An Amazing Happening


When I took your books “School Of The Holy Spirit” to a very big seminar where pastors were waiting I was accosted and blindfolded; everything I had was taken away. The car I was in was burnt. For 37 days I could not access the sun or any light, and I ate food once a day.

I was released after three senior officers who wanted to get the theme out of what is in the book went and read the book, but after going through several pages one of them was struck by an unknown object and he was hit hard above his jaw which caused him not to speak for three days. But in the morning of the third day (was a Sunday) his child took a book to him instead of the basin of water to wash his face. When the father saw the book he shouted insults to the child who eventually threw the book in fear and it hit his father at the same point where something had hit him above his jaw and immediately the swelling disappeared. He came out of the house shouting “a miracle book” and came where I was and ordered my release. Until now I cannot tell exactly how and why it happened and what exactly is in that book. This caused many people to flock to my place demanding a miracle book.

 Please keep us in prayers. ~ Gharang (Sudan). (Received 15th March, 2016)

Dear Rodney and Jean

Just a short letter to tell you of a really interesting thing that happened to me last week. I was preparing for House Group that still meets in my house, and was preparing to speak on “Hearing The Voice Of God”. It was all ruminating around inside of me (as it does), before setting it in order to present it.

I had a tape in my car that I had listened to for a long time ~ just praise and worship, but on the Friday I decided to listen to something else. There was a tape labeled, "Spanish Fragments for George" that I had taped over one of your messages from when you were here in Swansea . I had filled the tape. As I listened to the Spanish (thinking this is good revision for me), suddenly Rodney started to speak. It was your message on "Hearing The Voice Of God"! The entire tape seemed to be filled with the message. I listened to it on several journeys to and from Llanelli.

On the Monday my youngest daughter came to see me and, spying your"School of the Holy Spirit" Manual on the table, started to read it. She wanted to borrow it. SO I said, "There is a tape ~ I was listening to it this weekend. I will find it for you." I went out and brought the tape in. Winding the tape back I could not find the message on any part of the tape!There was only “Spanish Fragments for George”!

I truly believe that God not only confirmed the message was right ~ but He gave me a wonderful, miraculous way of illustrating how God speaks to us today when we least expect Him to. We had a fabulous time that night. God really showed up in a dynamic way. Praise Him!

I wanted you to know that while your words may have disappeared into the realms of eternity and are fixed still on some magnetic tapes ~ God can also resurrect them for a specific purpose and according to His plans. Thank you for your words in 1997.

I still get your encouragement (E-Mails) every month and enjoy your simplicity. I remember you both with much affection and often think about how you impacted George to love people. Every blessing to you both and in all you do for Him. Much love ~ Jo Coe (Swansea, Wales).


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