School Of The Holy Spirit manuals

Dear Brother, I am totally delighted and very happy for what God is doing. It is really amazing what God can do when He lives in those He uses to fulfil His purpose and will. This is the voice of God speaking across the nations and God wants to bring total transformation. I have just returned from a long trip in many areas and my heart is blessed and inspired when I witness how people have changed as they have embraced the message in the books. Those who were fortunate enough to have gone through “The School Of The Holy Spirit” and have received other titles, a firm foundation is laid and the new structure is going up. Many churches which were teaching against speaking in tongues have totally changed their tune and now are listening to voice of God. Much resistance is coming from mainstream churches, mostly in city centres. They have been the major hindrances in some regions. We have not given up but are soldiering on. We shall keep you and the Team in our continuous prayers. ~ Charles Wanyonyi Mwanda (Senior Pastor King Jesus Worship Center, Mombasa, Kenya). (Charles and his wife, Justine, are the major distributors of Rodney’s books that are printed in Mombasa, Kenya).

Shalom, I am in a complete shock spiritually after I went through the book “The School of The Holy Spirit” given to us by Bishop Charles Mwanda. How could such powerful spiritual revelation like this come at such a time when many have stayed in the dark for long? My people (who are numbering 98 and studying the books given) have already changed the kind how people think and minister. Many have started by themselves speaking in tongues; others are now giving prophecies in the churches and congregation. Please, because this is our first book and any book ever given in this region, it is therefore prudent that we get other books that can help stabilize and give strong foundation for this God-given Prophetic Ministry.

~ Rev. Charo Mwaringa (Voi, Kenya).


Dear Brothers, It has been a great Christmas occasion here and God has been so faithful. The major problem is the high demand of books of The GFM here. The books we received last month were very few compared to the demand. Secondly, more many people are asking when we shall have the next books. People are very active in this town and are asking for books, especially those who did not receive “The School Of The Holy Spirit” manual which are the first books ever received here, and no other book has ever been distributed. When they see your book it is like a miracle. The manual has been of great help for the last few weeks we have been reading. Please this is our prayer and deep request: Please get us more books. If we can get them this January we shall be very grateful. Right now I need 400 copies. ~ Bishop Peter Asali (Tongoren Mission Church, Tongoren, Kenya). (The GFM Ministry has been unable to supply this request for more books - Rodney).


Greetings! It is my greatest thanks for what God has done to us. Yesterday (9th July 2015) our local chief came to me holding a book “The School of the Holy Spirit”. He told me that he was forced to start reading the book (which he had confiscated from church members thinking it was of bad teaching). He had been told the book is a devil's material. After withholding the book for two months, last Sunday when he went to his local church and the pastor started preaching, his daughter who always carries his church Bible and note books was seated next to him, and when the pastor asked members to take out their Bibles and lift them up, his daughter unknowingly took the book "The School Of The Holy Spirit" and without even feeling its largeness nothing entered her mind that it was not the Bible. She was blinded by the power of the Holy Spirit. When the pastor saw the large book he asked the girl if what she was holding was a Bible ~ and when the chief looked he saw it was the book that he had confiscated and kept in his bedroom ~ he took the book from the daughter, but the pastor insisted to have a look at the book (something which had never been done before). The sermon was instantly interrupted and the chief gave out the book. When the pastor opened the book immediately something struck him and he started speaking in tongues and half of the church started speaking in tongues and the whole services was a revival. It is now a story in our location. The chief came with a book to me and asked for forgiveness. Right now he is encouraging people to study and pray. May the Name of God be praised for what is happening with these books. ~ Overseer Sylivia Kakawanga (Kilifi, Kenya).


Thank for supporting us in your daily prayers as I have been teaching. I used your teaching as a tool “The School Of The Holy Spirit”. Church members have been very impacted. I taught from the beginning of your material and concluded today as I spoke about the theme: The Ministry Of Impartation. I taught the same message also in another Pentecostal Church after our service of today and 61 people attended ~ they were very impacted. God bless you ~ Pastor Mahamba Wa-ibera Evariste (Beni, DR Congo).


