scriptures you offer give direction and form to my prayers. Please pray God's purposes are fulfilled. ~ Jonathan Rendall (Hereford, England).

 I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for this message (A Wounded Spirit).  Your words speak very clearly and directly to the wounds which we have allowed to hold us back from our true nature and calling.  May this short note give you encouragement that God is using your ministry to touch the lives of people...even half a world away. ~ Michael (USA).


I have studied your web site, and I found it the most wonderful site to get right to the True Word of God. ~ Faheem Qaiser (Pakistan).


Rodney, it has been a long time and I mean many years 20+since I have sat under the Knowledge and Encouragement of an older man that I can TRUST in the practical teachings of Jesus and hearing the gentle wee voice of God in the power of the Holy Spirit. I felt like the young Jesus in the temple soaking up the Word from the Priests and I could have sat there all day and night and listened to God’s appointed  prophet. ~ Bob & Heather (New Zealand).

 I have been healed from a wounded spirit through your website. I sense Him drawing me to newness, to Life. It is a New Hallelujah! Bless you all, ~ J R Williams.

Amazing how God is working through the literature you are sharing.  The book you sent me, “An Encounter With God" is powerful. I have read it now for the fourth time. God has used me to share from it during the daily morning devotion at the church ~ powerful move of the Spirit of God. Amen ~ Dr. David Kamchacha (Lilongwe, Malawi)

I’m the one who you baptized in Hamilton in one of the Conferences . . . I was the one that was told by the doctors that I couldn’t have any children after I lost my daughter. However, 9 months after the Holy Spirit Conference in Hamilton I gave birth to a healthy daughter. I believe the Holy Spirit healed me and blessed me. God bless you both from me and my family. Love always ~ Bunty Karan (formerly of Fiji, now living in Wanganui, NZ).

 If one-tenth of Christ’s great preachers in this world teaches like you put it, this planet earth would turn around overnight. May the good Lord bless the work of your hands and ministry ~ Bison M. Paraffin (Nsanje, Malawi).

I just want to thank you so much because, being a young man of 24 in ministry, I fear a lot to tell people what God is saying about them; but since reading your books, “Developing Prophetic Ministry,” “God Wants To Set Your Future Up!” and  “The School Of The Holy Spirit”, ministry has become less burdensome to me. So Daddy, once again I say, May God bless you and you ministry. ~ Rev. Sefadzi Adisu-Kuwadah (Denu, Ghana).