Dear Servants of God, This is secret reformation that no man can do. I could not even explain how I changed to Christianity because it was just like a missile hitting one in an instant. I am a resident of Lamu, Coast State of Kenya. Lamu is predominantly an Islamic City. I was born in this town in a Muslim family and I had never liked Christianity as I was number one right wing member against anything to do with Christians. I had never read the Bible only Quran, but when last month after my young brother attended secretly a meeting in Mombasa and came back with two nylon paper packs (in them was something like books which he did not give me but hid them under his bed).


On Saturday last week I had a very bad day my body became so weak and I went to see a doctor who advised me to go and rest as I was falling into depression. My wife had ran away with my children and my life seemed empty and useless. Most of the time I was just thinking of dying, because, without my family it was impossible to keep on living. On 25th of August in the morning I received the news that she had married to my friend, and that was the start of total depression.

At night I could not sleep and I kept making noise and crying so loud. My young brother (whom we share a room with) asked me to read a book. He handed me “The School Of The Holy Spirit” Manual. I refused and threatened him with dire punishment. He insisted and I found myself holding the book while he started praying. He could not open the mouth and mention Jesus as it was forbidden so he started speaking in other language which I have come to know it was in tongues. When he started praying I found myself reading the book; on the first page and the more I read, the more he spoke and I just found myself praying, praying until morning. I did not know what I was saying and where I was until morning when I came to my senses holding the book in my hands. That is how I came to be what I am today proclaiming Jesus through books to this area since that day. The only problem is how to get enough books soon for this Prophetic missionary duty. Please pray for us as we are in great danger if we are discovered. The books will help us very much without them nothing we can do. Please add me on your contacts. ~ Salim Muhamed. (Received 5th September, 2015).


Greetings, God is so good this morning to have made it possible for me to e-mail you. I cannot have enough words to thank God for the immense work the book “The School of The Holy Spirit” has done in our 32 centres . It is an amazing testimony that people who could never speak in tongues can now rightly speak and prophesy. The churches which were totally against anything to do with change have now seen what God is doing through those who accepted the truth of prophecy and now they are humbling themselves. When a child of one elder (who was the leader of critics) was very sick and was in dire need of help in the middle of the night called his neighbour asking for a motor-bike to take his son to hospital. When the neighbour picked up the call he gave no positive response but instead directed him to call a motor-bike rider who was a worship leader in one of the leading prophetic ministries.

It was terrible for this old man, because the rider had been on his number one list as a wanted man who (he believed) has converted people into a devil worshipping ministry speaking words people could not understand (tongues). But after being convinced by his wife and seeing the condition of his son, he finally called the worship leader who immediately responded and within five minutes was in the house of this old man.

Immediately he knocked on the door the old man opened with shame all over his face. The worship leader went straight to where the boy was laying and started speaking in tongues; and the boy called and asked for food and that was it. Healed!

Such stories and many other miracles are spreading like fire and many are asking how they can get books. Please this is an opportunity and the only time that God is using books to reach out to His own. Please do something because the old man and his friends are daily asking for Swahili books. ~ Bishop Mary Mayama (Webuye, Kenya).


Dear Brother, I do appreciate what God has been doing and it is a great blessing to see how imparting are your books to the Body of Christ. The power bestowed upon the “School Of The Holy Spirit” manual is so immense and very revealing. I truly thank God for every effort put in and every contribution done towards this very cause. It is not easy (unless just a miracle) for the community of Christianity to sit down to study a book and then start practicing what is in it. This is surely God's doing. 21 churches within our association are fully working in the Giftings of the Holy Spirit. The set-up start groups have grown into nine small Prophetic Cell Groups which are functioning in Prophetic Ministry and, through that, miracles (which have never been witnessed here) are being seen. In one centre a three-year-old child was fully healed from spinal defection which had bedridden him for one year, and a lady who was not even a leader, spoke a prophetic word, touched the child and healing took place. We thank God for His doing. ~ Pastor Evans Walukana (Kamukuywa, Kenya).


Greetings, I am very happy to testify that God is doing great things in the ministry of prophecy. Nothing can stop what God desires to do. Yesterday was the first service ever where the giftings of the Holy Spirit were fully in operation. I was amazed to see the whole church speaking in tongues. It was a miracle to all who attended and to the new believers who could not even understand, but all spoke in tongues.

Brother Rodney things have completely changed and taken a new dimension; our Sunday Service has changed and it is being only led by God through prophecy and the working of the Holy Spirit. The Manual, “The School Of The Holy Spirit” has a lot to reveal to believers and once it is put into practice things change. Thanks very much for accepting to be used by God in such a big way. We are just waiting for the next copy. Thanks ~ Pastor Mourine Wekesa (Kwale, Kenya).


I am E-Mailing because of what just happened in December (24th) with the book “The School Of The Holy Spirit”. I am one of the pastors in this area which has about 200 churches and it happened that one Pastor, Emanuel, just changed the way he programmes and runs the church. I have been trying to find out what happened as his church now speaks in tongues  and even young children give prophecies, something never seen here ever before. But yesterday (1st Feb. 2016), when I visited his church to minister, I was totally shocked how God speaks and how the whole church exercises spiritual giftings. When I tried to inquire the pastor just gave me the book “The School Of The Holy Spirit”. I have gone through the book and everybody here is just crying to have a copy. Imagine in this area: this is the first book ever, just one copy. Please help us to get books for the people of God. This is what nobody should never miss if he wants to grow and have the right direction of his ministry. Please add me to your E-Mails. ~ Bishop Faith Kariuki (Tala, Kenya).


Dear Servant of God, I am the overseer of Church of God Ministries Kenya. I came across your ministry last week when my friend from Kisumu gave me his book authored by you "THE SCHOOL OF THE HOLY SPIRIT”. When I went through the book yesterday I shared the content with our council and we have concluded that the book is an important tool in changing the whole system of our preaching and to destroy what missionaries had built in this ministry. We had been long thinking of when and how we do this until I came across this book. So we have decided to give the printing papers worth 320,000 Kenya Shillings (approx. $NZ4,725.00 or $US3,135.00) for the printing of the book. The papers had been donated to us from Dubai. We can happily give out the papers with the hope that we shall be given as good number of books since we have 340 churches under our ministry and each church has a good number of those ready to start. Please let me know as soon as possible so that I may answer and see how we can plan our distribution of the books. ~ Rev. Benard Kaningu (Church of God Ministry, Kenya). (6,000 copies have been printed, and this Church Movement continues to supply paper and ink for more printings for distribution in other places in East Africa).


Dear Man of God, I am one of the lay leaders of the “Church of God” (Kenya) and I received a copy of your book, “School Of The Holy Spirit”. This book should be to each Christian house across the world. It speaks of deep and highly convincing areas which have been the centre of contention in the churches. I was one of a number who refused anything to do with speaking in tongues because that is what we were taught in Theological College. But after going through half of your book I began putting into practice what I learned and, amazing enough, the church is now on fire and the Holy Spirit is manifesting already. What a great sign! May God bless you so much. ~ Rev. Sabina Trufenasi (Lunga Lunga, Kenya). Rodney’s comment: 30 Leaders in that Movement have resigned since my book was introduced; but the Holy Spirit is being poured out mightily on the rest of the Movement. Glory to Jesus!


Dear Rodney, School Of The Holy Spirit manuals teach us to recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit, understand Who He is, what He does and how He desires to communicate with us. The Holy Spirit was given to empower the Church to win the lost. As Believers we need the fire of God to fulfil the Great Commission and move in the power of the Holy Spirit.

School of the Holy Spirit releases us to operate in the gifts and ministries in the power of the Spirit, with Holy Spirit boldness and confidence; we have learnt a lot from the manuals. We had practical sessions, and participants are encouraged to step out and practice the gifts of the Holy Spirit in a safe, secure environment.The whole book is so Holy Spirit-orientated that there is real freedom from the very beginning.

40 of our staff members, including managers, attended the workshop facilitated By Rev. Jones Chamangwana (The GFM Representative in Malawi). Since then we have lots of testimonies of people being challenged by the word of God. I was encouraged that so many sensed God leading them into new areas of ministry. We believe many people have grasped the freedom and truth of ‘The GFM Ministry’ because we have preached on it. They need a safe space and time to understand and use the gifts given by the Spirit; as well as the teaching that accompanies The GFM Ministry. I fully recommend the School Of The Holy Spirit as an opportunity to encounter God afresh. We have shared the books in our community and all our regional offices for free distribution ~ Henry (“World Vision,” Malawi).


Dear Man of God, Am so happy for your book which has changed my family completely after changing the kind of prayers we used to have. We were praying without listening to God but now things are very different after all of my family members including the church started speaking in tongues and praying and prophesying. I wish I had another book. I only received the book, “The School Of The Holy Spirit”. I got 120 books last year which has changed whoever got one. We love you and we are praying for the books to reach all corners of this country. Please add me to your contacts. ~ Bishop Moses Musa (Mois Bridge, Kenya).


Dear Rodney, I lack words to thank God for what He has done through you. You are a God-send in this very generation to bring truth where there was none. I wish you would have come to see the change of worship after people carefully studied your book and allowed the Holy Spirit to function in their lives. Surely reading with obedience is the key to great revelation. The 13 churches which accepted to use the manual ”School Of The Holy Spirit" in their teachings on Sunday and mid-week services have witnessed what no college could have taught. The resources you are using to print and supply books in East Africa is not in vain and God is now using the books as tools of reformations and empowerment. Nobody could have ever thought that such power can be derived from a written word; the change which no preaching has ever brought. Miracles are happening. God is speaking; people are speaking in tongues, IS THIS THE TRUE MESSAGE OF THE END-TIME? OOHHH!!!!!! God bless you, and never get tired in supplying more and more. ~ Rev. Esther Sibalile (North Webuye, Kenya). (Received 15/04/2016).


Dear Brother, It is of great love that God has enabled us. Please I am E-mailing you, having the need of prayer for the need we have for books. God is doing what very few ever believed could happen. On Monday (12th September 2016) before I left a camp in Somali two right-wing militants had joined the Christian cell in a secret house situated in an Amason Camp. This is the most successful step ever in Somali. They accepted Jesus, after they got a book “School Of The Holy Spirit” in a house which they had raided and burnt down; the few things they stole the book was among them. One of them decided to read the book in his free time and that is when he was convicted and shared with his friends who came in the camp desiring more of prayers and change. Please pray that we may receive more books for greater mission in Somalia. ~ Apostle Jesse Omar (Kenya).


I am very excited with what God has done to have enabled me to get your book "The School Of The Holy Spirit". This is not just a miracle but a big miracle for such a gift of books to such very poor people. I am among the few Christian leaders who have been doing evangelism house-to-house and teaching from house-to-house.

Through this book the work of the Gospel is going on very well. Some of the villages here lack a single Bible. Now these books are helping in training and upbringing of new leaders. Please if it is possible we need more of the books to reach so many that did not get. ~ Missionary Kuhu Asilwa (USIAd Cordinator, Power House Ministry, Wahu, South Sudan). 

I am so happy that on Saturday I received 240 copies of the much-awaited manuals of “School Of The Holy Spirit.” Already 178 leaders have taken copies to their churches. It takes a big heart to bring anything to us here. I understand why it has to take long since very few buses come our way and the network for mobile phones is very poor here. So getting these books is the work of God. The growth of The GFM teaching here is just so big, and we are witnessing the kind of services that we had never seen. The teachings in the churches are best, mostly on what we are learning. May God bless you all. ~ Senior Pastor Anet (Kilifi, Kenya).

I thank God for the recent visit of Justine (wife of Pastor Charles Mwanda) to our church. It was a big blessing as we had a wonderful teaching and learning how to listen to and hear the voice of God. Nothing was so joyful as people who could not speak in tongues began speaking in tongues. Also we had some leaders who were critical of the ministry of prophecy and speaking in tongues and were completely changed and gave testimonies. The “School of the Holy Spirit” manual (which we received last week) are just amazingly a big blessing as it has been an eye-opener to many who could not understand how the Holy Spirit functions. I have heard that Pastor Dick is in the process of reprinting the “Equipping For Leadership” book. That is a big thanks, as we have been waiting for more of these books. In His Service ~ Pastor Emanuel Wasike Otukai (Kimilili, Kenya).